A Couple Days in Chinatown

My book is due today, and writing it has been mentally consuming. I’m sorry I have been absent, but I wanted to take a second to update you on where I’ve been, because it’s been a pretty amazing month.

First up, a peek at what I did while I was in New York City last week…


I ate a human hand in Chinatown. I think it was a human hand. Definitely a knuckle. It was hard to tell, there was a lot of sauce. The moral of the story is, if you go for Dim Sum at 8am, don’t let the little old man you are seated with order for you. Especially if he doesn’t speak English. And extra-especially if you don’t know the Chinese word for human hand.


Andy met his idol and I got a taste of redemption. For Christmas I had surprised Andy with two front row tickets to one his favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan. The show was March 24th at 7pm. On March 24th at 6:50pm, the Google event reminder on my phone beeped. I had completely forgotten, and while he tried to assure me it was okay, I could tell it wasn’t. So, with a little help from some friends in high places (Thanks Sarah!), I did one better. It took him 2 whole minutes to put it together in his head when he stepped out of the towncar. I love surprises.


I took my clothes off in a bookstore. I have a lot to say about this, but for right now, I will proudly stand there in my Dear Kates, and prove once again, sometimes fashion has curves and cellulite. And it’s beautiful.

Let’s talk more next week, loves. Until then, you can keep up with me on Instagram and Facebook. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of celebrating this weekend!


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    • Brittany says

      Thank you! I am still eking out a few final pages, May 1st is the hard deadline and man. I feel like I’m going to go streaking piss drunk when I finally hand it in.

  1. Carling Heath says

    AARRGH. My hubby saw the pic of you in your undies AND your librarian/teacher glasses, and it mashed up two of his fantasies and now I have to wear my horn rimmed glasses and nothing but underwear. It’s cold where I live, and I used to like the teacher/librarian role play because at least I started out fully clothed. It’s a beautiful pic, but just AARRGGH!!

  2. Loren Bell says

    You did it!!!!!! At least, I assume you did. If my book were due yesterday, I’d still be writing, but you’re clearly more organized than I. It’s a celebration, bitches!

  3. says

    Can I just say your hair looks amazing!?!?! It must have been the human flesh, added silkiness.
    And seriously…I’m thinking there should be movement started…errands in our undies ladies?
    Can’t wait to read it.

  4. Sarah says

    Sorry if you’ve already answered this before…but where did you get your sunglasses? Looking for a good pair of aviators! Thanks!

  5. Emily says

    Haha what the chinese old man ordered for you was probably CHICKEN FEET. It’s a chinese delicacy and usually eaten drenched in this red sauce at dim sum. I have just found your blog and you are AWESOME.

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