Lazy Sunday: Palm Springs The Morning After

Bro-mance alert!

Andy with his boys, Matt (Mr. Mary Lauren) and James (Mr. Amber).

Let’s do some word association. Palm Springs…


Basically all those things. I have the best stories to tell you next week, until then, Advil, bacon and Breaking Dawn part 2!

This Week:

Cool shit I saw online:

Oh look. it’s the tattoo Andy will hate me for getting someday.

This will be Andy. Tomorrow.

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  1. k says

    OK..I read a lot..have the whole HP series and the Twilight series (which my girls seemed “SO not interesting”to me…SO my big admission is this..I have read neither books not seen either movies! Which series to start with? I am serious here..Ihave the books…it’s gonna be a LAZY Turkey weekend…which one?


    • Ron Morse says

      HP all the way! I fought the craze for years thinking the HP thing was stupid. When I finally gave in I was hooked! I devoured all 7 books sooooo fast! Since then I’ve obtained all 7 as audio books. I’ve listened to them so many times and and I never get tired of them! Plus they really help pass the time while doing house work and/or yard work. I catch things I missed on previous trips through all the time. J.K. Rowling is a genius!

      • Mary says

        Harry Potter! They are such great books. My boys both started reading them when they were about 7-ish. I read the first one for Book Club and couldn’t stop. They are so well written. I love the movies, too. You would get bored with Twilight, it’s the same shiz over and over. HP takes you on a huge journey that you will get attached to. You will want that awesome tat as much as I do.

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