SPOILER: September POPSUGAR Box Reveal!

September POPSUGAR

SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER This post contains SPOILERS for the September POPSUGAR Box. Do not read if you want to be surprised. Last month, I felt like the box was missing something. I didn’t know what, it just felt… whatevs. When the box came yesterday, I didn’t even open it right away. In fact, I forgot […]

Outift of the Day: The Mexican Dress

Mexico Dresses4

While in Mexico, I fell in love with the gorgeous hand embroidered dresses the Mayan women were selling in their shops. I annoyed all my friends as I ducked into every roadside store digging through piles and piles of fabric, trying to find the perfect dress, my obsession being the sole thing between them and […]

Fifty Shades of Castpocalypse

Fifty Shades of Grey Casting 1

So while I was in Mexico, the first two major Fifty Shades of Grey casting picks were released. As you may remember, I played my own version of Fifty Shades Fantasy Football over a year ago. So far, I am 0-2. Which only affirms, not that I am really bad at guessing things, but that […]

We Can’t Stop

Not gonna lie, I fucking love this song. No amount of tongues or flesh outfits or creepy teddy bears ruin it for me. I sing it, balls out, every time it comes on. And now, I feel a little less icky about it, because yeah… brilliant.

Four Days of Slack

photo (4)

Andy and I took 4 days to slack off. I didn’t make any important decisions, I ordered out every meal except for the giant punch bowls of cereal we ate at 11pm, I left the house in jeggings and giant Big Lebowski sweaters and unkept hair, I ignored school supply lists and physical forms, and […]