Upcoming Fashion Project Call Out!

Folks, I need your help.

I’ve partnered with Go Mighty and the fabulous folks at Rivet & Sway for the start of a project I am absolutely passionate about… styling and dressing curvy teens and women.

Here’s where you come in. If you…

  • Are a teen girl or woman, or happen to know one?
  • Size 14 or larger?
  • That needs new clothes and styling?
  • And lives within 100 miles of Toledo, Ohio?

Dude, you might be just who I am looking for! Leave me a comment with a valid email and tell me you are interested.

Don’t meet that criteria yet, fear not! This is the start of something amazing, get ready for the ride, y’all!



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  1. Deanne L. Simpson says

    Hi Brittany – I am a mom of 2 sons and a beautiful step-daughter living about 60-ish miles from Toledo in Livingston County, Michigan. I am a full-time lawyer in addition to being a proud Mommy and wife in the best family I could ever wish for. One problem. Having 3 kids under 5 has done a number on my formerly glamazonious hour-glass figure. Now, I feel constantly self-conscious and I don’t even recognize myself in photos these days. Shopping for clothes has become a torment. I need help getting my confidence back in this new body of mine. Also, the other day, I saw both Adam Levine and the girl he was coaching on The Voice wearing my glasses. I think it’s time to get new frames! Thank you!

  2. Alli M. says

    I don’t remember if I already commented on this, so I’m doing it again. I meet all the criteria except living near Toledo! I never know what to wear. My husband hates when I wear dresses, I think because I wear the wrong ones for my body. My work pants all fit funny. I don’t know what to wear for date nights, or girls nights, etc. I can’t accessorize (I have, like, 2 necklaces, and 3 pairs of earrings, that I wear regularly…that’s it!). Basically, I need me some Brittany and some fashion advice (and probably some super-adorable hipster-y glasses!) I’m in Wyoming…but it’s more fun here than it sounds. :)

  3. Heidi Corcoran says

    Currently, I’m pregnant with my second son but normally wear a 14/16 AND glasses. We even have the same prescription -4.75! I’d love to participate unfortunately, I live in California. Please keep me in mind if you go national after September 26th (my due date).

  4. Emily says

    Hey Brittany- I am a 23 year old living in Oakland County, Michigan; a little over 70 miles away from Toledo. I recently became a teacher after a long ride at Michigan State University (yay!), but am in desperate need of some fashion advice. In being a teacher, I am in front of several youngsters each day. How can I present to them the importance of self-worth and confidence if I am lacking that? My size ranges from 14 (on a good day) to 18 (depending on the store is what I tell myself), but I don’t often feel like I am wearing the right clothes for my body. Shopping isn’t always the fun experience I would hope it to be; for example, I just went on an unsuccessful bathing suit hunt the other day- nothing like trying on 17 bathing suits to make you feel fantastic about yourself…This, in turn, lowers my self-esteem and body image. I’m ready to embrace my curves and stop hating them. However, I don’t think I can do it without some help! Also, I’ve been wearing glasses since 3rd grade :) Thank you for all that you are advocating and for giving beautiful, curvaceous women the opportunity to fall in love with their bodies.

  5. says

    Not sure if you are still taking submissions for this but I figure, what the hell, right? Woman. Check. Size 14-16ish. Check. Needs clothes/styling. Double check. Wears glass occasionally. Lives in Cincinnati, OH – so just a tad out of your radius but still in the “heart of it all”! I hate shopping. Dressing rooms are depressing or hilarious for me, depending on the day. But I want to look more put together and feel more attractive. My job doesn’t help – flip flops, jeans and tshirts are totally acceptable work attire- which I love but it just enables me to continue to avoid shopping. I think I have a nice shape – I just don’t know how to show it off. I don’t know what to buy so I usually buy cheap and the fit just isn’t always right. I would love to be considered for your project or the expansion of your project. It sounds amazing!

  6. ang says

    so, no-i don’t live within 100 miles but if you want a pilot web based curvy gal, i’m game. i could drive to ohio for a couple of days over the summer if you like :) i am curvy-14-16 and tall-5″10″ with pretty broad shoulders so i find it extra difficult to dress myself in regular women’s clothing, plus i’m a mom who would rather spend money on her handsome sons than myself…so i avoid looking stylish pretty much all of the time…it has crossed my mind to take a picture of myself every day just to document the mess, but i’m kind of afraid that it woudn’t be funny… and yep. i wear glasses.
    I love your approach to this topic, to your body, your humor and style-and am so happy that someone is finally doing this thing that really needs to be done.

  7. Rach says

    Awww! I’m totally interested but I live in Virginia. But I can buy plane tickets! I’m a size 16. AND I’m ridiculously tall, so it’s like a little extra challenge? I can pretend to live in Ohio. Would that help? I have approximately two things that fit me in my closet and they both make me look dowdy.

  8. Crystal says

    I meet all requirements except for living near Toledo but I can always arrange a visit!!I have worn glasses since I was 4. As a kid with big glasses and poofy hair in a small town you can imagine the names that my classmates came up with. So when you expand you search to the Mid-West (omaha) I am game :-)

  9. Kate P says

    Have you found what you are looking for? I just saw this, but fit all your criteria. Let me know!

  10. Angelina says

    Hola Brittany! I know you have had overwhelming response to the fashion project and more than enough participants, but I thought what the hell, she may have a use for me yet. I am a mom of two girls (18 and 10) and live in Southeast Michigan (a bit over an hour from the Toledo area). I am currently size 18W to 20W depending on the clothing line. I am a true apple-shaped diva. I have never been too overjoyed with shopping for clothes and even when I was thinner, I had a hard time feeling comfortable due to my large breasts and nonexistent butt. I do wear glasses and I have a hard time finding glasses that look good on my naturally bitchy face. High-arched eyebrows and a sarcastic smirk make that magic possible. I would love some help with styling and dressing myself!

  11. says

    I’m interested! Probably too late to this particular party, but figured I’d leave a comment.

    I’m a tallish Michigander who wears a 14 or sometimes a 12 or sometimes a 16? (Sizes are weird). And I wear glasses. Recent college grad, starting a new teaching job, need to look less slobby…

  12. says

    i meet all the chriteria except the 100 mile part :( I am in philly so let me know when the your plan goes to the next level. I am soooo in! (BYW I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing funky glasses. Have been rockin’ them since 2000!

  13. Nicki says

    I cannot wait for this to be bigger! (Pun intended). I live in Virginia Beach and work at an art college with people half my age. I’m on the edge of 40, and a size 16/18 I describe my body type as not pear, not apple, but more of a potato. Basically fat everywhere. I feel like a frumpalump at a sorority party most days. The beautiful patterns and stripes this season win. I’m monocromatic, and even when I try to spice it up, I do it wrong. I don’t want to look younger (I have teenaged children, they’d disown me). I just want to look pretty at my age and size. I would really like to be able to own a bathing suit that doesn’t make me look like baby beluga. So, that being said, I sure hope you expand this amazing project!

  14. Jess G. says

    I’m so bummed that I’m not within 100 miles! I’m in desperate need of a makeover. I’m 28 with two girls, def over size 14 and wear glasses. I also live in jeans and flip flops. lol Please let us know if you start this nation wide!! In AL close to Montgomery, B’Ham and ATL! :)

  15. Teagan Walton says

    I meet all the criteria BUT the 100 miles ( Baltimore Maryland).. Booo Please keep me in mind if the miles change.. Thank you so much

  16. Terri B says


    I grew up in Toledo, OH…in fact we just got back this weekend! We live in Atlanta now….which is a huge bummer for the makeover (I could probably arrange to travel, lol). Anyway, I am a size 16, and have a huge issue dressing myself…I have larger arms/legs, and it makes finding clothes so hard…plus I have no clue when it comes to accessories, only thing I ever wear is my wedding ring. I would love to be picked for this, I am a 33 year old mom of 2, who could use a pick me up :)

  17. Jen. says

    Hi! I meet all the criteria (Chicago transplant to Cleveland), 42 yr-old glasses-wearing mom of 2 boys while working full-time. I’m short (5’2″ on my best day), a busty size 14/16/18, and am complicated by I cannot wear a heel higher than 1″ due to some ankle issues. I need a boost!

  18. Katie says

    I’m a new mom of a great 8 month old, and after years of hating myself, I found out that (through making a freakin’ person) that I’m awesome. I’m eating healthier, but eff my weight, I’m beautiful. I’m in Grand Rapids, MI though… that’s 185 miles. But hey, we’re Beer City USA, so it might be worth the trip!!!

  19. Jessica says

    My name is Jessica and I’m 29 years old. I’m a 29 year old curvy woman….I’m a 29 year old DIVORCED, curvy woman…and it’s depressing.

    I have been dealing with a very difficult divorce. I started dating my high school sweetheart my senior year of high school, and after going to college together, we decided to get married in 2008. I loved him so much and was so blessed to have found someone that loved my curvy body for what it is….an imperfect flab of fair skin attached to a pretty face. I struggled with self image as far back as Jr. High, and I thought every bit of my husband was my refuge from years of pain and torment (both internal and external).

    3 years into my marriage, he began having an affair, and continued to do so for the last 2 years of our marriage. Although I had a feeling that something was off, I never wanted to think my husband was capable of doing anything like that, so I brushed it aside. Just after Thanksgiving, he left. I didn’t find out about the affair until after the fact and needless to say, it’s been devastating not only from an emotional standpoint, but from a self esteem standpoint. Now, I don’t know what to do with myself. I certainly am not ready to date but the thought of it alone scares me half to death.

    However, what I’m trying to do is learn how to love me again. I’m learning how to appreciate who I am as a person and know that he chose to cheat on/leave me and that I (and my body) wasn’t a reason for his departure. I’ve started taking belly dancing classes, moving on to pole and chair dancing classes in an attempt to boost my self esteem (eek! I’m clumsy as &#(& so this should be fun). I want to be happy with ME first and foremost, before I could ever imagine giving my heart to someone else.

    Even if I don’t get picked for this project, I just want to tell you that you and your blog have gotten me through the hardest time in my life. You are BEAUTIFUL, and your confidence is inspiring to me. You are making me, for once, be happy with where I’m at instead of always trying to change. I may continue on diets, but at least I now know that my size of 14/16 doesn’t define me as a “fat girl”. It defines me as ME, and I’m proud of that.

    Thank you so much for you all you do for curvy women out there. I am blessed to have known you, even if I don’t really know you.


    P.S. I also wear glasses. Although I don’t live near Toledo (I live in Dallas, Tx), I’m willing to travel at my own expense. :)


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