I arrived in Florida to tornadoes, hail, cool temperatures… oh, and an email box full of requests from morning news shows.

All because a chubby girl wore a bikini on the internet.

I mean, can you even imagine!?

So, yesterday we spent the day poolside with the crew of Good Morning America.

We talked about bikinis, beauty and internet reactions; the good, the bad and the ugly.

But, when it came to asking me why I did it, well, that was the easiest question of them all.


It was staring right at me.

The segment will run later this week.  I will keep you updated with the run time!

As for today, I have a date with my kids and a crazy expensive mouse.  More on that tonight. You know, after I’ve had enough wine to forget my feet hurt, my thighs are chaffed and I just spent three or four mortgage payments in the most positively “magical” way.

photo courtesy Amber Doty

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  1. kristeneileen says

    You make me feel brave. I don’t want to gush – you already know of my enormous crush on you – but seriously, with you, it’s always all happening. I kind of want to be you when I grow up. Love, love, love… and what a mom you are, Brit. Good God-Damn. Talk about a Modern Woman. XO

  2. Joy says

    You’re simply amazing! That’s the best reason of all to be proud of who you are, they learn their confidence from our example….I have to remember not to bash myself in front of my girls.

    Thanks as always, xoxo

  3. Amy Simmons says

    I am so proud that you are a positive voice for women of all ages and sizes. Keep up the great work.

  4. Kelli G. says

    This made me cry! Having a daughter is the ultimate reason to see the real beauty in all of us. Thank you for this. <3

  5. LouisianaMeredith says

    That photo? Has me SOBBING!!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–you are my hero, Rosalie!!

  6. says

    I love it. We need more women like you to teach out daughters to rock who they are, not who society tells them to be. Plus, you totally rock a bikini, so what were you nervous about anywho?


  7. says

    Looking forward to your GMA appearance. And I can totally relate to the expensive mouse trip – we did that last week. Broke the bank but was worth every minute, especially as my son is in a wheelchair and Disney is so accomodating! He smiled all day long – as did his Mama. Have fun!

  8. Kathleen says

    Oops – maybe they are not sassy hands on hips after all. Love the pigtails then – or as my daughters called them, “pigponytails!”

  9. Melissa says

    You can tell I’ve really got my priorities in order because my biggest reaction to this story was, “OMG, Gigi’s hair is SOOOO long!!!!”

  10. Tnblondy2 says

    As a mom of 3 (2 of them girls), that totally got me all choked up. Its a super hard job and it doesn’t get any easier. You’re doing amazing, momma!

  11. says

    I seriously cried…. cried because I have one of those too and my greatest wish hope and dreams are I do something that makes her world better.. that makes her brave…and that makes her proud…. and you did it for yours and you did it for all of ours.

  12. says

    I am a new reader and I wanted to say thank you for being you. For giving me a little more courage to just go out in a swimsuit with an I’M HERE TO LOUNGE SO DEAL WITH IT attitude and to not feel so self-conscious about my body. It’s a big hangup for me and your post really spoke to me {and you ROCKED those bikinis}. Enjoy your time with the Mouse in one of my favorite places on Earth!

  13. says

    Congrats on the TV spots! I never watch Good Morning America, and I’m terribly forgetful, but I really want to try to remember to set my DVR for this one!

    Spandex shorts under a dress. That’s the ticket. My Disney-loving friend taught me that for our trip last year, and that combination really was magical. A dress to keep you cool and the shorts to prevent flashing and chafing.

  14. says

    Double high 5’s!! you wearing a bikini…bold…awesome…and braver than I could ever be! Wish more people felt comfortable enough to see that grown women overexercising & dieting and more for @ size 0-size 6 just ain’t right! ps-loved the 1st bikini on you (muy sexy) but I couldn’t do it since halters hurt me, my neck (and my 42DDs) way too bad!

  15. Sierra says

    Even if Gigi has no problems with body image, you’ve taught her how to fight and love. What a woman she will be!

  16. shelby says

    There are no other words than You Are Amazing!!!!
    I struggle with my 16 year old daughter trying to make her love who she is and she can do anything she sets her heart to. This past weekend I overheard her telling her friends that they need to stop stressing over their weight and if the boys don’t like them for who they are then screw em! It made my heart do flips!!!!!
    Thank you for being you!!!!!

  17. Kim says

    Where is the like button. You amaze me. You are the roll model I wanted when I was growing up. You are some of the good kharma in this world. Bless you.

  18. says

    Completely awesome. I think you being of GMA will reach more women than those of us who read your blog. You’ve given me the courage to not give up, and because you made the navy blue Land’s End bikini look so damn good, I am thinking of ordering it and trying to deal with the anxiety of wearing it.

    Thank you for being the virtual best friend a girl needs. I feel like you’d be absolutely amazing to go shopping with–you are daring in your choices, but you make smart ones.

    Thank you for making being big not as painful and (almost) tolerable!

  19. alicia says

    you are an inspiration and a role model that women and their daughters can look to.

    thank you. i have hope that the world may soon change to one of acceptance and openness to those of us who are dealing with size issues.

  20. says

    I have recently started reading your blog and have a 15month old daughter so you hit a wonderful nerve with this post . You are an inspiration and should be so incredibly proud for what you do! and you’re hilarious to boot! Keep up the good work and enjoy the place where dreams come true!

  21. Lisa Newlin says

    You rock and are an inspiration to all of us out there who aren’t a size 2 but are still fabulous. Thanks for not being afraid to bare yourself. (No pun intended)

    Now, let’s eat brownies to celebrate!

  22. Mommy x2 says

    I just read about your “bikini” post on Huffington Post…I have to say reading it gave me a new outlook on my “new” body. Especially after reading this current post, with the photo of your daughter watching you. I just recently (2 months ago) had a baby girl and already have a 2 year old daughter. I gained about 30lbs w/each pregnancy. I lost all but about 10lbs from my first and now I’m about 20 lbs from a weight I feel “comfortable” at. I’ve been really down on myself and my body, embarrassed of it & of myself. My husband is totally cool w/my body & never has said a negative word…it’s all me. He’s always complimenting me & telling me I’m beautiful just the way I am, to which I’ve been getting mad @ him for saying it, because “I know I don’t look beautiful” :o( What I already knew, but you made more clear, is that the kids are always watching us, what we do & say, how we treat others & especially how we treat ourselves. This is a roadmap, if you will, of how they will treat themselves & others in the future also. I realize that the weight I have gained will eventually come off (if I stick to a workout/eating plan…which is SO HARD, because I LOVE food! LOL!!), but what I realize more now after reading your blog, is it is important to LOVE ourselves always…if not for us, but for our family, especially us moms with little girls! They are always watching us…and I want my girls to feel good in whatever body they have…in whatever clothes (or bikini’s!) they choose to wear! Self confidence is one of the most important things we can teach them…and it starts w/loving ourselves. Thank you for being so open, honest & BRAVE! You ROCK!!! Hope you have a fantastic vacation & strut your stuff in those bikini’s you HOT MOMA!

  23. Louisa says

    I don’t have kids. I hope to have mixed racial children one day (can you say glutton for punishment?) but I am sooooo proud of you. And proud of me. And proud of us. Kiss our asses TV audiences. We rock!

  24. Shelly says

    Hi Brittany, I just found your blog thanks to the Huff Post featuring your bikini blog post. Anyway, I’ve spent way too much time on your blog this morning, because, duh, I work from home and will make-up this time when I’m working all weekend. All that is because I’ve never felt so at home while visiting a blog before! I adore Maggie and all of her famous internet friends but they have an intimidation factor. Your bikini post spoke to me so much. I started wearing a bikini when I turned 40 because I said, wtf, if not now, when? I do rock a little skirt (from Land’s End) but it’s still totally cute. And to this day, my husband does not know how much I weigh. Mostly because I’m only about 10 lbs. lighter than him, and the same weight as my dad growing up: 185.

    Your courage to post those photos, then to start a life list-even though you didn’t really want to for all the same reasons I don’t really want to-totally inspire me!! Thank you, thank you. You’ve gained a follower and hopefully one day a friend!

  25. Jess says

    You’re pretty fucking awesome – you know that, right? I hope you write a write up about your Disney experience. I’m a huge Disney fan who happened to be at Disney while you were but never ran into you (I told you on Instagram that I couldn’t make the meet up in Kissimee) but I’d love to read your take on the parks!


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