Like a boss.

Take your iPad in the bathroom… like a boss.

Pretend to like European soccer… like a boss.

Coach T-Ball… like a boss.

Eat a Fiber One Bar… like a boss.

Call the kids the wrong names, get flustered, then make up one long word that sounds like all the names mushed together and call everyone that… like a boss.

Drink from the carton even though he’s sick and I asked him not to because I get yeast infections when I take antibiotics… like a boss.

Do dad stuff… like a boss.

I mentioned loving these cool squirrel grabbing at your nuts sweats a few weeks ago, and the rad ass people at CrotchGear sent me a pair.
Andy then stole them and wears them almost everywhere, including¬† Target and to my mom’s house for Sunday Dinner.
I’ve never been so proud.

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  1. says

    Love the sweats! Some people are so creative!

    I read something the other day that said, “I have bigger balls than you… so big I have to keep them on my chest to prevent chaffing.” I was thinking it would be a great t-shirt idea!

  2. Melissa says

    The way Gigi is holding on to Andy in this photo makes me think of your tat(gravity) and the meaning behind it. In this photo, it is Gigi (representing you and the children) who is “gravity” for Andy. Made me teary. :)

  3. says

    Totally wish I would have saw those sweats in time for Father’s Day. Love them! They are definitely going on the Christmas list.

  4. Joanne Briefs says

    thank you for posting where to buy those sweatpants. i HAVE to get a pair for all male relatives :) Your column is fabulous.

  5. says

    My husband wears his freaking plaid flannel jammies to work EVERY SINGLE DAY! Drives me bananas. Then he’ll come home, shower and put on clean plaid flannel and go out and run errands in them.


  6. says

    Damn You! Because now I’m gonna need to buy Hubby some crotch gear pants. You know, for work. He already owns a t-shirt that has a squirrel guarding his food saying, “Protect your nuts.”

  7. Carina P says

    BTW: I ordered these for my hubby thanks to you! I also happen to be the company’s first San Francisco customer so they totally owed you a pair for extending their client base –BRAVO!

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