Lebanese Take Out: September 19th

from: brittanyherself@gmail.com
to: agibbons1@gmail.com

I’m so super hungry and we have no food in our whole entire house to make for dinner, not even any cans of those beans with the cut up hot dogs in them from when your dad was here. Also, I lost my keys. And I think our stove is broken, or it doesn’t like me. And I had to do math homework with Jude for like 100 hours. And I think I have a zit in my ear.

from: agibbons1@gmail.com
to: brittanyherself@gmail.com

I’m leaving in 10. I can get take out from that Lebanese place on the way home?

from: brittanyherself@gmail.com
to: agibbons1@gmail.com

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    • Brittany says

      Well I love shish tawook (grilled chicken and rice) and beef galaba (I’m probably totally spelling that wrong, but it’s sauteed meat and TONS of veggies, ridic good!)

      Also, hummus and raw kibbi (um yeah, google that, but I SWEAR it’s good!)

      • Kelly says

        We found the most awesome Middle East restaurant last week.. My favorite is shish tawook too.. They serve it with this garlic sauce.. To die for!!

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