Lazy Monday: After Easter Edition

While we were in Texas, Andy conned me into getting an iPad. The fact is, he wanted one for himself, and he’s so needy and in love with me, he made me get one, also. I’m paraphrasing.

So, he got the new iPad, and I opted for the iPad 2, because honestly, I don’t understand the difference, it made no sense for me to pay more, and I knew he was going to try and trick this into being my birthday present, which it certainly was not.

I’ve been struggling.

I think I’m going to return this.

What!? Why?

I don’t know, I don’t get it. It just seems like a big iPhone to me. So, like…I’m don’t want to carry around my iPhone and then a really giant and more fragile iPhone that I am afraid to scratch or drop because you’ll yell at me.

What if you got a case?

I looked at Target and Best Buy and stuff, and all the cases are ugly, maybe I’ll just get a new smaller laptop.

No! Just wait, try and stick with it, don’t make this like the fiddle.


So, anyways, he’s hell bent on making me like this thing, and I’ll be honest…my Easter gift helps.

Kate Spade Eat Cake For Breakfast Ipad Case. Smart boy.

So, I haven’t done one of these in a while, so let me pick some highlights.

Now for some cool shit I saw online:

I shared this on Facebook last week, but it’s so funny, I’m sharing it here again.

Fact: I hated Titanic. HATED.

Landshark 2012. I would wear this, basically everywhere.

Way better than army men, these are going on my birthday list!

Speaking of Zombie…

We’re having our very own concert (Live! Free!), and if you are local and interested, let me know and I’ll send along an invite. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Nicole says

    Love the iPad case. I am both ashamed and not ashamed that I’m sitting in the theatre to see Titanic 3D. And somewhat excited about it.

  2. Nancy says

    Fact: I have NEVER watched Titanic. EVER. I feel pretty great about that. Cameron does not need my money. He is taking trips to space via the ocean for F*&ks sake!

  3. says

    totally agree with you on Titanic…I am a flutist and have to play the theme song every so often- blech!!! I hate the movie more!!!

    cute iPad case!

  4. M'shall says

    I’ve had the ipad for over a year now and it does feel like an oversized ipod. I always joke about strapping it to my arm while jogging (which I don’t even do) or answering it as a phone if it were to ever ring lol It doesn’t do everything I want or need it to do, so I’m constantly on my hubby’s laptop. I should’ve just got a mini-laptop. :o/

  5. says

    OMG – thank you!! I have absolutely zero interest in getting an IPad – I just don’t get it. I have an iphone and a laptop, what purpose could that thing possible serve in my life other to complicate it?? soooooooooo glad I’m not the only one.

    Also – the Landshark is awesome. For real.

  6. Perla D. says

    Omg my friend Shawn makes those Box o’ Zombies! I jumped and yelled to my hubby in bed just as he was dozing off to show him you had linked the Zombies pictures. As he groggily asked me why I was attempting to give him a heart attack I told him that since Brittany loved, approved, and even wanted them for her birthday…then they just got the biggest seal of approval there is (only thing cooler is if somehow Stan Lee were to love, write a comic, then a movie deal would come out of it).

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