My letter to Marie Claire.

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Marie Claire ran an article entitled, Should Fatties Get A Room? (Even on TV?), in response to the shocking appearance of overweight people on television. You know, where everyone can see them exist. I don't often fire off letters to editors of major publications, but this one hit a little close to home, and I [...]

Big fat rant.

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It started with a sports bra. When I buy a sports bra, which is essentially just a spandex version of a razorback wireless bra, they either squish my boobs so flat that they ooze out of the armpit holes, or it's so loose, my boobs gush the the center, forming on giant butt crack. So, [...]

Right about now.

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It's 1:45am. Everyone is sleeping. I'm not hungry. I'm bored.  My hands are idle. I eat half a snickers bar.  A bag of fruit snacks.  A cold eggroll from dinner. So fast, I don't even taste it. I should be writing, but I'm not. I'm thinking about what's in my fridge. Stuff I'm totally not [...]

A little help from my friends.

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I keep saying I'll wait until I love myself. A little bit thinner. A little bit tanner. A little bit more like this crazy memory I have of myself eleventy billion years ago where I thought, for a moment, I was beautiful. Months pass. Months of dieting. Months of working out. Months of me looking [...]

Fat Ass

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Originally posted on another website, reposted here for posterity. I was lucky. I wasn't a cheerleader, and I wasn't tall and thin, but I held my own. Now that I think of it, of the days I spent cringing in the mirror at my body, wishing for thinner thighs and a smaller waist, I realize, [...]

I tried to find songs to add to my iPod to work out to, but I don’t even own an iPod because I am pretty sure the government uses them to track fat people.

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OK, so you know what's hard? Catching semen in a cup. You know what's harder? Getting the semen to come out in the first place. I mean, there are restrictions about, like, preserving the sterility of the sperm...I don't know, it was fucking insane. I would go into more detail, but then my dad would [...]


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I saw you for the first time yesterday in, I don't know...years. Maybe four or five. I wanted to say hi. But, I didn't want it to be awkward or strained. I always get too close too fast, bypassing the normal customs of boundaries and intimacy. I come on too strong. I don't have a [...]

I’m huge in China…literally.

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When I order chinese take out. They always put two forks in the bag. As in, I have ordered the amount of food that would take two normal people to eat. But, there's not two people. There's only me. It's just that, I like egg rolls.  And MSG. Portion control? I know you not. I [...]