2013: A Resolution of Kindess

by Brittany on January 2, 2013

in Self & Body

Three years ago, New Years would have been not a time of celebration, but a time of dread.  A time when I would have had to do things like face another year of failed goals; weight loss, confidence, smaller jeans.

But the times, they are a changing. At Curvy Girl Guide, we’ve worked hard to reinvent the resolution, and spent 2012 empowering the number we let define our worth.

This year, our resolution is simple. Kindness. Being kind to others, and more importantly, ourselves.

This year, I will allow myself moments. Moments of of love, moments of success, and moments of pride. These will be the moments I let define me. Not the moments of self loathing, jean button inability, or depression.

I will be present with others. I will be an invested listener, an empathetic bystander, and I will afford each person the same grace and respect I would want in return. I’m not the only person in this world.

Kelli: This year, I will greet everyone I encounter with a smile, because I truly believe it helps spread positive energy into the world. I spend the first 10 minutes of every morning in gratitude, and then I hit the gym for an hour to get my endorphin rush.  I will also schedule monthly massages and salon visits to pamper myself.

Lastly, I started a youth program to help inner-city kids learn how to fight for and accomplish their goals, and I volunteer as a cheer coach for underprivileged teens, it’s a project I’m honor to continue.

DaisyDaisy: I resolve to be kinder to myself. I’m having a baby in February of 2013. I’m going to try to eat a few servings of fruits and vegetables every day and I’m going actually going to get my hair cut every 8-10 weeks. I figure as a new Mom I’ll need some “me” time and for once I’m going to schedule my next appointment as I leave the one I just had. No more split ends!

To others, I’m going to keep working on not losing my temper when the people around me are not driving/walking/interacting the way I would. I need to learn to take a deep breath and remind myself that everyone has their own battles – they are not driving below the speed limit to upset me.

For my community, I’m going to keep frequenting small businesses, walking as much as I can to run my errands and try to take part in community events. Every little bit helps! I’m also going to keep up with my resolution from a few years ago, which was to try to be as environmentally friendly as possible when I clean my home. I’ve found a lot of green cleaning products that make me feel better about my footprint on the earth!

Brandi: In 2013 I really want to pull the focus away from myself and think first about others. With everything I do, I want to think about how it will impact others. On the large and small scale. I want my actions to have a net positive result on those around me; family, friends, and strangers.

I also want to stop being so hard on myself. On a near daily basis I criticize myself for everything I didn’t get done and the projects that have been left half finished. This year I want to remember that every day there has to be something I do well and it’s important for the soul to keep that in mind. I also really want to eat a mostly plant-based diet, but we’ll wait and see how that goes.

Finally, living in Denver has already made me much more mindful of treating the community well. We recycle, we compost, we pick up trash…it’s just a place that makes you want to leave things better than you found them. So I want to do more in this city that already does so much. I’ve been really thinking of the efforts to keep heavily trafficked trails and forests maintained and would love to get more involved in that this next year.

Andrea: How often do we sit down and create a list of endless New Years Resolutions? And how often does that list include things we want to do ANDREA NYEfor others? Well, for me, the answer to that question would be never. Only this year – this year, that’s going to change. I want to focus on praying for others more. On finding small and creative ways to lend a hand to others who need a boost. I want to send more cards to friends, just to say “I’m thinking of you.” Bake cookies for my neighbors, just so they know I’m here if they ever need anything more than a polite nod and “hello.” Do a random act of kindness for a stranger even if even means no recognition for me at all. 2013, for me, means being less selfish and more selfless.

I want to realize how fragile and short life truly is. I’ve lost loved ones and seen lives cut short way too soon. I’ve become increasingly aware of my own mortality and how much of a responsibility I have to make sure my own actions don’t send me to an early grave. This year my one big resolution is to “be healthy.” I’m not attaching a number on the scale or a dress size. Rather, I want to focus on making small changes that will change my life, my health, in big ways.I, like a lot of other people, want to get help with a vast number of important causes, but I struggle to know where to start. I’ve decided to just start. I’m going to call my local pet shelter and homeless shelter and find out what items they really need, and then I’ll do my best to provide those items. Every time I buy pet food for my own dogs, why not buy an extra bag for the shelter? I plan to do the same with toiletries for the homeless shelter.

Angie: Saying it simply, I will think before I speak. I’ve been doing this with more effort lately, and it seems like a simple thing, but way too often, I’ve found that my words (spoken or written) have hurt people I didn’t intend to hurt. By taking the second or two to consider my words and their affect on those who will hear or read them, I hope to have a more positive relationship with the people in my life.

Katie NYEKatie: This year, I will give others the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming their intent.  This goes for other drivers, people who bump into me in public and the like. My goal is to make my reaction less of outrage and more of understanding.

And, I will cut myself more slack and stop being so demanding.  I am human, I make mistakes and I need to not be so hard on myself when I do.  It’s easy to cut myself down, but taking the time to acknowledge that I am doing the best I can will be worth the effort.

Lastly, I want to show my child the importance of giving back to his community, so our family goal for this year is to volunteer more.  We want to participate in more community activities, to donate time and resources to those who need them as much, if not more than we do.

What is your resolution of kindness… to yourself? To others? To your community?

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