50% drinking game, 50% Candy Land

If you watch New Girl, you probably got a glimspe of one of the greatest drinking games to ever exist, ever.

True American.

You can check the video out here!

I know it seems confusing at first, so I tracked down the real life rules to the True American drinking game, and it makes total sense. In that, we get super drunk and not touch the floor and answer history questions.

True American is a game where you have three or four cases of beer on one table with a bottle of your favorite shot, like Jack Daniels, this bottle is the “Qeen”. To figure out who goes, and who’s team your on you need to put a random amount of fingers on you forehead. To start to play you make teams, the first team to drink the “Qeen” wins the game, the teams pick one person to try and shotgun a beer the fastest against the other teams. The first one to finish goes first. The floor is lava, you cannot touch the floor at all! If you do your team loses. All teams start from one place. The teams work around the room in a counter clock rotation. One person asks the person whos turn it is a history question, if they get it right they need to navigate to the table without touching the ground and get a beer then go back to their spot still with out touching the ground and drink that beer. When taking a beer you go around the table in a circle pattern to make sure There isn’t a path to the Qeen with half the beers still left. Rounds are when everyone has gone once. At the end of every round everyone navigates and grabs a beer and everyone shotguns it. The longer the game goes on the harder it gets because, well your drunk. The first person who reaches the Qeen shares the Qeen with the team to down it.


Makes sense, right?

Who’s in?


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  1. Loren Bell says

    Three is the number I had in my head before I saw your picture! So, I’m on your team . . . who’s shotgunning the beer?

  2. says

    I think whoever wrote the rules was drunk. I think it’s a fine game, they just lack any spelling or grammatical ability whatsoever.

    I DID wonder what the game was all about when they were playing on New Girl and HELLO? how awesome would it be to play in a loft?

  3. says

    I am SO in… I watched this last week and again the other day, to try to figure out the rules myself. Why I didn’t think about googling them?? I can’t wait for my first housewarming party to play this!!

  4. says

    Even with you explaining it, I still feel like I would have to already be half drunk to understand it. Kind of like that Bamboozled game show they did on Friends.
    Which, now I want to watch the clip of. I have no idea why that popped in my head. I promise, I’m not drunk right now.

  5. Emily says

    To be fair, those rules are what someone wrote based off the episode. The show actually invented the game and people are pushing for the show to release real rules. I’ve seen a couple versions now and this is by far the best.

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