Lazy Sunday: June 3rd

We only watch The Wizard of Oz wearing ruby slippers.

Without even trying, she became me. She sings and dances and monologues her afternoons away. Always in character. Always setting up a scene in her mind. Always baffling Andy. It is… the coolest/ scariest part of parenting.

It was a short week, let’s catch up!

We decided that trampolines are deadly, and also good for sex.

I showed you how I survive when Andy works at night.

Guess what, we ALL put deodorant under our boobies!

On Amuse Bouche:

I tackled white jeans and short denim dresses, even though I hate my thighs. This is progress.

We made brussels sprouts that don’t taste like ass.

I gave you post-Fifty Shades reading suggestions.

And then I gave you even more.

And now for cool shit I saw online:

This is my absolute favorite thing on the whole entire internet today.

If you aren’t familiar with Walk Off the Earth, you should be. They have currently taken up residence in my soul. Click here to check them out.

May I also suggest the beard guy shirt, which I would like to own.

This made me giddy with laughter.

I shared this on Facebook last night, but…it’s both horrifying and awesome, right? Right!?

I totally love this list.

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  1. LouisianaMeredith says

    Walk Off the Earth. Not nearly enough caffeine on board apparently.

    I love that Gigi is a mini-Britt!! <3!

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