So what, we’re that family now?

What family?

The family that hangs trendy fake mooses above our fireplace in an effort to be eclectic and hard to understand because we’re just really cooler than everyone else?

The plural of moose isn’t mooses. And stop talking smack about Kyle, he can hear you up there, and he was feeling really good about him self today.

It’s not even a real life moose, he’s made of stone, like a garden gnome or something.

Kyle thinks your soul patch is a cliche and your Northface jacket is obnoxious. He knows you don’t ski, Andy. We all know.

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    • says

      i was thinking the same thing… actually it caught my eye before the moose did, but don’t tell andy that. i wouldn’t want it to take from your “eclectic and hard to understand” ness that y’all have going on.

      also, andy can come shop in paul’s closet because paul’s favorite go-to purchase is northface outerwear. and granted, he can ski like a champ, but for fuck’s sake, we live in florida.

  1. Nellie says

    Love the name you gave him. My only thing is, he looks a bit stuck up with that expression, no? Every time I passed him, I’d have the exteme urge to say “listen Kyle, this is what I’m wearing and I don’t give a crap that you don’t approve!”

  2. Pallie says

    I used to have a mounted buck with antlers and a 30 year old deteriorating mounted squirrel in my dining room watching me eat until I finally won the battle with my husband that they needed to go elsewhere. He moved them to his basement man cave. I decided that the buck needed some accessorizing so he is now wearing a 1940s era gas mask and a Canadian tuque. Here’s to many happy moments with Kyle!

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