Lazy Sunday: March 13th.

DSC07474This is how we roll.

Weeks are long.  Wine is bottomless.  Sunday’s are dirty.  Let’s relive it together.

Jude helped me out with this week’s High Chair Critic Post.

I rocked it out twice on the Curvy Girl Guide, first when I pretended to be a doctor, because I feel like medical degrees are contagious.  Like VD.  And then, I got into the great tv fat girl debate when I tackle the enigma that is Lauren Zizes.

Speaking of CGG, if you haven’t already heard, lock up yo teenagers, yo husband and yo underage foreign exchange students, because kids are getting drunk through their vaginas and anuses.  For real.

Do you adore Patty Griffin?  You should. When I’m in the car, singing my heart out, pretending I am on stage in a dodgy bar that only serves beer and whiskey, it’s to her.  One of my favorites.

I turn 30 in 46 days.

From the vault…I realize I have no friends left, so I hire new ones.  Take that, JennaLynn, I was only friends with you because my mom made me, and I want my Dishwalla CD back.

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  1. says

    Lazy Sunday’s are the best. They’re for getting over hangovers, eating cake for breakfast just because and not thinking about anything but just hanging with your kids watching YouTube videos and singing loudly.
    Love the pic, by the way.

  2. AJ says

    So first my confession. I have a super crazy, crazy memory about birthdays. Tell me once, and I remember it. I’m like a savant:) But it only works with remembering people’s birthdays. And the fact that I remember my coworkers dad’s birthday is not at all helpful in real life.

    But I thought your birthday was April 28th? Isn’t that more than 15 days away?

  3. Amy says

    I have been in my 30s for all of 10 months now. I have to say I love it a lot more then I did my 20s. Despite the lack of sleep because THE BABY NEVER FRIGGIN SLEEPS! But I am still enjoying my 30s so far. Yeeeeeeaaaaaah! *throws sparkley dust*

  4. DM's Mommy says

    So, I have to say, 30 is like the new 20. Mainly b/c I literally just turned 32 and have been telling folks I’m 21 again so…:) Next, eww! I seriously learn a lot of stuff that I then Google and either get really intrigued or really grossed out by. I still do it and still come back though:) I’m not sure what that says about me but I’m okay with it. Ha-ha! Thanks for making what is shaping up to be a completely stressed out 2-weeks (yeah, I’m projecting out that far) a little funnier. Now, off to work and to get a McD’s Sweet Tea before I get there:) Bye!

  5. Heidi says

    I turned 30 in August, I was pregnant so I couldn’t drink. Look out 31.. I will be 3 bottles of wine in, bawling in the corner chanting “I swear I feel like I’m 15.. how am I married with kids?!?”

  6. Sara says

    Glad to know someone else appreciates the rightness of singing Patty Griffin at the top of the lungs whilst in the car.

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