Um, is this thing on?

You know who doesn’t have a sense of humor? Cow farmers. I accidentally let one little “yum” slip when we were discussing a meat purchase, and you’d think I just punched his grandma. Um, hello…YOU’RE the killing the poor thing, sorry I got a little over excited, but you are in NO PLACE to pass […]

Sour Grapes

Small town life has lots of perks. Everyone knows your name, a safe community feel, no traffic, no stop lights. Buuuut…it does have a downside. The one grocery in town is family owned, and while it’s nice to walk in and have the 90 year old cashier, Pearl, greet me when I walk in, or […]

Kitchen Aid Mixer = Fabulous Baker…um…no.

Two christmas’ ago, hubby got me a big fancy kitchen aid mixer. He must of assumed that, because I cook, that I also bake. Which I do not. And, although this concept should not be a new one for him, as we have been together for over a decade, I understand I am hard to […]