Lazy Sunday: November 11th

A family that Potters together… is just generally awesomer than families who don’t.

It’s been a weird week. The weather is all over, keeping us all generally full of mucus and resentment, so I’ve been in the mood for nothing save for watching cheesy movies and putting away Halloween decorations.

On the agenda for today, watching Footloose (the new one), and buying a new Christmas tree because mine, which I inherited from my grandmother, has finally collapsed into a lead-based pile of faux pine needles on the floor.

Is it too early to be decorating for Christmas? I don’t know, is it ever too early to celebrate the birth of Christ? Also, it’s kinda a slow week for me, and I already got all the shit down from the attic.

This week:

Cool shit I saw on the internet:

The SCAR Project. No words. Check it out. (NSFW)

As a newly crowned false lashes groupie, I’m super excited for this tutorial on how to achieve the look with actually using false lashes and gluing my finger to my asshole again. Check it out here. (Thanks Marisa!)

I’ve shared Olan Roger’s before, and the guy’s weird and he makes me laugh. Plus I think cats who throw candy canes are awesome.

If you live near Pal Springs, California and want to go see Breaking Dawn 2 with me, a smut author and an actress, YOU ARE IN LUCK! I’m seeing breaking Dawn 2 at 4pm on November 18th at the Century @ The River and XD, and then heading out for drinks and debauchery, and we’d LOVE see your face! Come hang with us! Get your movie ticket here!

Thank you, to all the veterans, on this day and every day.

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  1. Johanna says

    I would love to see Breaking Dawn with you, but I don’t live anywhere near California. I will be seeing it the morning of the 18th. Can’t wait!

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