Easily distracted…by tacos.

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1.  Yay Lent! First of all, I love that I can pretend Fat Tuesday is completely different than, say, every other day of the year that I eat waaay more than I should, but could care less.  I guess the only real difference is, that on Fat Tuesday, I am doing it for Jesus.  So,  that makes it more [...]

Oh my God, that Brittany, shameless.

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Saturday.  Sabato.  Zaterdag.  Samedi. The day I literally plan to spend doing nothing but eating hot wings and drinking Coke.  All day.  Without any pants on. Because pants just slow you down. Plus, it's snowing.  Again.  And, the only pants that go with snow, are snow pants.  And, they just make you look fat.  And, [...]

la mamá

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Ok, seriously...how much longer can a human pregnancy last!?  Please tell me I am glowing, 'cause I am totally glowing, right? So, the other night we went out on a date to a local Mexican restaurant, and at the table next to us was this hot mess of a baby.  Just rice, beans and smooshed [...]

My hips don’t lie.

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I don't know what my problem is. I'm pregnant. How is that I keep forgetting that when I go to do super important things like buy beer or kicking the ass of the lady in the make up aisle at Target for completely cock-blocking the mascara section. It is absolutely annoying, because the only make [...]

Me, raw.

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Rough, I know. But honest. These days, this is me. Ok, kinda a blurry dirty mirror kind of me, but me none the less. Snarly hair. Black yoga pants. Tank Tops. This is as good as it gets, folks. Poor husband. I have already given him my complete permission to call Stacy and Clinton of [...]

Greetings from the couch.

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Bed rest can suck it.Apparently, my blood pressure was high at my appointment yesterday, and that, along with some very annoyingly constant cramping, has sounded an alarm, and I have been restricted to couch duty until my re-check next week.So, I am doing my mothering and wifing from the couch this week. I think it's [...]

Another one for the books.

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Christmas '08 was the balls. I loved it, the boys loved it, even my scroogey hubby loved it. The gifts were amazing, the family wasn't smothering, and the food was to die for. The boys got completely spoiled, and it was the first year they really got the whole Santa Claus delivering gifts thing, so [...]


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Holy balls.It's freezing.After a full day of last minute shopping, I am frostbit and chapped in places I have never been frostbitten and chapped before.But, it's Christmas time. Always a cluster fuck, eh?I mean, don't get me wrong, I completely love it. The pretty snow, the cookies, the food, the presents, that weird, tingly magical [...]

Batting 1000

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You know when your kids totally do something new and shocking, like, oh, I don't know...let's say pull a dining room chair up to the kitchen counter and start playing with the knife block or dick around on the stove. And you are all like, where in fucks sake did you learn that shit? And [...]