I’m That Type of Girl.


I’m the type of girl who buys her sunglasses at Target and will never put them in a case, even if they are from the more expensive $24.99 turny thing. I will toss them in my bag, pulling them out bent and with a layer of goldfish cracker dust over the lenses until they break.

I will always be this girl.

What kind are you?

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  1. Jennifer says

    I’m the girl who has a case in her bag, but still tosses the sunglasses in the bag without protection. I’m also the girl with a pair in her car, a pair on that mess of a counter in my kitchen (you know the one), a pair at work, two in her bag, and one in her bedroom but can never find any of them.

  2. Snarkula says

    I’m the girl who buys 237 pairs of dollar-store sunglasses, broadcasts them like seed wheat through every nook and cranny of my life, then somebody gives me a $200 pair of deluxe anti-glare polarized ones. Which I care for like they were my only child, wearing them daily through sun, wind, sea fog, rain and diesel exhaust. The dollar-store ones are moldering in a drawer somewhere. But I never in one million wild years would have bought the pricey ones on my own.

  3. DeltaJuliet says

    I’m the girl who needs to wear sunglasses anytime it’s not actually nighttime (super light-sensitive blue eyes). I buy the more expensive Target sunglasses (yes, from the turny-thingy) and I wear them constantly for YEARS. I never lose sunglasses. Except for in the last 6 months where I have lost FOUR pairs of sunglasses and promptly had to replace them IMMEDIATELY due to the above-mentioned sensitivity.

  4. Caroline says

    OMG! Had to share with you that yesterday on my way back home from lunch (which was McDonald’s and Pancheros), I reached into my purse and pulled out my cheapo sunglasses (I never spend more than $20 on them, usually under $10 because I will inevitably break them or lose them), and they were covered with an unknown dust and I immediately thought of you :)

  5. erica says

    I am the girl who got my sunglasses years ago at a surf shop on vacation and has meticulously taken care of them since. I also the girl that got an expensive purse 5 years ago for her birthday and has subsequently used it every damn day since, seriously. It just has pockets in the perfect placement and I really just don’t want to freaking change my crap into a new one.

    I am also the girl who has a hard on for sparkly and outrageous shoes and the ones who wears different jewelry every single day.

    You see I am the girl that is full of contradictions. I can’t even keep up. :)

  6. hdj says

    I am this girl with cheap sunglass, but when I do buy good ones, I take care of them. I lost my good pair over a year ago and have yet to replace them because I haven’t found “the” pair I’m willing to commit to yet. I’m picky like that – and also don’t want to spend $200 on the ones I really want.

  7. Adria says

    ONE time back in high school, I owned a pair of $130 Oakleys. They got stolen. At that moment I realized that I could have THIRTEEN $10 pairs from Target. So I’m in your camp. I have the ones I actually wear, a pair in my purse, and 2 pairs in my car. The 3 spare pairs are all the same style but different colors. (Oh, and I OBVIOUSLY have the ones with the attached mustache. Those also live in my car.) Recently the pair that I wear all the time broke, and I went to Target and replaced them with the exact same pair. So yeah, I’m THAT kind of girl.

  8. Sky says

    I’m the girl who gets attached to ONE pair of really inappropriate sunglasses that she guards with her life and after having them for a year wears them into the OCEAN. Ya know because I’m simply brilliant. I’m also the type of girl who had them in her back all the time except when the sun is shining and I need them.

  9. Martika says

    I’m missing the other musings! This page keeps taking me to the post about the T-Shirt, but the title on the main page keeps changing.

    This is like putting wine and cake in front of someone and then taking it away. It isn’t nice, and it’s making me violent.

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