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Go Curvy

June 26, 2014

I was crazy excited to be featured on the fabulous webseries, Go Curvy. Fashion, bodies, women… my three favorite things! Check out the episode below! Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream Click here if you are having trouble viewing the show.

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Romantic Movies for Weirdos

February 14, 2014

Whether you are snowed in or just like conducting all your Valentine’s business from the comfort of your couch, you can’t beat the romance of take out and a movie. Just me? I’m low maintenance and don’t like pants. If you do find your self at home this chilly evening, I’ve put together a list […]

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Can I Say Something Crazy?

February 10, 2014

NSFW Click here if you have trouble viewing the video. “Can I say something crazy? Let’s get in our footie pajamas, watch Hillary Duff movies and eat gluten free pizza and wine.” Basically all my conversations with all my friends, ever.

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Girls Countdown

January 8, 2014

Four days. Be excited.

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Catching Fire Movie Review

December 3, 2013

Yes I wear this in public. You can find it here. SPOILERS A week ago, my girls and I had a fun night out of Chinese food and the latest Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. If you read my book review, you might remember Catching Fire was my least favorite of the Hunger Games Trilogy. […]

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Bad Ass Royals

November 20, 2013

If these girls could just come sit behind me while I get ready each morning, that’d be amazing. Just crowd in, yall. There’s plenty of room to stand in the tub.

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I’m A Bad Dancer.

November 5, 2013

I know, this tastes weird coming out of my mouth, too, but… new life soundtrack.

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Comfort Flaws

October 18, 2013

I’ve had a lot of downtime, and like chicken soup to the soul, I’ve been feeding the healing process with movies and celebrity gossip and pizza rolls. None of it particularly healthy, but soothing in the same way people on ecstasy like suckers. Somewhere between Meatballs and Meatballs 2 I heard that Charlie Hunnam had […]

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Me. The cat.

October 8, 2013

When Steve was like, I wanna draw you, I was like, awesome and immediately started to take off my clothes, because I assume every portrait session is like Jack and Rose in Titanic. Then Steve was like, no, I actually want to draw you, like, as a cat. Because that’s what he does. He draws […]

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Still Missing: Jake Ryan?

September 18, 2013

Seriously, the amount of daily traffic I get from this is hilarious. Y’all are Jake Ryan stalkers, and I love that about you.

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