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Ladies, I want to read about your bodies.

Curvy Girl Guide is about giving us a platform to talk about our lives, and I want to hear about yours.

Your struggles, insecurities, experiences, victories, commentary on society… you feel it, I want it.

Raw, real, honest, funny, gut-wrenching, poignant.

What are you waiting for?

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  1. says

    I’m kind of 4 hours away from putting my firstborn on a plane to New York from Cairo and then fully intend to eat my feelings and anxieties for the next two days. But come Sunday night I should be able to get out of the fetal position and pick my head up off of the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and hopefully string together a few sentences. I may be able to hit you with something by Monday!!

    • Kel says

      Nicki Nicholas Mohamed I am fascinated that you live in Cairo…it is our families dream to visit. (but we worry about certain things, ect)…is there a way to get ahold of you? I see you blog..does your blog contain a way to get ahold of you? Thanks in advance..Britt…if you can help..I appreciate that tooo!

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