When I posted this photo on Instagram, I got one of two comments.

A. I love them!

B. What the hell do you wear with that?

Good question, because while cute on the hanger… what the hell do you wear with sweater leggings? And why am I voluntarily stretching pattern across my thighs? Does Target pump roofie through their vents that alters my normally rational decision making and budgeting skills?

Thankfully, these pants lend themselves to my largely daytime hobo attire. In short, I layer things on top of them and then go out in public.

Sweater Leggings

Taken by Andy as we were finding a spot for my Thanksgiving post TOMORROW! YAY!

On a scale between 1 and Zubaz… how badly will I regret wearing these pants in 5-10 years?

You know what, save it, I don’t care. They are the softest, most comfortable pants I own. And I am wearing them.

Denim Shirt, size 1X, Target
Gray Cardigan, size XL, White House Black Market
Fair Isle Leggings, size XL, Target
Black Leather Boots, Type Z Wide Calf



If these girls could just come sit behind me while I get ready each morning, that’d be amazing.

Just crowd in, yall. There’s plenty of room to stand in the tub.


So, one of the final pieces from my epic hernia thrift furniture haul was a beat up old dresser I found for $30.

Entry Dresser Before

I picked it up to potentially go in our laundry room as a catch-all for storage, but I fell in love with it’s original hardware, and decided it was far to pretty to hide in the land of lint and hang drying  jeans.

I wasn’t entirely sure what direction to go on this one, but thankfully my mom stepped in, and we hunted down the perfect burnt orange, and used stain to give it some wear, similar to a dresser I rehabbed last year.

Entry Dresser After

Long story short, I’m in love.



Be Kind Shirts

I am so incredibly honored and flattered and quite honestly, a little bit teary, to have been approached by the society-changing folks at to help inspire and launch the Be Kind to Yourself campaign.

Every cent from the sale of this shirt goes to The Representation Project, which works to combat gender stereotypes and and inspire social change with media and punch-to-the-gut films like Miss Representation, that debuted to millions on OWN.

Their goal is to sell at least 24 shirts in 14 days, and I’d love to help them reach it, also, HI THIS SHIRT IS SO CUTE WHO DESIGNED IT THEY SHOULD BE A PROFESSIONAL RIGHT!?

1. Click here to buy your very own Be Kind to Yourself shirt.

2. Send me a selfie of you wearing it so I can feature you on my site, it’s a mother fucking movement, y’all!

3. We all be kind to ourselves, over and over again.

GOOD NEWS! You can still get your very own Be Kind to Yourself Tee right here:


Christmas Vacation

As I mentioned on Facebook, I’m in full-on holiday cheer mode.

I know what the date is, but it’s cold and I’m wearing a sweater and sparkly lights are pretty. Some years I need the Christmas spirit more than others, and this year, it’s flowing through me like holiday meth. And I love it.

Last January, we finally parted ways with our fake tree. It was a vintage set-up I inherited from my grandmother that smelled just like her house on Christmas. I cried packing it away one last time, but the final heap of plastic needles on my floor was too much. If I’m going to vacuum up foliage every evening, it might as well smell authentic.

This year we’re making the jump to real. In my entire life, I’ve never had a real tree. In my head it’s going to be glorious, but I suck at caring for things, especially holiday lore. According to the four mushy pumpkins decomposing on my front porch, whatever pumpkins.

So now this is the part where you real-tree veterans give me your tips. When do I buy it? How much do they cost? What flavor should I buy? How do I make it not die? Will there be squirrels in it? Give me your tips!