For the boy.

Andy turns 31 tomorrow, and don’t tell him, but I haven’t gotten his gift yet.

I mean, what do you get the boy who has everything…and by everything, I mean me and two piano ties.

Last year, I threw him an amazing surprise party.

Relive that here.

And, judging by this and this, I obviously have impeccable shopping taste.

But, I’m drawing a blank.



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  1. says

    Does he have the new iPad? My husband is obsessed with his. I’m practically an iPad widow.

    Either that or some sort of sex act that you are loathe to do.

  2. says

    I’d like to help. But I’m in the same boat. My husband turns 31 on Friday. (I’m 37 so you’d think the extra six years would mean I’d have this birthday thing figured out.)

    We got him an iPad. But since it’s for the whole family, I feel obligated to get another present. Plus, I totally dropped the ball on organizing his party. Too much pressure to try and live up to last year’s.

    Maybe you could get Andy a ton of twitter followers? Or an iPad. Other than that? I got nothin’ except my apologies.

  3. Rachel says

    How about one of those floaty fountain things to make the zombie pond less zombie-y. Scott likes random stuff for the lawn tractor. I usually let him pick it out.

  4. says

    I’m terrible at gift-giving. In fact, I usually forget that there are holidays that sort of require it. This past Christmas, during our last shopping trip (on December 23…ahem), when we got to the register at Old Navy, I told him that whatever he bought for himself, he should just consider a gift from me.

    I’m so generous.

  5. Carrie Sautter says

    Guys like R/C stuff. I would stop into The Hobby Stop on Sylvania Ave. and buy him an airplane or helicopter to mess around with on your property. ALL of your boys will love it! They have fully assembled models ready to sell.
    Good Luck in your search, and Happy Birthday Andy!!

  6. Amy says

    This wouldn’t work for your short time frame, but if he’s into sports, you could have a custom jersey made with his name on it. Its best presented by you wearing only the jersey. Then he can unwrap.

  7. Nellie says

    A basket full of hair and shaving supplies, cologne mixed in with some airplane gadget and some homemade redeemable love coupons?

    • Robyn says

      I read this and thought, “why would he need a basket full of hair?” Got it. On a side note, I’ve given those love coupons and people never collect on them so in my opinion, it is a fantastic gift. :)

  8. FyshWyfe says

    Ditto the R/C stuff. He’ll love it and can take the kids out to play while you drink moscato on the porch. Good times.

  9. says

    Ok, well since his bday is tomorrow this will probably not work but my hubs likes to collect old books. I try to buy a first edition of some book he really likes but that may take a while to find. He also really likes wine so I’ve bought a kind of expensive bottle that we’ve never had before and that I think he would like to test out. But a six pack of Bud would probaby do the trick too :)

  10. Ron Morse says

    When a guy has everything – nothing beats a little extra attention on the private property.

    Just speaking as a guy of course!

  11. Andrea says

    Gift certificate for race car driving? My BFF’s hubby is also the guy that has everything. She got him a lesson for that and he practically wet his pants.

  12. says

    My hubby’s Bday is in a month. I was going to get him a game for his Xbox, but they delayed the release of the game he wants until October. Last year I gave him a baby a week before his Bday. That is definitely not happening again this year! When you come up with something good, let me know please!

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