Dear 24 Year Old, Size 8, Ally-

I want you to stop cancelling vacations because you believe you are too fat and do not deserve to have fun.  Stop referring to yourself as a “fat ass” or “fat girl”. The baby weight is a natural part of your new status as a mother and does not make you weak or lazy. And please, I am begging you, stop using Xenadrine and other pills & poisons to kill your appetite and enhance your energy. Instead, go outside and soak up the Vitamin D. And, take off the thermals and long pants during the summer; it is okay to wear shorts and tank tops even if you are not a size 6. Your body is not a prison, it is a gift. Comparing yourself to skinny chicks is a waste of time and will just continue to make you doubt yourself; cut that shit out it’s fucking annoying to everyone around you.

Things I missed out on in my 20’s due to my negative body image: A wedding, wearing a bathing suit (did not swim for a decade), Air Force Ball. I lived in Europe for 3 years and wore long sleeves and skirts everywhere I went. I never had pictures taken with my children because I was so ashamed. I convinced myself that I was a “Winter Person” so that I would not have to wear any clothes that showed any skin.

Dear 34 Year Old, Size 10/12, Ally-

Why are you still wearing long sleeves and skirts in 90 degree weather? Stop walking around looking like a sister wife and buy a god damn pair of shorts.  I bet you wish you were as “fat” as you thought you were 10 years ago don’t you? At what weight will you start believing you are beautiful..150? 140? 130? Buy a bathing suit and take your children swimming; they miss their mother during the summer. And, have sex naked for once in your life!  Men know what is underneath that t-shirt; they want to feel skin and see boobs; you are not fooling anyone. And, fuck anyone who gives you that sideways look at the gym; they are irritable because they are hungry. I encourage you to eat a cheeseburger in the parking lot when they are leaving class…watch their heads explode. You know you are being a stupid twat..knock that shit off.

This Curvy Girl Guide Community post comes to us courtesy Ally Alsop, a 34 year old single mother of two boys and a licensed therapist/counselor. Transplanted to the St. Louis area a decade ago after serving four years active duty with the U. S. Air Force. Currently addicted to all things camping, kayaking, and prepping. Future owner of a bathing suit and pair of shorts. Can be found dicking around on twitter during any free time at @allys_sons


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