Pink Eyes Are The Prettiest Eyes

Someone just come over and put this damn Lunette menstrual cup inside me correctly. I don’t have the will to figure it out, internet, I just don’t. I tried youtube’ing it, but almost no one has a legitimate menstrual cup insertion video. They all puss out using champagne glasses or diagrams of the inside of […]

And Release.

Do you want me to stop? I blinked away the tears that seared the corners of my eyes. No, let’s keep going. Are you sure, we have a whole hour, you know. You can stop, collect yourself… No, I don’t want to stop. Okay, we’ll keep going, just remember to breath. In inhaled sharply, letting […]

Fish Tank Head by Brittany & Andy

I took a mental health break this week. I’ve never done that before, but the weirdest thing happened. Like, my body started to shut down. I was exhausted, my bones hurt, I got confused in the grocery store, my anxiety had taken over. I felt it rumbling around for a while now underneath the surface. […]

The Art of Garage Sales

robert pattinson edward

I feel like my personalities change with the seasons. Like, in the spring, Andy knows it’s time for Self-Reflective Brittany who wants to do things like try out a new religion or host an exchange student. I’m pretty sure Jesus was reborn during this time, so I’m like, let’s start meditating and opening our home […]

Motherhood, Irreverence and Womanism at 4am

Did you know Louis C.K. has kids? He does, two small daughters, Mary Lou and Kitty. Why is that an issue, you ask? Oh, it’s not. He’s a brilliant comedian to whom I would give any amount of money to crawl inside his head for ten whole minutes and laze about on all his squishy […]

Andy Hates Sweden.

Whenever Andy and I are coming off a rough patch, I get cocky and start putting our relationship in really ridiculous positions of peril, almost like a dare. Like, I dare you to want to divorce me and find where I’ve hidden your passport and your grandma’s ashes. While he’s all, let’s go on a […]

Welcome to February

brittany gibbons

I’m like a bull in a china shop this week. I keep knocking stuff over with my actions and feelings and giant feet. I keep apologizing for things, and I think I am annoying people with my apologies, so I apologize again, and then they stop answering my texts and I’m like, where is everybody? […]

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day

Andy and I are not celebrating Valentine’s Day until tomorrow due to scheduling. But, that works out perfectly, because we are currently fighting over who does more around the house, and I really don’t expect this to be resolved until after dinner tonight. It’s just honestly much easier to fight with him face to face, […]