Love & Hysterectomies

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Note: First, This post contains graphic imagery. If surgical photos make you queasy, this is not for you. Prior to seeing me in the recovery room, I firmly believe that Andy had no idea what was happening to me. "What's this totally elective, not at all serious thing my wife has gotten herself into this [...]

And She Was Never Heard From Again

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The woods is a really amazing place to go if you have all sorts of inner turmoil and nowhere to put it. I'm struggling with moving, I'm struggling with my religion, I'm struggling with our country, I'm struggling with what I want to do next. I'm just a ball of conflict and angst, and I [...]

What I Really Say To Your Husband

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Ladies, your husbands are emailing me. Repeatedly. You may or may not have any idea this is happening. It’s probably while you’re in the shower, or after you go to bed. Or maybe when you think they’re texting a co-worker on the couch, or in the bathroom on their iPads. […]

Stage 5 Clinger

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“You never call me anymore.” He said. “Yes I do!” “Um no, you don’t. It’s Wednesday and you haven’t called to bug me at work all week?” So, two things. One, he apparently only pretends to be annoyed with me, which only confirms my theory that my exasperating personality is a large part of my [...]

Group Therapy

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"8 and three dashes." "What?" "8 and three... yes three dashes." I hold three fingers up into the air as Andy and my brother Adam stare at me from the table saw positioned on the deck. "8 and three dashes." I yell at them again from the center of the dining room. "What the fuck [...]

Dear Andy While You Sleep

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Monday I rolled over in bed to come face to face with my little doll-faced cherub. I am keenly aware of the imaginary clock ticking above our heads, and our time of morning time girl snuggles are fleeting. I touched my finger to her warm little nose and she opened her heavy eyes, smiled softly, [...]