Dirty Little Book Club: The Redheads

Ever read a book and think, God, this author and I would so be best friends in real life.

I think that a lot.

How David Sedaris and I aren’t sipping coffee and mocking ugly babies in Paris together is beyond me.

Recently, my friend Angie pointed me toward a series of books to add to my smut collection, and I was a touch hesitant, because I’m becoming a bit of a erotic fiction snob. I mean, one tacky word for penis and I am out of there.

And to be honest, I still want to be entertained. I can’t read about just having sex all the time, my clitoris is tired.

Then comes Alice Clayton. Alice bills herself as a comedic erotica novelist. Which is perfect, because basically all the erotica I have in real life is comedic. What am I supposed to do, stare into his eyes and pretend I don’t here that weird suctiony sound coming from my vagina?

First up, The Unidentified Redhead.
Ok, great erotica formula; hot girl, younger hot guy, sex sex sex. But wait, what’s this, I’m also laughing my ass off? Oh crap, I’m also crying? I’m having legitimate emotions in my human parts? I devoured this book in 12 hours, which says something because it’s not short. It’s addicting. I wanted to be Grace, and I damn well could be, because hi, she’s over 30 folks. Who knew women over 30 were pretty, not at all old, and had sex in books.
Pros: Great plot, steamy sex (closet sex, just like me!), tons of snark and humor, the single best set of characters I have come across to date, Team Sweet Nuts
Cons: I really have only one, and it might just be me, but Grace, the lead character sometimes referred to her vagina as her “oonie” and the only reason that weirds me out is because there is this super creepy show on Nick Jr. called Oobi. It’s just a bunch of people using their hands as puppets and talking in super weird voices, so when I read the word oonie, it reminds me of Oobi, and then I’m stuck wiping the imagine of a hairy knuckled hand puppet where my vagina should go. Again, this may be a personal problem.

The Redhead Revealed
This is the second book in the Redhead series, and it’s even better than the first. Their stories pick up right where they left off, and I become even more attached to these two crazy ass people. The sex is still mind blowing, but the best part of this book is Grace. Grace has body issues and insecurities and so many real girl problems that I just want to scoop her up, hug her, and then ask her if gingers have magical powers, because I refuse to believe that’s not true. Now, warning, this is not the last book in the series, the next does not come out until Spring, and I know when I read Bared to You, I was pissed to be left hanging with no relief. However, one thing this book does do is leave you satisfied. Yes, their story will continue, but it doesn’t leave you wondering who the fuck just shot J.R.
Pros: Girl problems I can actually relate to.
Cons: Again, the whole oonie thing.

So, I read those two books in, no joke, 24 hours. I spent so much time fake going to the bathroom, even Andy was starting to doubt my dysentery story. But, this author just got me, and she made me laugh, which is the easiest way to my heart and my pants (call me, Bill Murray). Alice Clayton and I were destined to be best friends. If she had absolutely any idea who I was in real life and also liked So You Think You Can Dance and eating her feelings.

I was determined to make this friendship happen in a mostly organic, not creepy fashion, so after a brief twitter courtship, I stalked her on skype and now I get to talk to her, like, every day about clothes, reality tv smut, songs we bone to, and why Luann is the best-worst Real Housewife ever. This kind of stuff is the basis of all my meaningful relationship, you guys.

Erotic humorist bestie? Check.

You’re next, Sedaris.

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  1. Johanna says

    Totally adding these to my list. I like that there is lots of humor, in addition to hot sex. What’s not to like? Can’t wait to read them.

    • Brittany says

      Yes, this is my new favorite genre. I get the steamy parts, but I also still get to laugh.

      I can’t be spanked ALL THE TIME.

  2. Johanna says

    OK, totally pissed… my library does not have her books. Grrrrr. I will have to get them for my Kindle.

    And, I totally agree… a person definitely needs a laughter break from all the spanking

  3. says

    So I’m over my 24 hour be-mad-at-you stage I posted about on twitter! And YAY for books with humor! I will pick these up after I finish the boring book I’m reading now about personal finances which I’m only reading because I had to add my step-mom to my list of Nook friends so she can borrow books from me and I was kind of worried she’d be shocked by the amount of smut I have.

    • Brittany says

      I’m so glad we made up, I mean, I felt the SAME WAY. HOODWINKED!

      But this will be better, they aren’t cliffhangers, just continuations.

  4. says

    I just read a short, stupid erotic book where the author talked about the girl’s ‘cunny.’

    It was ridiculous and distracting and just made me want to smack whoever thought that was a good way to refer to a girl’s lady bits.

    Every time I saw it I totally lost the groove.

  5. Tammy says

    I have read all of your lady porn you’ve suggested so far and have yet to be disappointed. I will totally read these. Have you read any of the books by Laura Kaye? They are porntastic as well! My husband is completely and utterly grateful for the Dirty Little Book Club.

  6. Johanna says

    If you want some erotic stuff mixed in with the supernatural, read Nalini Singh. She has two series… one about Archangels and another about shifters.

    Or if you want straight up CRAZY sex involving all kinds of supernatural, read Laurell K. Hamilton. There are 20+ books in her Anita Blake series. There is actually no sex in the first few books, but plenty of buildup. Plus the acutal plots are entertaining. There are vampires, shifters, etc. etc.

    • Big Girl says

      Yes. Yes. Yes. Laurell has been doing it right for YEARS. Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer are boring knock-offs.

      • Johanna says

        Agreed. Plus, she still cares about the series and writes like she does. Charlaine Harris has been phoning it in for the last few books.

    • says

      OK, I must jump in here. Nalini Saingh’s Guild Hunter Series is on the list I was going to be sending you later this week B so bravo to Johanna!! I am in love with her angels.

      The other series I adore is The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. rawr….

      • Johanna says

        Alice, I too love her angels. Kinda wanna be Elena :-). Have you read her shifter series? The names of the books are silly, but the books are decent.

  7. says

    I agree with Becky, which is why I tweet stalked you and sent you a bunch of emails. LOL>
    AND one of these days I *will* come down your way when the hubs does his work thing down there, we will totally hang out and it will be epic and awesome.

    Um, that may have sounded a bit more aggressive than I meant it to. What I meant is we will likely laugh while I ask Meredith to read out loud the sex scenes from my book that I sent her and then drink wine and braid each other’s hair. In a non creepy, totally we-could-have-been-sisters kind of way.
    Did I mention I frickin adore you?

  8. Big Girl says

    Dysentery story!!!! Yes!!! I’m so glad someone else lies for the sake of reading, too!! I will skip that whole sleeping thing. I don’t need to eat real food (chocolate bars can be consumed with one hand.) And sometimes my kids need an extra long bubble bath so that mama can just finish this chapter (and maybe the next one.) I need books like I need air. Thanks for the recommendations!!

  9. Laura says

    If you are still looking for reccomendations, the Shadowlands series by Cherise Sinclair is awesome. The first book was my least fav, but the rest are really good.

    • Jully says

      Right On!! Cherise Sinclair books are so gooooooood. Just got finished book 2 in the paranormal series she started. Totally loved it, but the Shadowlands series just can”t be beat…

  10. says

    So, I read your post yesterday as soon as you posted it and then downloaded the book and then finished that around midnight. Going to see Magic Mike in an hour and then coming home to read book 2. It’s a dirty, dirty day.

  11. Amanda C says

    Love love love your suggestions! Just downloaded The Unidentified Redhead!! Can’t wait to read it. :) For the last year or so, as a hobby, I’ve been writing fanfic (based on a Glee couple) mixing plot and smut. I love writing it!! So glad to see your bringing it out of the shadows for us ladies who enjoy it. :)))

  12. Rian says

    I read this post yesterday and I’m now halfway through the first book and LOVING it! I have a special affinity for The Golden Girls, so Grace is a winner in my book.

  13. says

    I only just read 50 Shades and I may or may not have gotten a little toey, but it also bugged me that Christian’s eyes were always “hooded”. It made me think of a foreskin enshrouding the head of a penis. So what I am trying to say is that I’m glad you’re exposing us to more of the genre and that hopefully the others you have reviewed don’t make me think of the main character as a dick (the jury’s still out on whether I intended that as a double entendre or not…).

  14. carlyn says

    I just started reading the first one… And I’m already laughing at “holy lord. I think my uterus just left. Yep, there she goes” awesome.

  15. Carrie Sautter says

    I’m so bummed!! My library don’t have anything by Alice Clayton (or a lot of the others you’ve mentioned) and I don’t have a Kindle. I used to buy all my books, but realized I was spending a small fortune. As a divorced, single mom, my smutt books are not in my budget….apparently they’re not in the Lucas County Public Library’s either! lol

  16. says

    Well, I am just finishing up Roni Loren’s books and could use some new ones for my list…

    Can’t wait to check these out!

  17. Johanna says

    Just finished the 2nd Redhead book. Loved them. Can’t wait for the 3rd. Thanks for the recommendation.

  18. says

    Oh man. I downloaded both books to my Kindle on Tuesday, and had finished them off by Wednesday night! I am so into the snark, but also the steam. I cannot wait for the next installment! I hope it comes soon!

    (that’s what she said.)

    My husband and I both thank you, Alice and Brittany! 😉

  19. Denia says

    I just started reading The Unidentified Redhead and love it! I mostly picked it up cause I am a ginger and think I am so funny, figured somene wrote a book about me! Anyways, can not stop laughing and I am only, like, 70 pages in. Awesome book.

  20. Billie says

    Oh my goodness. I LOVE these books!! Being a redhead myself, it’s fun to read a book where the lead character – in addition to being FUNNY and SEXY, etc. – has red hair! Not only that, she’s self-conscious and crazy. It’s like I could be reading about myself, sans the sexy part… and shagging a movie star…but, whatever. :-) Love your blogs. L-O-V-E them!

  21. Tahina says

    Thank you sooo much for your suggestion… I read them in 2 days..lol.. I love Grace. She was real she had insecurities and fears like every normal person.
    What other erotica comedy books can you recommend?
    Thank you Brittany :)

  22. Carrie Sautter says

    I tried to request “The Unidentified Redhead” through my library, as Alice suggested and this was their reply…

    “I’m afraid this title is out of print and not available through any of our vendors. The e-book is single-use Kindle title and not for sale to libraries. I checked to see if any other libraries in the United States owned a copy for us to borrow for you, and unfortunately no one else currently owns it.”

    So for anyone else without a Kindle, like myself…you can cross the library off your list.lol

  23. Melissa says

    Okay. So.

    I have tried Indigo (Canada) and my library and then while in the States went to BooksAMillion or BooksALot or something like that, Barnes and Noble and still can’t find these books! Someone is just going to have to send me theirs!

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