The Internet

When the Internet Steals Your Pictures

June 13, 2014

First of all, if you came here via a search like “OMG SOMEONE STOLE MY PHOTO ONLINE!?,” this is awkward, but I actually have no real advice for you outside of procuring a lawyer and having them handle all the legal crap. Way easier. Also, maybe go see Maleficent twice in a 5 day span […]

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Last Call Brittany

April 3, 2013

You know what I like doing? Talking to women. I love it. Especially those really uncomfortable conversations where I get too close too soon, and next thing I know, we’re in our panties sharing episiotomy scars.

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What Do You Want to Do?

March 19, 2013

I sat down and made the weird list that I’m going to share with you now, because I like to share things and I want to make you comfortable enough to share your crazy shit with me.

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The Ball Pit

March 11, 2013

I know, I can’t stop thinking about the rotavirus, either, dude.

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Working from Home: the Good, the Bad, and the Pathetic

March 1, 2013

I was having dinner with a friend the other night when her phone dinged on the table, and as she checked the text with obvious exasperation, she looked up at me and then out the window at the dance of headlights playing on the street beside us and whispered wistfully, I wish I could work […]

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Work From Home?

September 8, 2012

(Disclaimer: I can’t watch that show because the mom is too heavy of a mouth breather, and that makes my neck hair stand up. Like nails on a chalkboard. It’s a hard limit.)

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Holy shit, y’all

September 4, 2012

Can we have your personal phone number to drunk text you ideas and/or compromising badly lit cell phone pics at all hours of the night?

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New Twitter Name

August 9, 2012

Just a heads up that my twitter handle has changed to @BrittanyHerself.

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The end.

April 30, 2012

People would come here and be all, where’s the food, and I’d be like, what food, douche bag?

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10 More Random Days of Amuse Bouche

March 19, 2012

I’m in Wisconsin for a day or two, it’s super warm, there’s cheese on everything, and all the roads have the word Packers in it. I love it here! So, I thought I would default to my built in Tumblr, Amuse Bouche, today for some good old WTF? entertainment. I relive the absolutely scariest movies […]

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