Glasses Party

I’m home alone probably only for one day*nervously checks weather* so I’m having a glasses dance party with the Scissor Sisters and a box of Rivet & Sway try-on glasses. No brainer.

Glasses are from a free try-on box from my spec addiction, Rivet & Sway.
Styles: Pantsuit, Snapshot, Ms. G, Disco Diva, Director’s Cut


I don’t know about you, but I hate to have things all up on my neck. On top of that, I have a large chest, so high necklines- on top of choking me- are really unflattering.

Plus I like my sweatshirts with cleavage. I’ll own that.

So, I have come up with a solution to the dreaded high neck hoodie, a really easy DIY v-neck that leaves your shirts looking worn and vintage, your jugular free from danger, and your boobs free from sweat.

diy hoodie1

1. Lay your hoodie on a clean flat surface. I happen to love the 2X and 3X Men’s hoodies from Target and Walmart. They are soft, cheap, warm, and lovely to hide in.

diy hoodie2

diy hoodie3

2. Find the center of the neckline, and with a pair of good scissors, cut a 2 inch line straight down.

diy hoodie5

3. To make the shirt look more worn, I do the rest of the work with my hands. Put the hoodie on, face a mirror, and rip the shirt open to your desired V-neck length. Go slow, don’t Michael Jackson this shit, take your time.

diy hoodie9

4.  Keep the strings and hood intact. Pair with some skinny jeans, a cute cami and some boots, and it’s a great casual outfit that lets your boobies breathe and adds a girly touch to all those annoying hoodies piled up in your closet.


It’s funny because it’s me.. I mean, because it’s true.

Click here if you are trouble viewing the video above. 

If I invented a beer, I’d call it Do I look Pregnant? The question mark is part of the beer name  because it’s 10% alcohol content and it makes your pee blue if you got pregnant while drinking it.

This would have been helpful to me, as I feel like I found out I was pregnant all three times after an episode of Vegas-style debauchery, leaving me scrambling to Google to verify just how soon a fetus shares my bloodstream.


Four days. Be excited.


For a few winter seasons, I’ve been loving the long winter coat from afar. It looked so pretty, but so did my grandmother when she wore it. So, I put it in the pile of trends that would never come to be for me; harem pants, peplum tops, gladiator sandals…

But you know what? After 30 years in Ohio, a girl gets tired of her ass freezing off. Time to put this trend in the OMG I LOVE IT column.

Winter Coat

Long Tie Waist Parka, size XXL, Old Navy
Navy Fair Isle Knit Hat (Mens), American Eagle
Plaid Fur Lined Boots, Target