When the Internet Steals Your Pictures

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First of all, if you came here via a search like “OMG SOMEONE STOLE MY PHOTO ONLINE!?,” this is awkward, but I actually have no real advice for you outside of procuring a lawyer and having them handle all the legal crap. Way easier. Also, maybe go see Maleficent twice in a 5 day span […]

I am Santa.


Alright, who’s coming over to clean this mess up? I blame these heathens. On December 24th my house was Priest-clean (what’s that? Oh, click here.), but by 7am on December 25th it turns into a dump and I’m waiting for the Junk Lady from The Labyrinth to pop out all, what’s the matter, don’t you […]

Day 1 of Brittany’s Favorite Things…bearing in mind, she has ridiculously low standards.


“You don’t even count as a person until you’re 30.” –Audrey Binkowski It’s not that I am going to be thirty, per say. I mean yes, in two days, I will be thirty.  No longer twenty anything.  Thirty. Three.  Oh. Every birthday from hence fourth will only bring me another, larger, thirty something number, that […]


I have really strong beliefs about marriage and monogamy. Not in the extreme right, Carrie Prejean kind of way. Two dudes, two ladies, I don’t care.  As long as they are of age and one of them is not Charlie Sheen, they have my blessing. Extra blessings if I can be the Maid of Honor […]

If I listened to my parents in high school, I’d be Barack Obama right now.


Hey. If any of you are looking for those guys from high school that played tons of sports, didn’t own a t-shirt without the sleeves cut off, pushed people into lockers, or harassed classmates because they looked “fat,” “geeky,”  “dykey” or “faggy?” Relax. Because, I totally found them! They are coaching my sons’ tee-ball league. […]