1. says

    Ironically, I just watched that movie with my wee two not that long ago after having triumphantly bought it in a $5 movie bin at Walmart. Geee-nius. (plus your boobs are nicer than Bill’s. Just sayin’)

  2. k says

    Love the Shirt…and Loved “What about Bob”..I need top netflix that flick and rewatch it…my girls would love it. It is esp funny since I am a Psychiatric RN! Love it! BTW- it has been years since I saw it…remind me about the comment…who Bob said it to…ect. Thanks!! (I may need one…recall when/where ya got it!)

    Also, I loved the outfit display last night…gives me great ideas…love when you do that “Segment” :) Ba boom…you looked SO “Jessica Rabbit’ in your black bra…and black spanx…sit Andy, sit..roll over! Sure you had him eating outta your hands in that sexy ensemble with that flowing Red hair…YOU go Girl! :) ….One Q..and maybe I read it wrong & I was really tired late last night when I read the blog… but what did you mean about “stuck in the BR with gatorade?” Is it because you find the ensemble hot underneath the (Beautiful, classy looking) dress? I know when I wear the G-ma big ole tummy sucking panties my belly gets all sweaty-ish (TMI..but hopefully it means it’s burning some tub off my gut, right?)…Looking good and Keep doing these fun BGibbons fashion shows… em..esp when you break down where/size and cost! Do more! Maybe lil GiGi would do a Toddler fashion show…1) because I think she is a living lil doll…and 2) My BFF has a 3 and some odd month old lil girl who loves clothes, hair…Princessy things…and her mom would enjoy the segment too! :) Thanks for making my day everyday with your “funny!”…

  3. LouisianaMeredith says

    I have the same problem. “Fleurty Girl” in NOLA comes in monthly right after as my largest expense location.

  4. victoria says

    At least once a month in therapy I say, “I mean, I don’t want to go all what-about-bob on you, buuuuttttt….” Love. Love. Love that movie.

  5. Jess says

    I think you should do a fashion show of the best of the best random tshirts. Although it’s going to be really hard for anything to top “Boo you WhoreCrux.”

  6. Kristin says

    Love the shirt – and LOVE your phone case! Where did you get it?? I’ve been looking for a peacock feather one.

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