Lazy Sunday: September 30th

PicMonkey has their new Monster Maker app up online. Having made this discovery, my children have been asking us non-stop to make them “spooky,” “monstery” and “gross” looking.

So, that’s largely been how Andy and I have been forced to spend the last 3 days. We couldn’t be prouder, Halloween is our favorite holiday, and it’s mostly because it’s sweater weather and the kids haven’t figured out they don’t actually have to give us half of their candy as payment for the gas it took to drive them from our rural existence to a populated neighborhood to trick or treat.

Oh also, we saw Hotel Transylvania this weekend, it was hilarious and super good. If you have kids or get off on Adam Sandler movies (like myself), I highly recommend it.

Let’s look back on this week:

Here’s some cool shit I saw on the internet:

Huffington Post picked up my Bullied post. It was a post I hated to write, but it felt theraputic and if it helps people be more keenly aware, worth it.

Thanks to Daisy for showing me the Disney Ladies committing various forms of debauchery tumblr.

So I Married a Craft Blogger… a hilarious blog penned by the husband of a successful craft blogger, that answer the question, WHAT THE GLUE GUN!?

What happens when Google uses Replacement refs.

This comes thanks to my cousin Mike. Politics aside, high comedic value and NSFW.

Here’s a shout out to my friend Chelsea, who took AMAZING pictures of naked girls in the wilderness. It makes me want to climb a tree. Nude. So she can take pictures of me.

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  1. Sar says

    My friends have been asking me to make them into monsters, too! I did up my best friend without letting her know, and when I sent her the picture she called me mean because it was scary. When I asked her how it could be scary because it was HER, she said that made it scarier.

    PicMonkey; when you think you’re ready to go to sleep, they remind you that you’ve got at least three hours computer time left in you.

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