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Plays well with others

By |2011-06-16T16:27:37-04:00January 29th, 2008|Parenting|

I used to wear perfume everyday. And now, I don't even know where it is or if I even have any? My new scent is more like an odor.....mommy odor. I adopted it the day I gave birth to my first son, and I realized that I would have a little person living on my [...]

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My big fat night at Shuckers

By |2009-03-30T16:57:42-04:00January 28th, 2008|Musings|

Last night, with a $100 gift certificate burning a hole in our wallets, we headed out to Shuckers in Swanton for dinner. You if have never been, you simply must go, their seafood is delish and their prime rib is to die for. It's one of the fancier places Swanton has to offer, and by [...]

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Give Me the Simple Life

By |2011-06-16T16:36:24-04:00January 26th, 2008|Musings|

Let me start off by saying, my day would kick your day's ass, ANY day of the week. Typically, I am up at 4am, while the irish twins and spouse are still snoring away. I dread heading into the den, cleaning up whatever random snackings my husband left on the desk after a late night [...]

Bring on the hate.

By |2009-03-30T16:53:26-04:00January 24th, 2008|Musings|

I am gonna write about Walmart. GASP! Now I know there are a lot of Walmart haters out there, and you can fling all the anti-union propaganda at me that ya want. I take a lot of crap shopping there, and I am tired of backing up my decision with basic facts about capitalism and [...]

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

By |2009-03-30T16:51:50-04:00January 23rd, 2008|Musings|

Me: Oh, you're up! I am going to make pancakes for breakfast. Want me to throw in some blue berries or bana...wait...what are you eating?Hub: What, oh just a snack, nachos.Me: Those don't look like nachos, they look weird. What's on them?Hub: Cheese. And some cut up hotdog I found in the drawer.Me: First, that [...]

Tastes Like Homemade Delicious!

By |2008-01-22T10:50:00-04:00January 22nd, 2008|Musings|

Rave! Rave! Rave! I am not a canned soup girl...heck...I only make soup from scratch, and think that most processed, pre-made soups taste...odd. So, this is a biggie for me. On a whim, I decided to try a package of Bear Creek Creamy Potato Soup Mix, and out of desperation for something warm (brrr), today [...]

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The Perfect Beef Stew

By |2011-11-16T22:03:38-04:00January 17th, 2008|Recipes|

How many times can I use the chilly weather to justify indulging in some mad carbs and starches? I guess we will see, won't we.Tonight is beef stew night...as will likely be tomorrow night, and the night after that. If you have made ANY of my recipes, you would certainly know that my portions are [...]

Oh fancy, fancy

By |2008-01-17T08:21:00-04:00January 17th, 2008|Musings|

Today is stew day. I went to the market to stock up on whatever produce looked fresh to toss in my pot, and I came across a new find...fingerling potatoes. I have seen this tiny treasures on lots of cooking shows, and in glossy food magazines, but never had I come across them in the [...]

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A perfect night in…

By |2011-11-16T22:04:42-04:00January 15th, 2008|Recipes|

Chilly January night. Big bowl of fettuccine. My mama's Sunday sauce. Crusty Garlic bread. American Idol. Heaven. I hope you get a chance to relax with some delicious comfort food and trashy TV like me.My "OMG this should be illegal" Garlic Bread1 large loaf of French Bread 1 stick of butter 1 big tablespoon Minced [...]

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Hamburger Helper…LIAR!

By |2008-01-10T13:26:00-04:00January 10th, 2008|Musings|

We had a delightful lunch of Lasagna flavored Hamburger Helper at my Aunt's today. I have decided that the name Hamburger Helper is quite a misnomer. It's in no way as delicious as a hamburger, and the only thing it can help you do is go to the bathroom with in 5 minutes of ingesting [...]