Giving Thanks from 84° Fahrenheit

OMG Mickey

Yesterday morning, just as the sun was poking above the horizon, I awoke three groggy kids, hungover on failed attempts of pumpkin cookies and Tom and Jerry. I got them dressed in clothes handpicked for their lack of buttons and alarm triggering zippers, gathered two suitcases, one umbrella stroller, one double jogging stroller, three cars […]


Navy Pier

I can’t remember how old I was when we stopped taking family vacations. I know it was after a road trip to Alabama, when my dad accidentally left me behind on a military battleship tour, and I peed my pants, because I am 60% sure I saw a ghost, and when they finally found me […]


Gate D2, LaGuardia Airport 4:13am

In my experience, nothing extraordinary ever happens at 4am. When I was a teenager, it was sneaking back into my bedroom window before dawn, praying my mama wasn’t waiting in my room threatening to send me to a convent where they don’t allow push-up bras or wine coolers. In college, it meant drunk food at […]

When the cat’s away…

hotel bed 1

I’m not sure what Andy thinks happens when I travel. I imagine he fancies it some sort of non-stop slumber party. We spend all day in our underwear, eating cupcakes, dancing to girly music, having tickle fights. The reality of traveling with me is much less glamorous. In fact, as anyone who has ever roomed […]