Catching Fire… The Movie

HungerGames Bracelet

A week ago, my girls and I had a fun night out of Chinese food and the latest Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. If you read my book review, you might remember Catching Fire was my least favorite of the Hunger Games Trilogy. The “New Moon” of Hunger Games, if you will, aka, suckville. I […]

Comfort Flaws

The Real Christian Grey

I’ve had a lot of downtime, and like chicken soup to the soul, I’ve been feeding the healing process with movies and celebrity gossip and pizza rolls. None of it particularly healthy, but soothing in the same way people on ecstasy like suckers. Somewhere between Meatballs and Meatballs 2 I heard that Charlie Hunnam had […]

Spin the Bottle with Greg Grunberg & Keili Lefkovitz

Lefkovitz Gibbons Grunberg

Some of my favorite moments are when it’s just me and my friends, drinking heavily, shooting the shit, and being inappropriate. Thank you, Google, for giving me a platform to do that professionally. Last night I welcomed the fabulous Greg Grunberg and Keili Lefkovitz to Last Call, and I’ll tell you, it was a night […]

Breaking Dawn: Part WHAT THE FUCK

lee pace twilight

This post contains spoilers. All kinds of spoilers. No joke. I saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Palm Springs with my girls Allison, Alice and Keili this weekend. Ok, Andy went, too, but he refused to have it documented on iPhone film. Also, I totally wore my Vampire Baseball shirt, again. Dressing up for movies? […]

La Dolce Gilda

When I was younger, I devoured comedies, even Saturday Night Live, which my dad always taped (like, on tapes), labeled and let me watch over breakfast on Sunday morning. I remember watching a black and white short by Tom Schiller done as a tribute to Fellini’s La Dolce Vida. At the time, I didn’t entirely […]

10 More Random Days of Amuse Bouche

wisconsin collage 1

I’m in Wisconsin for a day or two, it’s super warm, there’s cheese on everything, and all the roads have the word Packers in it. I love it here! So, I thought I would default to my built in Tumblr, Amuse Bouche, today for some good old WTF? entertainment. I relive the absolutely scariest movies […]

Andy Hates Sweden.

Whenever Andy and I are coming off a rough patch, I get cocky and start putting our relationship in really ridiculous positions of peril, almost like a dare. Like, I dare you to want to divorce me and find where I’ve hidden your passport and your grandma’s ashes. While he’s all, let’s go on a […]