Mr. Green

There are eight Michael Green’s in our phonebook. Each one got a letter from me. Only one knows what the hell it was for. On the first day of public high school my freshman year, he made me stand up in front of the entire English Class. What does your shirt mean? Rage Against the […]


I remember the game. We were playing Bowling Green, I was coming down the left side. Slide tackled. I tried to stand back up, but my left ankle buckled unnaturally inward. My friend Tom carried me from the field.  My foot just dangled there.  I cried  the whole way to the hospital. I think. I […]

In bed.

damask bedding

In high school I had a wrought iron canopy bed with lavender bedding, and lavender and pink throw pillows.  My matching nightstand was filled with scribbled in journals, vases of dried dead flowers that teenage girls hang on until they eventually turn to liquid, and pretty smelling candles to hide the smell of pot. My […]

About aging.

Barring some form of sudden disfigurement, I don’t ever want to get plastic surgery on my face. I saw some surgery show once when I was little.  A woman was getting her jowls tightened and they peeled her whole face off. I couldn’t eat Spaghetti O’s for months after that. No matter how many wrinkles […]

Project Mom. Project me.

Have you ever noticed the word project is a homonym? There’s project, as in, an undertaking. Then, there is project as a means to kinda, hurl yourself out there, into the open. It seems like today, I am doing a little of both. Below is my casting vlog for a new series about bloggers, Project […]

Brittany, Herself.

While I am mentally preparing for an upcoming, probably painful, permanent embellishment tomorrow, I wanted to share something with you. Today is the first roll of the ball on some totally amazing things I have set to launch this year. This will serve as the foundation on which I will be producing lots of other […]

Making up.


Hey!  Did you wanna maybe hang out outside or something?  We can go for a walk if you want? No thanks. It’s actually not super hot out, right now.  The breeze really cools things down. Pass. Are you mad at me?  It feels like you’re mad at me.  Like, there’s tension? Do you know what […]

There is someone for everyone. Ask Steve Buscemi.

The guy who sat in front of me in Political Science 145 smelled like a mix a baby powder and vinegar. I was stuck behind him because the professor made us sit in alphabetical order. His last name was Boda. I remember it because it sounded like soda, which reminded me of baking soda, which […]