Lazy Sunday: Gift Guide Edition

Ok so it’s almost holiday time, and it’s obvious some people have to idea what to buy for their loved ones this year.

So, along with my usual Sunday wrap-up, I decided to put together a little gift guide in case you have somebody a little off balanced to buy for..or, you know, you drew my name in a Secret Santa drawing.

First, a quick run down.  This week, I show you how to use threats of violent murder to manipulate your spouse, I made the decision to stop taking my clothes of in front of small children, it’s discovered Gigi is a tease, and then I recap Breaking Dawn…it doesn’t go the way you think it will.

Now go listen to Meredith and I talk shit with live callers, including a 20/20 producer, and then school a 32 year old virgin on how to “be the hole.” I might be biased, but it’s basically the best show on the air.

If you are local, you can catch the premier of Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate on 13ABC, of which I am ecstatic to be a part of! If you miss it, you can catch it on Curvy Girl Guide, click here to check it out!  Are you a home cook? Business owner? Expert on something? Generally awesome person? Follow the show on Facebook to see how you can be a part of it!

Now on to the holiday fun!

Brittany's Gift Guide

1. Carrie Bicycle Basket, Scandinavian Grace ($79). If I had a bike, this would be lovely.

2. Gatherer Mukluk, Free People ($258). What’s funner than saying mukluk?  Wearing mukluk.

3. Christopher Walken A to Z, Amazon ($11.53). Honestly, I was a little disappointed this wasn’t a book of Christopher Walken listing things that start with each letter of the alphabet. But it’s still awesome.

4. Mix Tape USB Drive, InSound ($19.99). I love mix tapes. This is how you do it 2011 style.  Because cars don’t come with tape players anymore, apparently.

5. I’m Magenta, I’m Bill Murray Tee, Etsy ($25.99). Obviously.

6. White Moose Head, Etsy ($145). I’m not kidding.  Andy, buy me this.

7. The Watch, Barley & Birch ($30). Ok, this is actually important. Barley & Birch is run by my AMAZING friend Kyle, and every cent from this purchase goes to funding her school in Port au Prince, Haiti.

8. Snape Snape Severus Snape Tee, Skreened ($27.99). Based on, what is probably, my favorite youtube video, ever. Have no idea what I am talking about?  See the video below!

9. Chicken Head Costume, Etsy ($850). If I was in the 1%, I would totally buy this. Because you can’t put a price on aweome.

10. Pervert Necklace, Etsy ($58). Girls love jewelry.

11. Lumberjack Hat, Sears ($38.60). It’s Ohio.  It snows here.  And I sorta get off on lumberjacks.

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Happy Shopping, y’all!

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  1. says

    I am TOTALLY buying that tshirt for us! AND MAKING A MIXED TAPE WITH THE TICKING NOISE SONG ON IT too. And maybe putting some Christopher Walken on it too. You can find like, ANYTHING on the internet these days.

    • says

      I have that song as my ringtone! I love ALL of them! Have you seen Neville’s birthday party? My college age daughter and I break into the song all the time, including the “floppy Dumbledore” part or an occasional “Ron…Ron..Ron Weasley” for no reason!

  2. Sarah the GREAT says

    my 10-year-old LOVES those videos and was singing that very song all weekend while playing “Harry Potter years 5-7” on the Wii ALLLLLL weekend long. I, however, could do w/o the song.

  3. says

    two thoughts come up:

    1. that Christopher Walken should come with free audio, yes?

    2. that is the best chicken suit I’ve ever seen in my life. Someday when I’m a millionaire I will only alternate between wearing that, my wedding dress and my Dorothy Zbornak Halloween costume every three days in a rotating schedule.

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