So You Read Fifty Shades of Grey, Now What!?

So you read Fifty Shades of Grey. You had lots of sex…with yourself and maybe others. And now you have no idea what the hell to do with yourself.

You are in luck, because I’m no quitter, and once I plowed through the Fifty trilogy, I plowed through some more, and have some really porntastic recommendations to keep you all hot and bothered and feeling awkward in public reading situations.

Rock Me, Cherrie Lynn
This was my first post-Fifty book, and ladies, it did not disappoint. Sure, the author’s name is a stripper name, but who cares. If I wrote about throbbing wieners all day, I’d make up a cracked-out name, too.
Pros: This book does sex way better than Fifty Shades, way hotter and way better described. Plus, the girl is way less annoying.
Cons: You’re about to spend an hour googling genital piercings.

Unleashed, Cherrie Lynn
Rock Me was so good, I decided to give another Cherrie Lynn novel a go, and yeah…equally as hot.
Pros: It took me two chapters to realize the characters in this book were related to the characters in Rock Me, which was awesome. Also, the female lead in this book? Awesome. At Last.
Cons: It was far too short.

Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel, Sylvia Day
Ok, here’s the thing. I just read this book after my friend Angie telling me how awesome and similar to Fifty Shades it was. This book wasn’t similar to Fifty, it was better. It was the way Fifty Shades should have been written. You know, well and with a general comprehension of grammar and sentence structure.
Pros: Too many to list, but this story line is extremely similar to Fifty Shades, without the Twilight subtext. The characters are better, the descriptions are better, the vagina words are better.
Cons: What Angie didn’t tell me was, this book was book one of a series. A series that is NOT RELEASED YET, DAMMIT. I am now left with blue balls until book two drops later this year.

The Marriage Bargain, Jennifer Probst
I’m actually not done with this book yet. I bought it out of delayed airline desperation. I needed something to keep busy with while facing a 4-5 hour delay yesterday, so I got this because it was cheap and seemed somewhat interesting. I hated the first chapter, and if I wasn’t reading it through Kindle, I would have thrown it across the airport. But then….yeah, I’m 172 pages in and totally hooked.
Pros: This book seems to have a different take on sex book characters. No more virgin girl meets domineering rich guy thing. I mean, I’m not saying the plot is reinventing the wheel here, but it’s a nice break form the norm.
Cons: The first chapter.  Good God it was irritating. But once you get through it, and agree to accept this whole thing is even plausible, it gets better.


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  1. fawn says

    I read the 50 shades trilogy, loved it, im not a reader but after those books I had to read more books. Just read Bared to you, now im super upset I have to wait till October to read the next. from my understanding they are coming out with Christian Grey books from his head. how amazingly dirty that could be and sad since he thinks so poorly of himself. I need more books to read…

    • ~C~ says

      I just finished the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, after reading 50 Shades Trilogy this summer! It seems E.L James must have read about Beauty as well, but didn’t pick up on Anne Rice’s eloquent way of writing. Just as I burned through the 50 series, Beauty’s story was continually intriguing and at times leaving me surprised! This is a much “darker” read then 50 however, so if youre not of the open mind…you may have difficulty enjoying the adult fairytale. Personally, I LOVED the series…and I ask myself, now what?! I’m thinking of Bared to You…
      Certainly welcoming of other suggestions!

  2. Andrea says

    Hi… Great book suggestions… I have read fifty shades trilogy then went on to read rock me, unleashed, bared to you, the marriage bargain I have also read rock hard, backstage pass, Romeo for hire.. I’m now at a loss what to read next.. Do you have any other great suggestions?

  3. Andrea says

    Ohhhhhh I’m soooo disappointed.. I loved the sound of the 2 redhead books.. I buy my ebooks from kobo so I can read them on my iPad and they arnt on there :(

    • Sarah says

      You can read both on your ipad wih the free kindle download. I just read both yesterday and today. Hope that helps

  4. Andrea says

    Just finished reading beautiful disaster couldn’t put it down was a great read but then at he read was told the follow on walking disaster isn’t released UNTILL march 2013 way too long to wait.. Anymore books along these lines to recommend? I’m sooo bored

  5. Andrea says

    Just reread my message and noticed how it made no sense lol… Should of said… Just finished reading beautiful disaster couldn’t put it down was a great read but then at the end was told the follow on walking disaster isn’t released UNTILL march 2013 way too long to wait.. Anymore books along these lines to recommend? I’m sooo bored

  6. Erin says

    I started with the 50 Shades Trilogy, wow! Then I was on the hunt for another great book. Found this blog and read the recommended Sylvia Day Bared to You. It was good. Had to read more, so read Cherrie Lynn’s Rock Me! This was by far my favorite, or so I thought. Read her next book Unleashed and loved it, but found the next in the series does not come out for away. So on to the next reccommendation, Olivia Cunning Backstage Pass. Now, that was HOT! Finally, just finished Rock Hard! LOVE IT! Hate to wait for the next in line in the Sinners Tour series!!! What now ladies?

  7. fawn says

    I just read beautiful disaster. wow what an amazing book. try that or thoughtless an effortless. and also love unscripted. those are great while waiting for the next bared to you book comes out.

  8. D San says

    Read Bared to You and loved it. Then Wicked Burn, that was pretty good. But by far my favorite books post 50 were Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture. Much lighter on sexually explicit detail, but the heat is still so there. I missed the sex details at first, but the story is sooo addicting. The fact that a man wrote the book is even more intriguing. Gabriel is my favorite male character so far.

  9. Carrie says

    I also read Bared to You after the Fifty trilogy and really liked it. Another book I found even more intriguing is The Billionaire’s Desire by Ashley Blake. The sex scenes are steamy but not graphic, and the interaction between the main characters Joshua and Sarah is so captivating. Waiting for the last book to be released! Also on my list of must reads? Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture!

  10. Michele says

    I also loved 50 shades, Bared to You, Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture. Just finished Bella Andre’s Sullivan Series. I really liked them. Can’t wait for book 6 to come out. Not as good as the previously mentioned but still entertaining and pretty hot! Going to try some of these other suggestions next. Thanks!

  11. says

    You have no idea how happy I am to have found this blog!! You have given me hours of awesome stuff to read & new titles to ‘find’.. Thanking you all!!

  12. marie says

    Fire after dark ( soon to e another trilogy) 90 days of genaveve…vared to you(trilogy) …. 80 days yellow (trilogy) .. That should keep u going lol..all great reads

  13. Mars says

    In my post-fifty anxiety on reading erotic novels, I went with “Bared to You”, and finished it in 3 days. Then I went for “Seducing Cinderella”, and loves it too. It is different from the others, since it is narrated by a third person. Fully recommended :)

  14. Amy says

    I read 50 shades in a week, once I finished I wanted more so I read Bared to You. I read it in 2 days. Trying to figure out what to read next. I liked how Bared didn’t take so long to get to detail and they are stringing what happened in each of their past out further than the first few chapters. I am looking forward to the next book of the series of Bared to you.

  15. Kelly says

    I really enjoyed 50 Shades, but there is another book out that I have read all 3 in the series it is called..First Grave on the Right…there are 4 in this series. It is not as intense as 50, but still HOT in spot. Hope this helps!

  16. Cassy says

    Hey, so I am trying to find to title is a book I read a year or so ago. I don’t know the title, but any help any of you can give would be great!!! It’s about a red haired woman that goes to an island that is for a man to fine a “partner”. She goes, not because she needs the money but because she wants to do something wild. When she goes there a man there that she knows and he has to preform for the chance to be with her- I think is name is Jack, Jake? Any help you can give would be great!!!

  17. Kendra says

    Shayla Black- wicked lovers series

    Maya Banks- Sweet Series

    Also loved Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s rapture.

    Oh and Cherise Sinclairs- Club shadowlands Series

    Happy reading!

    • Sunni says

      LOVED Club Shadowlands! I’m still looking for another series like that! I also read her Master of the Mountain and Master of the Abyss.

  18. nicole says

    OMG….i am now a “like 50 shades” addict….LOVED bared to you AND reflected in you by sylvia day. But u guys MUST READ naked by raine miller AMAZING…. but i must tell u the 2nd didnt drop yet and not until end of oct/ nov ish… that i’ve read all the similar to 50 books i’m at a complete loss….any suggestions HELP!!

  19. Nala says

    Gabriels Inferno and Gabriels Rapture also part of a series book 3 to drop later this year is also excellent. Similar to Bared to you more than 50. I will warn you although this book is VERY VERY GOOD it does have some parts that drag but if you can get past that it’s worth the read!

  20. AMY says

    Just finished Panic Snap and Topping from Below. Puts 50 shades to shame as far as domination. Has disturbing parts but the suspense is great. You can’t be easliy offended if you read these two books!

  21. Rachel says

    Wow I have also fallen into a groove of looking for similar type books and have gone through heaps in the last few months. Stand out for me were:

    Bared to you and Reflected in You. – Fifty Shades of Grey but much better!
    Thoughtless and Effortless – Amazing emotional ride, I actually felt a little lost once finished reading, and cannot wait for the third book Reckless out next year!!!
    Backstage Pass and Rock Hard – O my god great sex scenes and very hot. This is a series of five books with 3 more due to come our in the future.
    Beautiful Disaster – Love the storyline
    The dream man series (Mystery Man, Wild Man, Law Man, Motorcyle Man) – Great hot series with the stereotypical dominant, possessive males)

  22. Nicole says

    I have to definitely agree with Bared to You and Reflected By You. Some of my faves. I have been scouring the erotica section if you can believe it and I discovered a few good books there. Killing Time by Elle Chardou (guy is super hot and chick is really cool too…maybe not as super gorgeous as Ana but there is a great plot and steamy sex…girls, my Kindle is still smokin’). I also enjoyed Knight by Kristen Ashley, and am in the middle of reading Creed by Kristen Ashley.

    I have also read Naked by Raine Miller, On Dublin Street by Samantha Young and Blindfolded Innocence but my faves by far after 50 Shades, Bared to You and If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones have definitely been Killing Time and Knight!

  23. nicole says

    Yes the Gabriel’s series were def HOT with a good story!!Dirty by Megan Hart was also really good…as was Insufferable Proximity, Easy, Losing It and Down for the Count were all amazing also. Some of them not sooo steamy in the erotica dept but great reads none the less! I swear b&n should be paying me to review these books!!
    Thanks for the new titles Nicole, cant wait to look into them!

  24. nicole says

    Ok Nicole….just finished Knight…DAMN is really all i can say! Lol my husband may hunt u down because its the only thing i did today….no joke….i just couldnt stop. I just couldnt do 5 stars on it though. I couldnt get over the caveman/ghetto barbarian way he talked, half sentances no badass club owner/pimp would talk like a moron. BUT it was A totally HOT READ!!

  25. Sandy Rae says

    I just read the most amazing book in a while, its brand new, it’s called ‘I am HER…’ by Sarah Ann Walker. The book was so good, I read the whole thing yesterday and all night through. I strongly recommend it to anyone. Its totally sexy, but really, really dark in parts. I was even a little uncomfortable, but the ending shocked me totally. I can’t find anything else on this author, but her book was AWESOME!! I strongly suggest it to anyone who likes steamy, and funny, but with a really intense story line!! Oh, and its written really well!

  26. Rachel says

    I have done yet more reading since posting last time on here. So here is my latest list:

    Shadow Series:
    Seeing Shadows,
    Chasing Shadows
    Falls in the paranormal/romance. Thinking outside the box kinda thing. Loved it. Waiting for the next book. Not too sure when its out

    Avoiding Series:
    Avoiding commitment
    Avoiding responsibility
    OMG talk about frustrating!!! If you like getting your heart and emotions tossed about then this is for you. It does have a nice twist at the end of the second book that kinda makes it all worth it though!!

    Assassins Series:
    Taking Shots
    Trying to Score
    Empty Net
    This definetely has the gorgeous, over possessive alpha male stuff going on. I absolutely LOVE them!!

    Lexi Baby
    This is a sweet story. I thought it was a little too short however. Next book out in the future.

    Mitchell Family Series
    Letting Go
    Folding Hearts
    Raging Love
    Risking Fate
    These are also a really nice series where the story intertwines within the 4 books.

    On Dublin Street
    This is also an OMG book! And loved it!! Gorgeous possessive alpha male, succesfull business man!! VERY HOT!

  27. Jess says

    After reading everything talked about above..

    Fifty shades I read when it was a fan fiction.. so long ago.. I just LOVE the series.. I think its made hundreds of people who wouldn’t usually do so, pick up a book!

    Bared to you was also amazing.. and waiting for the third book is just so frustrating.. READ THESE!

    Beautiful Disaster- A little bit more designed for a ‘young’ reader I felt (or someone who wants to feel 10 years younger reading it), but still full of those moments.. Worth a Read!

    The Marriage Bargain- I agree with what someone else said, I started reading it and thought what the hell is this.. but after a chapter i was glued.. such a great book! A good balance of love and lust :) READ THIS!

    A sticky situation- A short story.. but was worth a read :) Some fun and exciting moments!

    I read a few others similar, then I started struggling to find books that I could stick to, I have so many unfinished that I’ll probably only get round to reading them when I’m at the end of a holiday and I’ve read everything else I have!
    So anyway, I decided to go for a total palate cleanser.. and I read Me Before You.. and WOW what a book!! Read this! You’ve got to have one cold heart to feel nothing, and everyone I’ve suggested this to have LOVED it, everyone admittedly shedding a tear or 2!!
    Then I went for The Midwifes confession, which turned out to be one tear jerker, and my god you ‘think’ you know whats going on all the while.. not till the last page! SO WELL WRITTEN! Amazing!

    But, if anyone has time to sit at a laptop or has an ipad I’m going to suggest they get straight onto and read Fridays At Noon.. written by troublefollows1017

    It uses the names of the characters from Twilight, which if you loved that you will love this.. But even if you didn’t love, do not be put off! I promise you, it is so so so worth it!!
    I have cried and laughed at this book!! It is honest, SEXY and just amazing.. I cant even tell you.. the author is just amazing!! This book should be published! We are being spoilt reading this for nothing!
    And then when I decided to read it again, it’d been updated and there was a sequel, which is such a treat, so look out for that!! (Once upon a Saturday)
    If anyone does read this, I’d LOVE to know what they think!!

    Now I’m going to try and find one of the above suggestions that I havent read yet..

    Happy Reading!! x

  28. Lonnie says

    Here are my favs to cure the post 50/Bared to You blues!:

    Undeniable (Sheehan) – If you like a hot alpha biker
    First Thing I See (Keeland) – If you like hot alpa wealthy businessmen with romance and erotica
    Hopeless – (Hoover) – If you like a good romance, without the erotica
    This Man (Malpas) – If you like good erotica without a strong story

    Happy Reading!

  29. Liz Adams says

    I just released an erotic version of Goldilocks. It’s ~free~ until 5/12/2013

    Not sure if it’s exactly like Fifty Shades of Grey, but my bestselling erotic version of Goldilocks is a fun modern fairy tale where Goldie is a thief. It’s called Goldie’s Locks and the Three Men. Her locks and her men, she sure knows how to pick ’em.

    ~Liz Adams

  30. Jillian says

    I haven’t ever been a reader and after hearing so much of the 50 shades I decided to give it a go. And loved it, I read them twice, now where do I turn? So I wrote down all the books u mention and cant wait to get started. Thank u!!

  31. Keiana says

    Ok..I’ve read 50 shades of Grey, Gabriel’s Inferno, and Gabriel’s Rapture. I need something that’s along the lines of these books. I’ve read 50 shades the trilogy four times (I know I’m obsessed). Help I need another great book on the lines of the ones listed above.


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