Lazy Sunday: October 16th


Ok so here is the deal.

I went last night wanting to hate it, eat popcorn, and spend the night mocking it on Twitter.

None of that happened.

Ok the popcorn happened…in a large, buttery way.

But, the thing is…I fucking loved it, man.


But it was amazing, I swear to God.

The story was tight, the actors were perfect, and the way they replicated so many moments of the original movie, I would say…possibly…this is one of the greatest remakes I have ever seen, BORDERING (OMG I might still be tipsy) on being better than the original.

There, I said it.  It was better.

In fact me and the girls broke out in song in on more than one occasion, and I may have danced across the front of the theater on my way back in from the bathroom.

Ahem. So, there’s that.

In other news, this week I told you about the Bridal Shower from hell I was ejected from, and why Jude is a player. I also reviewed every item I have ever possibly stolen, and spoiler alert, 50% of them suck.

I also LOVED this article on CGG about 10 things they don’t tell you when you have a baby, and the comments are just as good. Always wanted to know what labor was really like?  You are welcome.

And now for cool stuff I saw on the internet this week:

Seriously, the germaphobe in me just died. POOP IN MY WASHING MACHINE!?

I’m about to weigh 300lbs.

This December, I’m not plucking my eyebrows….for cancer.  Maybe if instead of Occupy Wall Street, we all just stop shaving and waxing our bikini areas, surely that will piss the men folk off?

I just ordered this shirt for Andy, I always thought he looked like Cameron in High School. Now he looks like Adam Sandler.  Which is why I will probably see Jack & Jill, and then spend the night hating myself.

 Check out the latest episode of Brittany & Meredith Live, they tried to convince me everyone has hair in the butt. I looked. I don’t.

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    • Brittany says

      I know, I know, but it’s better, I PROMISE.

      You think at first you won’t like it, but the second new Ren talks? Yeah…..YEAH. Better.

  1. says

    I though the original Footloose was redonkulously corny, so I am interested in how this one plays out.

    Thanks for taking one for the team. :)

  2. says

    One of my best friends choreographed the movie (Jamal Sims), so I really am happy to read this. I’m going to see it this week and I can’t wait!!

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