School’s Out. ALREADY!?

This morning I got up and looked at the school calendar, as I am wont to do two hours before the start of school, and I exhaled a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to come up with snack for twenty kids.

Last month I sent Wyatt to class with a bag full of uneaten take-out fortune cookies. Lazy and unprepared or exotic and educational, I’ll let you be the judge.

But, it was during this last minute snack review, that I realized the final day of school is… next Wednesday? May 22nd? In, like, five days?

What the epic fuck, dude!?

When I was in school, we went until the beginning of June (depending on how many snow days we had), with the last day being a field day, where I spent the entire afternoon pulling pleated shorts out of my crotch, hiding against the fence along the turnpike and trying not to get stung by bees or called on to do a relay.

So, this sudden, very imminent end is… jarring.

Part of me should be excited, because now I can sleep in and not feel bad about wrapping my kids’ peanut butter and jelly in napkins and scotch tape. Downside: I never have sandwich bags. Upside: My kids sleep in like jobless 40 year olds.


But, this feels early. I don’t know that I’m mentally ready for them to be laying around my house, surrounded by toys, electronics, bikes and trampolines, telling me how bored they are.

It’s parochial school, can’t I sell some thing on Craiglist and pay for two more weeks? Because that would be awesome.

So apparently, I need to go to the store because I need more sandwich bags. And Straw-Ber-Ritas. The official drink of moms who hate summer but love opening cans.


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  1. says

    May 22nd is so early! Did they start in August then? Here in Michigan, it’s State law that school can’t start until after Labor Day.

    And yeah, I REALLY like my days alone in the house watching whatever I want on TV and getting snacks without someone saying “can *I* have some?” lol

  2. Yvonne McDaniel says

    Hahaha! I love your sense of humor! It’s such a transition when school gets out. Sure takes some adjustment for everyone!

  3. says

    That’s super early. We’re done June 7, and not a minute too soon, either. As a teacher, I must admit, if summer doesn’t arrive by then, I can’t promise I won’t accidentally drop a hot box of dontgiveafucks. And I’d really rather not do that.

  4. Jackie Kiddle says

    We had 9 weeks of school holiday last year it nearly killed me (turned me into a wino) – even though my children are treasures

  5. says

    That is early. We’re done June 7 and not a minute too soon, either. As a teacher, I have to admit that if summer doesn’t come by then, I can’t promise I won’t drop a hot box of dontgiveafucks. And I don’t want to do that.

    • Brittany says

      It’s already steamy here, so the weather is right… I just expected more alone time. You know, before they are here touching me all the time.

  6. Jennifer McGee says

    I’m gonna have to try these Straw -Ber-Rita’s… Good??? Ahh summer the best part is not have to press school uniforms… If its clean wear it!! Doesn’t match??? That’s just them expressing their creativity 😉

  7. Leann says

    A district in my area has their last day today. Plus, due to construction of new school buildings, they are not going back until after labor day. Those parents are going to need some serious drinks. The teachers are super excited though…

  8. Mommy says

    In CA, we start in August and end the second week in June. And obviously no snow days. Lame! I want summer next week!!!! So jealous!!!!!

  9. Kimberly says

    We get out next weds too. Even better….my unemployed 18yr old graduates next Thursday. He’ll be laying around my house being bored indefinitly or until I pack his stuff and send home to college. Which, alternates between being TOMORROW or NEVER OMGNOTMYBAYBEE!

  10. Sarah says

    My kids also go to parochial school (in MN) and we have the same last day of school and I also had the same reaction. ugh!

  11. says

    Eff the strawberritas – they now have MIKE’S FROZEN HARD DRINKS in the supermarket!! I shit you not!!!

    As for the end of school….Munchkin has another month after your kids are finished. And the worst part is – they are getting out a day earlier because there were NO snow days. And also…the Memorial weekend….is a freaking FOUR DAY WEEKEND – again – because there were no snow days this year! GAH!

  12. Amberlee Letourneau says

    They just changed things here our kids get out in June like normal, but start school early Aug and get out of school in 2014 in May O.O I miss when school started in Sept and ended in june.

  13. Jen D. says

    Haha, I swear I’ve read an entry or two of yours where you sent fortune cookies for snack before! I say it’s educational…at least they have to read something.

    May is so early to be out of school! Back in MY day (10+ years ago…so old!) we never got out until mid-June.

  14. Amy says

    It sucks when they are teenagers too! My 16 yr old will be playing league sports all summer, I have to take him to practices and travel to tournaments. My 18 yr old, who doesn’t have a job yet, is going to comm college instead of away. Lucky me, he gets to drive me crazy at home even in the fall! All ages are a pain in the ass!! Lol. Enjoy your summer all!!!!

  15. Allison says

    Mine don’t get out until the 29th, but the district did change the calender and let them out a day early because they didn’t use a single snow day this year, which is insane to me. I grew up out in BFE and we used every calamity day, plus an extra 5. When you’re driving a 20 mile radius to pick up kids, one end of the district has sunshine and the other has 10 inches of snow and ice.

  16. Selena says

    We get out here on June 21st, go back after Labor Day. I am in the minority in that I love having my son home. He’s going to be 13 in two weeks so he is so independent during the day and does his own thing and now I miss having him need me for everything. In the summer we stay up late, watch movies, talk, listen to loud music, just have a ball. It’s the best part of summer.

  17. Carrie says

    I love that you just went right out and said you hate summer. I am a stay at home mom counting down the days until August because that is when I go back to work, full time, forever. So many of my FB friends or bloggers are posting about the Wonderful! Awesome! Beginning of school break where they can finally spend ALL DAY with their kids. Oh, boy. I didn’t get that gene.

  18. says

    I grew up with a stay at home mom, but I work outside the house fulltime and it’s weird for me to think that my kids will never have days and days of laying around the house being “bored” like I did as a kid… at least not until they’re old enough to be home alone (which is like, 25, right?)

  19. LouisianaMeredith says

    “Our” kiddo (not mine biologically but in every other way possible) also attends parochial school and he’s in school until May 29. We begin the HELL of finals soon….I WILL be drinking heavily, every damned night, I can assure you.

    Other schools are out next week. When I realized this, it dawned on me that 2013 is almost half way over—-WTF?!?

  20. Caryl says

    My kid will be in before and after school program when she heads off to kindergarten in a year. I’ll keep her there until she ages out at 12. After that, I’m going to regale her of the summers of the 80’s, where I babysat my siblings for my SAHM, so she could READ BOOKS ALL DAY.

    We got out of school in June and started in September 23 years ago when I graduated HS. These days, I am a fan of year round school LOL.


    PS target needs to start carrying those Rita’s of yours….

  21. says

    I can’t believe that it snuck up on you. We are slotted for school to end on June 7th, but I can tell you that the learning portion of school ended several weeks ago. Since that time, the teachers have come up with all sorts of field trips and things to keep the kids (and their parents) busy until school finally ends. And the majority of these things require either parental attendance or a payment of some sort. How much do you need to rent rollerblades from the school to skate around the gym tomorrow? What time do I have to be there to see you play in a teacher vs student basketball game? You need what color shirt for the talent show?

  22. AngelLeigh says

    Seriously, SUMMER CAMP. It can be a lot of fun, unless it’s the catholic one where you have to get up at 4am and sing ‘Our God is an Awesome God’. That one sucks–based on timing alone. They’re really cute though, hopefully that will distract you as they ‘Mom, I’m borrrrrreed!’ you for the thousandth time.

  23. says

    We started mid-August and we go until June 7th. As a teacher, I miss the days of mid-August to Mid-May. Kids are done. I am done. I am ready to send them to first grade.

    Come on summer! I’m tired of wearing pants!

  24. Sue says

    I really love that we will soon be able to sleep in past 6:15 am – however, having to come up with food three times a day for three kids is exhausting and now that they are home I will not be grocery shopping by myself.

  25. says

    Oh man! We’re not out until June…11th (had to check LOL) here and I am completely happy with that day. Matter of fact, could we make it longer?? I homeschooled both of my boys (6 & 7) until Christmas of this year and let me tell you, I am thoroughly enjoying the alone time in my home.

  26. Kathleen says

    At least your kids GO to school! I know home schooling is an unusual choice, but man I wish I got more time alone. Oh, and only the 2 oldest are school age. There are also two 2year olds. Now where do I get those mamaritas?

  27. Johanna says

    May 22nd does seem awfully early. I don’t remember being out of school until June.

    As for the Straw-Ber-Rita’s, my husband saw an ad for those the other day and had an “I need to try that right now” moment. It was funny. He loves his margaritas and was super intrigued by the beer-a-rita.

  28. Robin W. says

    No kids at home – but work in a kid environment, school is already out for me. I have tried the Straw-Ber-Rita’s and will be putting in a large inventory of them for the summer – giving them as birthday gifts as well!! Love giving booze to friends!!

  29. Nicole T says

    Brittany – we were in school until June 5 when I was a kid. In Ohio – a part of Ohio that didn’t take snow days, only “it’s too cold for the diesel bus to start” days.

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