Dirty Little Book Club: Wallbanger, The Sinners and Ghosts… oh my!

When it comes to this genre, I’ve found that the books fall into one of two camps; they are either stand alone or part of a series. The series books, like Fifty, Redhead, Crossfire, and Original Sinners, are fun, though maddening as you wait for the next book to drop.

Stand alone books are great because you get the story all wrapped up by the last page, but I don’t know if I’ve just had meh luck in this department, but many of the stand alone smut books I’ve read go along great until the end where they go into warp speed and wrap everything up in a big red unrealistic bow. I mean, not that it’s realistic that people bang 40 times a day without so much as a yeast infection, but I digress.

I have four books to chat about today, both series and stand alone, that defy the stigmas above, and ended up being crazy good…and also crazy ugh.

Wallbanger, Alice Clayton
At last! I’ve been having Redhead withdrawal, and we still have to wait until spring to get our hands on the third book, but until then, the delightful Miss Clayton gave us an early Christmas present, Wallbanger. A stand alone book which originally had me all, noooo I want more Jack and Grace, I will accept no substitute, this is bullshit. But then, like, I read the book and…um… Sweet Nuts who? I’m a Wallbanger girl now, hands down. Everything about this book felt different. The story line was fresh, Simon was hot and spank-y without some sort of fucked up mommy-killing backstory, and again, Alice writes Caroline as a woman I can actually relate to. Plus she bakes, I mean, if there was no sex in this book (which there is, and it’s awesome), I would be A-O-K just based on the sheer amount of carbs they devour. Carbgasims, they’re a real thing, trust me, I’m occasionally carb-celebate and it’s like an endless case of cake blue-balls. Wallbanger was perfectly written, even at the end, when it looked as if things weren’t going to go my way and I started to get all bitchy about it and send Alice hate-texts, I continued to read, and ended up smiling, because it made sense. It wasn’t rushed or out of left field, it was perfection. Also, I’d like for my last name to now be Wallbanger.

Double Time, Olivia Cunning
This book is part of the Sinners on Tour series, and follows in the wake of Backstage Pass and Rock Hard. I love this series because I’ve grown to love this band of bad boys, and each new book focuses on the life of a different member, Double Time focusing on our beloved Trey. I can honestly say, I have adored every single one of Olivia Cunning’s books, but this time… *pinches bridge of nose*…. I don’t know. First of all, this book was clearly released out of sequence, because some of the backstory featured in the plot hadn’t even happened yet. Honestly, the book started out great. We all knew Trey was bisexual, that he loved Brian, and reading about his struggle with that and meeting a new girl, Reagan, and watching him fall in love was great. Loved it. But then…they add in another person, and it feels rushed and fake, the whole story Cunning spent building was essentially washed away by this randomly forced love trio. I didn’t buy it, and the whole thing was ruined for me after that.

Hot Ticket, Olivia Cunning
Sinners on tour, take two. Hot Ticket follows Jace, who up until this book, I had found to be the least interesting of the group. I mean, all we basically know about Jace so far is that he carries around a bag of S&M supplies, which should technically make him the coolest guy ever, but I just don’t, he just seemed boring. This book doesn’t release until February, so I don’t want to give too much away. I will say that, surprise, I loved this book, it totally redeemed the Sinners series for me, thank God. Learning the back story of these men, and watching them fall in love with women who are just as amazing to form this totally unconventional family melts my heart. And the fucking is hot, also.

Leave Me Breathless, Cherrie Lynn
Leave Me Breathless, while not technically a traditional series, follows the characters from Lynn’s previous books, Rock Me and Unleashed. This time we read along about the tattoo’ed Romeo and stick -up-her-ass Juliette love story of Ghost and Macy. From the outside, the story sounds a bit trite. I mean, she’s a good girl, how on Earth could her family accept a bald man covered in tattoos!? THEY ALL DIE AT THE END AFTER SOME SORT OF SUICIDE CONFUSION, DON’T THEY!? No, but it’s also not a boring read, it had enough twists and plot pieces that kept it totally interesting, and I’m all for a story line that involves goody-goody girls unexpectedly having something stuck in their butts.

What have you been reading?

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  1. Tracie says

    ooh, can’t find Wallbanger on kindle or itunes!? had to give the smut a (small) break and am reading The Twelve by Justin Cronin. Super good and scary. Before that The Prince, which was FANTASTIC. I have like both Cherrie Lynn and Olivia Cunning so far so I will give them another try! Thanks for the rec’s!

  2. LouisianaMeredith says

    “Carbgasism” — totally relatable!!!

    I like the sound of Brittany Wallbanger! 😉

    I’ve been sucked into the vortex of outstanding Fifty fan fic….”Fifty Shades of Taylor”/ “Fifty Shades of Taylor Book Two”/ “Paging Dr. Flynn”–all by same author who writes all of the Fifty characters *except* Mia well.

    Here’s link to author’s blog: http://mrjasontaylor.wordpress.com/fifty-shades-of-taylor-book-two/

    About to start her “One Shots” (short stories)…..beginning with the one in which Christian tells Elliot about his relationship with Elena.

    Good stuff, really!

  3. Lauren says

    Have you read the Demonica series by Larissa Ione? They’re fabulous. Well written and great sex. What more could you ask for?

  4. says

    I’ve read all of these except for Wallbanger, and I am SO GLAD I wasn’t the only one who thought Double Time was just…meh. Too rushed, too pat, too…MEH! I also enjoyed Leave Me Breathless, but not QUITE as much as the other two books. Off to order Wallbanger, although I almost don’t want to read anything so soon after The Prince, because honestly after Tiffany Reisz anything’s going to be disappointing…

    • Brittany says

      Hot Ticket was good, it SHOULD have been the third book. But bear in mind, Sed and Brian were SO charismatic, where as Jace is so quiet, so it makes for a different book, but still..good. Trey SHOULD have been an amazing book, but man, it just got SO BAD.

  5. says

    These are the sorts of books I like to read on my kindle…so no one knows I’m reading them. I also try to avoid reviewing them on Goodreads, considering my saintly mother would then know!

  6. says

    Since I (sadly) have had to put some of the actual writing aside for a bit, I’ve been reading a lot (and posting reviews on my blog). I just finished reading Maia by Richard Adams which is HUGE (over 1100 pages) but not only is it an epic crazy adventure/intrigue novel, it’s CRAZY dirty too. I loved it…again.
    I need to read me this Wallbanger of which you speak, also the Redhead series. Too many books, so little time. I plan to read at least four over the holidays.

  7. says

    The ACRO series by sydney croft. The first book is “Riding the Storm”. You’re welcome. I should just look through my kindle and give you a whole new list to review for this fabulously smutty little club. I love the updates! Currently reading “The Prince” and will move onto “Gabriel’s Inferno” later today. I, too, read like a fiend. :) Next time you’re in NY, I’d like to meet you, we would be best smutty book, wine and inappropriate conversation buddies quickly!! Oh, I almost forgot…”Big Temptation” by Robin L. Rotham is one of my favorite smutty books ever…so far…I’ve read it at least 5 times and love the characters. I literally have hundreds of these books, so I’ll not bore you by droning on and on. Cheers! and happy reading!

  8. Jessica says

    Finished Wallbanger … was good! I don’t love it as much as the Tiffany Reisz series, but still good. I could have done without the Brain/Spine/Nerves/Missing O thing though. Little odd.

  9. Johanna says

    Just read Wallbanger. Totally entertaining. I laughed because what she calls nooking is a little different than what I call nooking (my husband and I refer to sex as nooking, not as cuddling). Also, so awesome that Alice thanks you in the acknowledgement.

    • Iraima Nava says

      Blackcreek trilogy by riley hart there really good. Like sinners on tour they focus on three couples but the books are all still connected :)

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