Snowed In With Nothing But Coconut Love

We’ve basically been stuck in our house since January 1st, and aside from the uncontrollable sobbing and eye twitching, it’s been amazing. I’m like Sissy Spacek in Blast From The Past.

There’s been constant rainbow looming, online shopping, minor home renovations, and it’s also cleared the way for  a couple “me” projects.

Bought a new vibrator… win.

Cut some bangs… ugh fail.

Slathered my body in coconut oil… win.

I’ve been in a torrid three month love affair with coconut oil. I am, admittedly, a little bit immature in the skin and make-up department. Like, one time in college, I saw on MTV that Jessica Simpson confessed to dabbing light pink lip gloss on the apple of her cheeks for a fresh dewy look… and I’m still actually doing that.

I’ve only started dipping my toe in the pool of adult make-up, traded in fruity body spray for perfume, and started a legit skin care routine. Aside from mascara, eyeliner, Jessica Simpson 90’s cheek dew and some under eye concealer, I don’t wear much else in my every day life. Because of this, I wasn’t hugely focused on taking care of my skin, but I’m now suddenly hyper aware of any hint of a line that appears around my eyes, and I’ve tried tons of different creams and ointments with no actual change.

I’ve been using coconut oil after washing my face day and night, and my skin is soft, clear and really young looking. I get the dew, no Bonne Bell required. It has also made all my stretch marks super soft and has really helped lighten them up.

If all that wasn’t rad enough, my hair. My hair is lovely, y’all. Every 3-4 weeks I treat my hair with coconut oil and it makes it so soft, and gives a giant fuck you to winter dry scalp.

Since I get so many comments and questions about using coconut oil in your hair, I figured I’d break it down step by step and selfie my way through the process for you.

Disclaimer: My hair is colored professionally, and coconut oil does not effect my color, but that doesn’t mean it won’t effect yours, so talk to your hair stylist or test it out before going full monty with this. 

Coconut Oil Hair 1

1. Get yourself some coconut oil. Yes, the kind you cook with. Organic, unrefined, raw coconut oil. It should smell like coconuts. If it doesn’t smell like coconuts, then it’s probably been processed and refined.  Click here for the exact brand I use.

Coconut Oil Hair 2

2. Get wet. Jump in the shower and do a fast hair wash, then a light towel dry. It’s best to start with clean and damp hair. I also recommend tackling this in a towel or old shirt. I haven’t had an issue with staining, but it is oil, so better safe than sorry.

Coconut Oil Hair 4

Coconut Oil Hair 5

3. Apply the Coconut Oil. Let’s pretend that top photo doesn’t look like I’m a fluffer at a porn shoot. Coconut oil starts as a solid and some people melt it on the stove or in the microwave before using. I find the oil melts just fine in your hand, especially if you keep the container in the bathroom during your shower. Section your hair off, and start massaging the oil into your hair and scalp, from top to bottom. I put tons on my ends and scalp, my two driest points.

Coconut Oil Hair 6

4. Secure the situation. I like wrapping my hair up in a bun, and then tossing on a shower cap. This keeps the oil off your clothes and doing it’s coconut-job in a warm and happy environment. Don’t have a shower cap? Try wrapping your hair in Saran Wrap then up in a towel. Keep the oil on for a few hours; 4-6 is great, but anything over an hour, and you’ll notice a difference.  I usually do this when I get home from dropping the kids at school, and then wash it out about an hour before I have to pick them back up.

Coconut Oil Hair Results

5. Wash it out & Enjoy. Jump back in the shower to wash the oil out of your hair with shampoo; I’m able to skip conditioner after an oil treatment. Then style like normal and try not to look like the creep who walks around smelling their hair and rubbing it softly against their cheek. Like me. Creep.



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  1. Stephany says

    Another great use for Coconut Oil? It’s a natural antibiotic! Seriously. A tablespoon of that in a pyrex dish with a T of honey (good honey), and a few sprinkles of good cinnamon and melt in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Let cool a few minutes and eat a good few teaspoons of it, leave the rest covered in saran on the counter for later in the day.

    When you have a cold or bug floating around the house or office, this 2-3 times a day is a cure all and raises the defense levels. I’ve warded off EVERYTHING so far for over a year – knock on wood!

  2. says

    I seriously must try this. My hair is just slightly longer than yours by a smidge and its super curly. My scalp is so thirsty for this oil!
    Thank you for the step by step tutorial.

  3. Amanda says

    Okay, so there’s not a lot of greasiness or any sort of issue like that, if you just wash it out normally? Your hair looks fantabulous, as always, but the fear of looking like an oily hobo has always kept me from trying this on my hair.

    • Brittany says

      Nope. I have no extra greasiness. I REALLY shampoo it out and nix the conditioner after. If you find you have a major oil issue up top, maybe avoid the top of your head, and do the oil from the tops of your ears down to lube up your ends?

      • Amanda says

        Heh.. lube.

        But seriously, I’m doing this. I think the idea of concentrating more kind of away from the top of my head and more toward the middle and ends is a great one, especially after I looked in the mirror this morning and saw a straw-haired, haggard ass looking Midwesterner looking back. Dry winters are the WORST.

        • Brittany says

          Preach. I have THE WORST dry scalp and ends. This has been a godsend and CHEAP compared to trying to remedy this at a salon.

    • says

      You can also try adding the shampoo to your hair first, before getting it completely wet. It starts to break up the oil and makes it easier to wash out!

      I totally just posted my own take on this today. Love it!!

  4. says

    I actually bought some because my 13 yr old daughter gets dry spots on her scalp so bad that it cracks. They’re like giant, dried out whitish looking scabs. We have NO IDEA how she got them, but treating her head with coconut oil actually really helps! I put some directly on the dry spots every couple of days and then we treat her whole head about once every two weeks. BIG difference. Plus, she says it doesn’t hurt her scalp any more to brush her hair.

    • Geena says

      it sounds like she might have psoriasis.
      (And now I must try coconut oil because i’ve suffered from it all my life.)

  5. Gween says

    I’m still on the hunt for something else just as amazing as coconut oil, since I’m allergic. :(
    Side note:my phone auto – corrected coconut to Cunt. I love technology.

  6. Gabrielle says

    This is exactly what I need! Thank you! When you use it on your face and body do you melt it or just use it as is, like a thick lotion?

    • Brittany says

      Honestly, I keep this in my bathroom and it basically melts in my hand or at skin contacts. So it turns to oil as I hold and apply it.

  7. Kara says

    We use coconut oil for EVERYTHING! Diaper rash, deoderant (mixed with a few other easy ingredients), hair treatment, lotion, and then of course as food! LOVE IT!!

      • Amy says

        Haha- that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the picture!! Not that you’re a fluffer….just that it looked like….

      • Jennifer Burgess says

        TOTALLY looked like that! That’s also how I feel every time I pump Cetaphil into my hands…I have to remind myself that I am not washing my face with jizz. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just, you know…it’s facial cleanser but looks like ejaculate!

  8. Jackie says

    Am I the only one who didn’t know you can buy vibrators on Amazon?
    I love coconut oil! Use it everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! I’ve used it on my hair before but didn’t leave it on for that long. Will be trying this soon.

  9. Katherine says

    Okay…here’s my question. I am psyched to try this on my hair since I get really dry scalp in the winter that dandruff shampoo helps but doesn’t cure. However, I am prone to breakouts (still…at 27 years old…yuck) but I have really dry skin on my face so acne wash tends to just…make my skin super dry and ugly. Do you think the oil would be bad to put on my face? I could try it on just my nose/cheeks since that is where it is really very dry. I don’t normally get breakouts in this area. Directing this to anyone really…since from the pictures you appear to have beautiful skin!

    • Brittany says

      I was really leery about piling oil on my skin, as I have oily areas in my T zone. But seriously, it’s been a non-issue. No breakouts or excess oil. It takes a touch longer to absorb into my skin, but it’s been worth it for how my skin feels.

    • Ktz says

      You could be having an oil issue because your cleanser is drying out your skin and so it’s overcompensating. I find that when I moisturize often my T zone is less oily. I also stopped using cleanser with syclic acid (I think that’s what it’s called) and started using stuff from LUSH because I had the same issue with an oily at zone and dry cheeks.

      • Katherine says

        Thanks! Yes my cleanser does have salicidic acid in it. I only use it a couple times a week and avoid my cheeks but I think it is time to try something different. Thank you for the tip

    • Amanda says

      I just started using coconut oil on my face and I’m 32 with acne. It’s only been about 2 weeks, but my skin is super soft and NO breakouts! I still get a little pimple here and there, but nothing like the breakouts that I’ve been having my entire life. I don’t know if it’ll be the long term cure I’m hoping it is, but so far, so good!

  10. says

    OMG the magic wand. We had to hide mine for a while as I couldn’t get anything else done. I mean, it also works as a great massager, but WHO THE HELL CARES!?

    Um. I mean. Uh. Ya. Coconut oil. Cool.

  11. Alanna S says

    I love me some coconut oil and have been using it for years. Glad to have you on board.

    I can’t use it on my face though. I get super break outs. I started the oil cleansing method with rice bran oil. It doesn’t cause me to have tight skin after washing it off and doesn’t cause me to look like I did in my teenage years (combination of oil slick and acne prone – SCORE!).

  12. S. says

    To whoever said the tip about taking it to zap colds – thanks! I’m going to try it. Since it’s ‘SNOWING’ in Texas and then it will be in the 70s Saturday – the green snot doesn’t appear to be leaving my house anytime soon. And it invited it’s friend – the ‘I might be coughing up a lung’ cough.

  13. Becky says

    So I have the oiliest scalp in the land… after day 2 of not washing my hair it’s nasty! But my hair is long and the ends can get dry because I also live in the Polar Vortex sweet spot. Should I do this just from the top of my ears down? Will that work?

    • Brittany says

      I would definitely just try it from the ears down first. If you love it, you could always try your whole head, it washes out, it wouldn’t be a HUGE deal, maybe just a couple of shampoos required:)

  14. Molly says

    have you tried “oil pulling”? You swish coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes each day, supposed to help with mouth and teeth health. I am not joking,

      • Brittany says

        Swishing for 20 minutes a day? I’m nervous about this. I have a REALLY shallow gag reflex… how do you do it?

        • Carlyn says

          I do 10. It is any where from 10-20 minutes. and I don’t do what they recommend between that and saliva nothankyou. I do as much as I can handle for 10 minutes, I wake up and its the first thing I do, wash my face, get my coffee ready, pee…change a diaper spit it out and brush my teeth. honestly my teeth and mouth feel AMAZING all day! I LOVE IT! dont’ swallow it, I mean you are swishing all that icky stuff out of your mouth you don’t want it in your stomach. if you have to spit some of it (if you are an over salivator lol) then spit some out no big, figure out how much works for you. it is awkward the first time since its hard but you get used to it..I gag from gross easily. but I am ok with this.

  15. karen says

    I have done this once but this winter is KILLING my hair and skin, so I need to get back into the habit. My hair is definitely looking strawman-like, esp on the ends. Haven’t tried it on my skin, but I’ll try anything at this point on my alligator legs.

  16. Sarah says

    When you use the coconut oil on your face, etc., you just let it melt in your hand and then slather, it’s that simple? Can you overuse it at all? My skin is THIRSTAY!

    • Brittany says

      That is exactly how I use it, I just rub it in my hands and then onto my face, morning and night. It does take a little bit longer than typical moisturizers to soak in, but it’s worth it:)

  17. Tiffany says

    Sold for the Hair! I need this. Are you applying this to your face once a day after washing? My face is super dry in the winter..

  18. Holly Moser says

    How do you use it for your skin? Just apply like you would lotion to face and body? I’ll try the hair but am looking more for body/face.

  19. stephanie rochelle says

    I love using coconut oil in my hair! I do it every couple of weeks…i usually melt it in the microwave first in a small bowl and bring it in the bathroom…i slather my hair up while i shower…a couple of times i have walked around the house all afternoon with it in while i cleaned. it usually takes me a good shampoo to get it all out…but it brings my highlights out awesome!!!!!

  20. Alexis Wood says

    I think I speak for most of us when I express my disappointment that you didn’t do live filming while in the shower.

  21. Emily says

    I use my coconut oil for everything, and I’ve discovered that using a mixer on the oil for a few minutes breaks up the chunks and whips it up nicely so it’s more of a cream, and easier to scoop out of my container. Also, because this weather has made my face too dry for just coconut oil, I’ve made myself a cream from coconut oil and cocoa butter that I bought at the natural food store. I eyeball amounts of both (usually a little more of the cocoa butter) and melt them together, sometimes adding a little olive or rosehip oil, depending on what I have on hand.

  22. says

    THIS is amazing. I have pretty amazing hair myself, but it is dry as a nun and I heat style it. And it’s been -30F for what feels like my entire life. It needs some silky smooth love (now, I feel like a fluffer). This looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Now where’s the bangs?

  23. Amy says

    Do you use it all over your body? How? Like about how long does it take to soak in to the point where it won’t get all over clothes/sheets? My skin is so dry this winter and I like to put on lotion before bed but I don’t want to end up feeling like I’m sleeping in a food grease-stain in my bed that will never wash out.

    Btw I got the hair wand because of your tutorial and I LOVE the way it looks, I’ve never been able to hold a curl in my hair but that wand actually works!

    • Brittany says

      First I am so happy about your hair!

      As for how I use it, I apply it like lotion. It melts in my hand and I rub it on. I never timed the soak in time, but I want to say, it’s like 10-20 minutes before I hop into bed and I haven’t had a grease on the sheets issue. It definitely takes longer to soak into my skin than lotion, but my skin is way more moisturized and happy.

  24. says

    I live in the UK and haven’t seen coconut oil in our supermarkets, I will have a look.

    My hair is dry and very grey (under a wonderful professional colour) and a nice cheap way of getting a similar result in the UK is to put conditioner in your hair and leave it wrapped in a towel for as many hours as you can and then wash it out and dry it – voila.

    I do buy hair conditioning treatments and use it the same way as this – when I remember. I run around like a nutter and even manage to forget to do things that are on my ‘to do’ list – note to self – put this on my ‘to do’ list.

    Thanks for the tip – I now have coconut oil on my shopping list. I love the smell of coconut.

    • Lucia says

      try ethnic food shops – much cheaper and in larger jars. Or health food stores. Waitrose sell it but in small jars and expensive.

  25. says

    I’ve thought about trying oil on my long curly hair, but I wasn’t sure how my hair/scalp would react since I haven’t used shampoo since July 2012.
    …I’m not gross, I scrub my scalp under very warm water and I still use a conditioner two or three times a week, just zero shampoo.
    I worry the lack of shampoo combined with extra oils may be too much for my hair.

  26. Sasha says

    I too live in Ohio and have been using this method once or twice a week. The difference is amazing. I normally only wash my hair every two or three days and I don’t end up greasy at all but my hair is extra crispy. I have even used a tiny, tiny amount after my hair is dry and styled on my ends or to smooth the fly aways on top.

    I love it on my body and face but can’t stand to sleep with it on. I do slather it on when I am home and can wander the house in old yoga pants (often lately, die winter die). Or I put it on often as a pre-shower treatment (face and body), wander the bathroom for a bit naked and wash it off in the shower.

    One tip I saw and loved was to mix up equal amounts of coconut oil and either vitamin E or Primrose oil(squeeze out of the caplet) and store the mixture in a contact lens case. It makes a great under eye anti aging cream.

  27. Cass says

    Love coconut oil – my husband and I have been using it for moisturizer and hair treatments for quite a few years. (It’s getting so popular that I am scared the price will go up soon.) My dogs also love it. If they hear me open the jar in the bathroom they come running hoping I’ll give them a scoop…

  28. CP says

    Just a disclaimer: coconut oil can be comedogenic for some people and cause breaks out. Make sure to spot test first!

  29. Elaine says

    Coconut oil is the BEST.THING.EVER. I started using it on my face and my once SUPER oily skin has changed to normal! No more oily t-zone or anything. It’s amazing!

    A lot of times I’ll whip up some coconut oil using a hand mixer, using a whisk attachment, and then mix in regular lotion. That’s what I’ve been using for body lotion this winter and it has made my skin feel moisturized.

  30. says

    All of these comments are about coconut oil and I’m the only one wondering if that giant Hitachi makes you feel like you’re in a 1970s porn.

  31. Tracey says

    I’ve been super into slathering myself with coconut oil head to toe also! But I now find myself craving those pepperidge farm coconut layer cakes and chocolate dipped macaroons.

  32. Laura says

    I realize this has nothing to do with your post on coconut oil, but I’m obsessed with your shirt in the #5 Wash out and Enjoy pics. It’s a great color on you and looks super cute!

  33. says

    I’m just out of my first trimester (first baby!) and I’m wondering if this would be a good anti-stretchmark solution as I begin to grow instead of cocoa butter or vitamin E oil that I keep reading about.

  34. says

    I have naturally oily hair. I try to wash my hair every other day so the natural oils can replenish my hair but the ends of my hair is where I need the help. Does it help if I just put it on the ends of my hair?

  35. LinzJupiter says

    “I’ve been using coconut oil after washing my face day and night, and my skin is soft, clear and really young looking.” You and me both, sister! People think I’m nuts for putting more oil on already oily skin — but the coconut oil keeps both zits and wrinkles away.

    And for the princely sum of $2.99 for a can of British Class at the grocery store.

  36. Elle says

    Well after reading all the hype about coconut oil I thought I would give it a try. So I bought the EXACT same kind from amazon (UK version) and waited patiently. As soon as it arrived, I slapped that stuff on my head and hair and then waited for 3 hours. I then spent 20 mins washing it out. But it didn’t seem to want to come out! I washed and washed as much as I could but it’s still really oily/greasy!
    It’s now a day later and my hair is thick, dull, oily, heavy, disgusting and awful! I am going to the hair dressers tomorrow to see if she can sort it out as I can’t seem to shift it!
    Arghhh! Where did I go wrong?! Did I put too much on??

    FYI : I have long red (coloured) hair, that is naturally wavy. In fact it looks a LOT like yours.
    Help! Elle xx

    P.S. I love your blog – I used to live in North East Ohio for 10 years and reading your posts reminds me of my time there and I can relate to so much of what you go through! Thanks xx

  37. Elle says

    Yes, it’s me again… well I ended up going to the hair dressers and she was horrified that I had put this oil in my hair (not to mention the awful smell)! Eventually she used an entire bottle of washing up liquid on my head and then shampooed/conditioned it out. The whole process took over an hour! I will NOT be trying this again as it was a complete disaster! I’m glad it works for others but for me – the jar is going in the bin!

    • Brittany says

      Wow, that is quite a horrible experience! I am sorry you went through that, I’ve never had an issue, but like I said, I can’t speak for other’s hair. DEFINITELY listen to your stylist.

  38. Nancy Adams says

    I have been using coconut oil for everything (deodorant, body scrub, body and hair moisturizer) for about 6 months, but I just tried the Nutiva. It is lovely!! Softer than most and a nice mild smell (I love Trader Joe’s, but it smells like it’s been roasted)…put the Nutiva in my hair overnight and it feels so good today!


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