Oh Mamrie, this is why we’re friends.

Robert Pattinson’s a single lady, drink up! Happy Friday, y’all!

“Kristen and I actually have a lot in common; she starred in The Panic Room when she was 8, and The Panic Room is the name of my vagina…both prominently featured Jodi Foster.”

SPIRIT FINGERS. Best comedic line of the day.

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  1. carlyn says

    She kills me. I watched her videos awhile ago, and damn near peed. I was also 9 months pregnant, so that didn’t help things.

  2. stephanie says

    So, I love that this is called “thats some bullshit” because that is the tem I use regularly when speaking “cursive” when drinking with my friends..Stealing and sharing this.

  3. LouisianaMeredith says

    This is why I adore going through your archives….despite thinking I’ve read every single thing as soon as you post them, I apparently miss some awesome bullshit! 😉

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