1. says

    I have 2 pairs of colored jeans (one dark wash that’s really just blue, but still…the other is a light blue/turquoise color) that I cannot WAIT to pair with a couple of cute polka-dot tops I have in my closet when they arrive.

    Basically, I am all over this trend, and LOVING IT! Love that outfit, too. The colors…thay make me so happy!

  2. Anna says

    My favorite outfit is the one with the red pants! I’m on a super budget right now, so I’m shopping in the clearance section of Target and Lands End is ruled out for the time being, but you’ve shown me a lot of things I’ll want to purchase in the future. Starting with one of their awesome bathing suits!

  3. says

    Loved the beige and the orange! Now I’m going to have to start shopping at Land’s End again. I guess I just stopped buying from them because I didn’t know they had stores. (I used to be the catalog queen when I lived in Greece. Here in Egypt I cannot afford the customs taxes.) But I’m SO going to check them out again when we get back to Texas. You look FANTASTIC.

  4. Alysia says

    I HEART everyone of these outfits! This has spurred my imagination and I have put together a little ensemble of my own, in my head. I’m exctied and gona wear it for real. Thanks for the fashion show. The clothes are great and You Are Awesome!

  5. says

    Dear Brittany:

    Thanks to you I now own Dijon Gold pants. My husband thinks they’re hideous. But he’s got an Andy sense of fashion, although he won’t let me dress him. The pants are amazing, and now I am hooked on Land’s End and colored pants. ♥ Angela

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