Be Kind to Yourself

Be Kind Shirts

I am so incredibly honored and flattered and quite honestly, a little bit teary, to have been approached by the society-changing folks at to help inspire and launch the Be Kind to Yourself campaign. Every cent from the sale of this shirt goes to The Representation Project, which works to combat gender stereotypes and and inspire […]

It’s Alive! Tree Experts Needed.

Christmas Vacation

As I mentioned on Facebook, I’m in full-on holiday cheer mode. I know what the date is, but it’s cold and I’m wearing a sweater and sparkly lights are pretty. Some years I need the Christmas spirit more than others, and this year, it’s flowing through me like holiday meth. And I love it. Last […]

SPOILER: October POPSUGAR Box Reveal!


SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER This post contains SPOILERS for the October POPSUGAR Box. Do not read if you want to be surprised. My favorite POPSUGAR boxes are the ones that come when I totally forgot I even get these things, and then it’s like WHEEEE SECRET SANTA! So, a lot of people ask why I do […]

I love you, Seattle.

I don’t want this to get weird, Seattle. But I wanna get up on you. Like, clothes on, full on junior high privates on privates rubbing. I didn’t expect this to happen, in fact I arrived pretty cranky after flying across the country next to a screaming baby. But from the second I stepped into […]

Halloween Bar…. Set?

Halloween Craft

Um, so about last Halloween? Check out my dope pumpkin skills. Check out the shit I made for my kid. Check out our bad ass couples costume. Check out my home decor.  WHAT THE FUCK WAS WRONG WITH ME LAST YEAR? I am this motivated about non-food… never. So now that I went ahead and […]