The Genie Bra

I buy a lot of As Seen On TV crap. It’s my vice.

Pajama Jeans (surprising), the Magic Bullet (essential), Slushy Magic (so-so), Dream Lites (3 months and my kids are still obsessed)… I like the corny.

Which leads me to…confession: I have to sleep in a bra. It’s more comfortable for me, I’m a 36DDD, and I hate the feeling my boobs are sweaty and stuck to me all night. Sexy visual, yes? Plus it hurts my back less when they are lifted above my pelvis. I saw the Genie Bra on sale at Walmart yesterday for $9.99 and was all, ohhhhh cheap tv bra spirit fingers!

I bought an XL in black. I love it.

I wouldn’t wear this in public, or as a replacement for my big girl underwire bra, so that’s a bit of false advertising right there. However, I also don’t walk around with my back arched like the model, so maybe I’m just doing bra-wearing wrong. This baby is essentially a glorified sports bra. But, sweet hell is it comfy and light, and it gives me two (TWO *cue Sesame Street Count lighting*) boobs. It’s awesome to wake up and not look like you have an ass on your chest. It’s my new sleeping bra rave, I’m buying  more.

Next cheesy gadget rave: boozing with SodaStream. Be excited.


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  1. Kara Nutt says

    I too have to have a sleep bra! LOVE this one. I have black, white, and nude. They are fantastic! I’m a 34G, so I totally get the need to have them up above the bellybutton when you sleep thing.

  2. Amy says

    I get the whole sleeping bra thing. I’m a 36G (no kids yet either) and its nice to have those suckers rained in. I don’t wear one every night (usually I sleep in the nude… newlywed and all), but when someone is staying overnight or I think I may have to wake up in the middle of the night, it totally wear an old sports bra to bed. I may have to pick one of these up!

    Thanks for the review! I saw the commercial and laughed when they said it fits all sizes!

    • Brittany says

      Yeah the commercial is comical, and the only reason I bought it was because it was so cheap at Walmart. For the price, it’s awesome for sleeping and around the house.

    • Brittany says

      Small versions of pillow pets that have lights on their backs and makes designs on the ceiling. They are $29…which enraged me, BUT I swear to you, my kids use them EVERY NIGHT.

  3. Jamie says

    I just found myself going back to look at your pictures to check out your 36DDD boobs. Which brings me to another note, I really need to filter information I tell people – especially on the internet.

    • Brittany says

      HAHAHAH! Sorry, I am an over-sharer, I just think it’s easier to describe things if I blurt my size.

      And note they are not even the cute kind of big boobs, they’re the hangy kind. Lame.

      • says

        I read somewhere that Big boobs are pretty when wearing clothes and little boobs are pretty with no clothes. I would KILL to throw on a tank top and run out but sadly….i would get concrete burns on my nips from the sidewalk. and NO boobs bigger then a c cup stay perkiest after time or nursing some kids (except hollywood and that doesnt count cause they get them lifted and silconed)

        • Amanda says

          I’d even go so far as to say no boobs bigger than a B. Because I’m a B and I have sag. Enough sag that if I’m leaving the car, the bra goes on. (I maintain that in the drive thru, bras are optional.)

          My mom has these bras and LOVES them! She swears by them, she’s bought 5, I think, and she wears them all the time. I don’t think she even uses other sports bras anymore.

    • Brittany says

      Yeah I would go there, because it’s cheap. I wouldn’t pay full price, because infomercial prices are ridiculous. Except now I’m googling boob pillows.

  4. Maya says

    I ordered one over a month ago. One of my boobs looks like it’s popping out. It was horrible! I can’t even sleep in it because when I wake up my left boob makes a special guest appearance

  5. Adria says

    First of all…SOLD. I’m a bra sleeper, and if we’re being honest, I still sleep in my nursing bras because they’re the only non-underwire ones I own. (Disclosure, my kid is 5.) I’ll be buying one of these ASAP based on your review. They should pay you.

    Second of all, in response to your above comment about your boobs being the saggy kind, not the cute kind…last night I was changing bras and my kid saw my boobs and said “Why are they so saggy and floppy and wiggly?” I then had to explain gravity (complete with boob lifting and dropping demonstration) with a straight face and explain why we wear bras. I win at parenting and fail at perky boobs.

    • hdj says

      Did you add in some guilt along the lines of “this is what you did to me when I brought you into this world and nursed you as a baby”?

  6. says

    38DD here and after 4 kids my boobs are like tube socks filled with pudding. So yeah. Bras are an all-the-time necessity. I like the Barely There bra I get at Target, but it has racerrback which I HATE. So imma have to check out the Genie Bra.

    • Brittany says

      Yes, I HATE HATE HATE razor back, so I like that this one has comfy shoulder straps that look ok under tank tops and not putting all the weight in the middle of my back .

  7. Anjie B. says

    I haven’t been able to find a decent sleep bra since I was pregnant with my oldest (he’s 9).
    Thanks for the review! Next time I head to the Walmarts, I’m getting one to lift the girls while I sleep.

  8. LinzJupiter says

    My assets are 36A, which means I need a bra roughly NEVER, not even running full speed on a treadmill, in a hurricane, but I am extremely happy for you gals.

    Keep calm and BRA ON.

    • chrystal says

      This is me. No real bra needs. I wear one during the day, for work purposes (hello, nips that always stay hard thanks to nursing two babies), but thankfully don’t need one to sleep in. or as you say, running full speed….

  9. lovelyshall says

    I stocked up on them in my last trimester (I have no idea what size I am, 36E before this last pregnancy, can’t even put them in regular bras right now) but they are perfect when nursing! The only thing is that I threw them in the regular wash – BIG mistake! – they came out and the elastics were coming out all frayed and now they don’t offer the greatest support. I wear two at once and it’s still kinda sucky :(

    • Nelly L says

      I always wash mine in the washer. However, I use the delicate cold cycle. I put them in the dry too on low. I even throw my jeans and tshirts in there. Ive had no issues.

  10. erica says

    I am so buying one. I would hate to sleep in it but I need something comfortable to wear around the house. I change my clothes as soon as I get home and I can’t go no bra for fear of stepping on them or burning one while cooking dinner but my 36DDD’s are so OVER underwires by the time I get home. Isn’t it lovely how all regular sports bras come with teeny tiny little straps that dig into your neck and cut off your arm circulation whilst shoving both of your breasts so far up your chest your almost suffocate yourself folding towels…no just me? Whatever.

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