Fat Girls in Bikinis… We’re Just Like You!

We love the sun.

We love the water.

We sometimes forget to shave that one strip on the back of our legs.

And we worry like hell about what the other women at the beach think of us, because the honest to God truth is, forget the men, we judge each other the hardest.  There are entire magazines and blogs and fashion shows on E! dedicated to it. It’s pretty gross and archaic, and yet we never learn and we never stop.

So you see, skinny girls, we are the same. We are a sisterhood of women who fight to like ourselves in a deeply unlikable environment, who experience more body shaming than celebrating, and who- okay fine- enjoy high waisted jeans way more than any of us care to admit out loud.

You know a remarkable thing happened last year after I climbed my metaphorical “bikini mountain.” I haven’t been able to put a one piece bathing suit on since.

Curvy Girl Bikini Love

And why the hell should I? Bikinis make me feel sexy and feminine and I can pee so much easier. Sure my parts jiggle around a bit and my thighs touch, but in the name of Kate Upton, fuck yes. Do I have insecurities? Sure, but when I’m swimming through cool water, or brushing the sand of my skin, or admiring the tan lines I have that no longer resemble an over-sized men’s t shirt, they’re fleeting.

I was recently packing for Florida, and as I haphazardly tossed warm weather items into the open suitcase on my bed, my mom wrinkled her nose and asked why I would take a bikini on a family vacation. My answer was simple, because there would be a pool. I’m not selectively proud of my body, but if there was ever a time to openly relish feeling womanly and strong, it’s in front of my kids and on the off chance that I might see any other woman who wakes up that morning needing to see someone who looks like me to make it feel okay to look like her.

This year I stand before you with 10 lbs more ass and 20 lbs more swim suit confidence, which happens to be a pretty amazing ratio, especially as far as my boobs are concerned.

Polka Dot Bikini

Black Polka Dot Bikini, Lands’ End Top: size 14 /Bottom: size 16

This bikini feels retro glam, a look I’m very much digging this season. And it’s also a great excuse to wear red lipstick to the pool.  Of all the bikini tops I’ve tried on, this style is consistently the most comfortable non-underwire I’ve come across, that still offers some level of actual support. The bottoms are a little lower than my brain is used to processing, but hey, a little above the butt dimple never hurt anybody.

Here is to 2014, another year for us to join up, put our insecurities aside, and rock out with our stretchmarks out.

Feeling nostalgic? Click here to see the evolution of my swimsuit confidence!

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  1. TamaraL says

    More power to you! I actually can see the confidence in you! I, on the other hand, am only a few pounds overweight and cannot bring myself to wear a bikini. :( Can I borrow a bit of your confidence??

  2. says

    Hi Brittany,
    My name is Glynis. I agree with you I am loving the Retro Season and wish the companies had of done it a few years ago. I love the polka dots, not only in swimwear, (cause I bought myself a one piece with dots all over it), but in skirts, tops etc. This pattern always looks smart, and every woman looks fantastic in these colours and patterns. The bikini looks really great and comfortable. I am a bit like you, one size for the top and one for the bottom which incorporates my beautiful large hips. I am trying to learn to climb my own mountain of “self confidence” something that is incredibly hard to do, especially when others keep knocking you off the darn thing. I need better hiking boots (LOL).

  3. daphne says

    I loved this so much I just went and bought that swimsuit! I have to do a little sewing because I have to buy the top in a larger size (for larger cups) but then make the back strap smaller (smaller rib cage) but it all works out and looks great. This looks AWESOME on you and it’s really flattering for curvy girls of all sizes! Thank you for being such a great role model.

  4. says

    Can I say that you are amazing! Just amazing and beautiful in your bathing suit. We all feel that way and you said it perfectly and you dont care. Love it! Something for me to aspire to

  5. LisaC says

    That suit looks fabtastic on you! I looove the retro look firstly and that bikini top looks so comfortable.

    Thank you for stepping out there and becoming a role model women need.

  6. says

    Oh, I’m sorry HOW FUCKING AWESOME are you?! You look stunning and you are hilarious and I just discovered your blog. I almost spit out my coffee when I read your love poem turn into Islands in the Stream.

    I’ma follow you. (NOT LITERALLY, LIKE STALKING! That would be weird. On the inter web :)


  7. MJ Reiss says

    I’m a size 18 and just ordered a bikini. After the order i felt so scared that I googled fat girl bikini and your site came up. your post articulates the feelings very well. I am afraid of the shame but lusting after the feeling and in my book, lust always should win out over shame. We shall see how this plays out but I am excited to try.

  8. Adam says

    I’ve been googling men’s swimsuits the last couple of days to find out if it’s ok to wear a square cut trunk suit at the beach this year. Reading all the differing opinions and trying different searches brought me here.
    I like the prevailing attitude here of “if it makes you feel good about yourself and you’re comfortable then wear it”, and “ignore other’s negative opinions”. But my question now is do you feel that applies to men too? We worry about how we look and how we’ll be judged also.
    I’m 5’10” / 169lbs – basically thin – and my incredible girlfriend says I have a great butt. But she’s biased right? Is it just as ok for a guy to wear whatever suit he wants if it makes him (me) feel good about myself – even if he (I) isn’t as muscle bound as the male swimsuit models?

  9. MJ Reiss says

    It absolutely applies to men too. In fact, women can’t expect to be free of body shaming if men aren’t allowed to be. If a male person gets shamed for his body, be it thin or fat or whatever, he is more likely to judge others. I promise you that the women who see you in your suit are going to think “cute confident guy!” and not give a thought to muscles or whatever. Really the secret is – nobody cares that much about others, we are all just so worried about ourselves.


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