10 Random Days of Amuse Bouche.

I am working on a post about my weight, and it’s shockingly difficult. Plus, I am hungry and craving day old birthday cake; I hate that we had all our kids in stupid April. But, I have been having bursts of brain activity in my own, personal built in tumblr site, Amuse Bouche, so I […]

Beauty Marks.

I have been mole-y since birth. My arms, my shoulders, my legs, below my mouth, I even have not one, but two moles on my vagina. Which makes me special, right mom? I’ve only ever seen one, and without a mirror, I can’t confirm the second, though I’ve had various reports. It’s like the Loch […]


This is  a totally true story, though I changed the name of the person involved so I don’t get assassinated or my voter card taken away, if they even do that, I’m not sure, but I think really stupid people vote all the time, so I should probably be fine.  Plus, wouldn’t the REAL punishment NOT being […]

Time Apart.

After 15 years together, Andy and I have our social cues down pat. In college we had code words, but those were mostly just creative ways of saying, OMG let’s go have pre-marital sex in your dorm room before your roommate gets home from Live Action Role Playing night at the Union. Why yes, I […]

Brittany in Wonderland.

I have been a party to no less than two interventions thrown on my behalf. First of all, they are nowhere near as fun as they make them look on tv.  You would think if you are going to gather a group of people to collectively tell you you suck ass at something, there would […]