Dating My Wife: July 5, 2012

To: From: Hey, the Huffington Post says it’s the husband’s job to date his wife. To: From: Can’t you just give me the cliff notes version of what I’m doing wrong, and what I need to start doing based on whatever romantic comedy you just watched? To: From: […]

The Best You’ve Ever Had: May 31, 2012

from: to: Weird question, we had sex last night, right? from: to: You don’t know the answer? from: to: I can’t remember if it really happened, or if I dreamed it. from: to: We did. You said it was the best you ever had. from: to: […]

Memorial Day: May 2nd, 2012

from: to: Hey- did you deposit those checks? from: to: Is that a joke? from: to: no? from: to: I doubt the bank is even open, Andy. It’s the 14th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. Do you know how many of my friends died in that […]

Wine Ice: March 23rd

to: from: March 23, 2012 Andy- I accidentally forgot I put a bottle of wine in the freezer, where the ice maker thing is, and it exploded in there and now all our ice is wine ice. Which is actually kinda awesome- right? But, my question is, can we buy a new fridge? […]

Tribal Dolphin: February 16th, 2012

From: To: Whatcha doing? From: To: i’m at work, why? From: To: Can you leave early to get tattoos? From: To: pass. no more tattoos. From: To: What if it meant something special like from your heritage? Like a tribal dolphin tattoo, really cool looking, […]

The Candy House: March 23rd, 2009

from Brittany Gibbons to Andy Gibbons <> date March 23, 2009 at 9:20 AM I had a dream last night DON’T ERASE THIS YET KEEP READING that we owned a B&B- and the house was made of candy, like Hansel and Gretel. So when I woke up this morning, I still thought it was […]

Birds: May 21st, 2010

If you are friends with Brittany, you realize that the crazy emails aren’t just reserved for me. I actually have people tell me they have plenty from her they could contribute themselves. So, thanks to Heather Spohr and her endless goldmine of Brittany emails, for sharing one of her favorites. from Brittany Gibbons to […]

About Brittany.

I always get asked about what I think about Brittany and what she does on the internet. She has written about her childhood, my vasectomy, her genitals, our kids, our sex life, and her body. I am being honest when I say, at first I didn’t read any of it. It felt weird, and I […]