Lazy Sunday: December 2nd

See, nothing good ever happens in the ocean. Keili and I are not impressed.

It’s been less than a week, and already… I don’t remember a single thing I loved about my iPhone. It’s small and heavy and mean to me about things like storage and loading Facebook in a timely manner.

But the Galaxy S3 is light and big, makes the most adorable sounds, and takes the best pictures. Sure, the whole swype-typing thing is a little stressful, but I just look at it as a way to slow down and focus. It’s like a cockblock for all the drunk texts I could be sending.

One Speck case and Android market later, and Gigi is the proud owner of a pre-school app filled iPhone 4, because nothing is more obnoxiously precious than a three year old with a smart phone. (bashes face against wall.)

What’s been up?

Cool shit I saw online:

File this under, why the hell did I not think of this first!?

If you have an hour or so to get lost in something and cry your face off, there’s this.

Do this for your kids, it will freak them out.

Don’t want to talk to your daughters about menstruation, no problem, let Disney and Kotex help.

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  1. Kara Nutt says

    Oh God, Don’t use swype…. Get SwiftKey3 from the market place… So Much Better! And the more you use it the better it gets at predicting what you are saying.

    Love my Galaxy, had to switch because I dropped my Droid Maxx in the toilet… oopps.

  2. K says

    Please be careful giving your daughter your old iPhone. Even disconnected from service it can call 911. My wife works for 911 and takes calls all the time from kids and has to call back and talk to the parents about the fact that a phone is still able to call 911 even when it can’t call anything else.

      • K says

        A quick search seems to say it depends on the phone. However with the amount of calls 911 gets I would say yes because I can’t imagine people haven’t already tried that or that the police department wouldn’t have issued statements asking people to do that, you know?

  3. says

    I have to keep explaining to my 11 year old, who is obsessed with PIE, that the movie has nothing to do with deserts whatsoever. He doesn’t understand; thinks a movie based solely on different types of pies would be a blockbuster!!

  4. says

    I’m starting to compile all my cool shit so we can do the Phone touchy thing the next time I see you 😉 (In a totally not dirty way, really… maybe)

  5. stephanie says

    no comments about that fabulous menstration video??? How is that possible? I am having my daughter watch it now. The Disney lady has the most soothing “your uterus is going to have huge firghts and you will feel like death “voice I have ever heard…LOVE IT ! I will be sharing it with my daughter later! Thank you Brittany

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