Meeting Wyatt

Every morning on the way to school we listen to music and sing.

When they get out I turn on NPR or POTUS to nerd out, but until then, it’s a super long drive and yes, singing and merriment is had.

The kids have a Spotify playlist, and it used to consist of mostly Disney music and cartoon movie soundtracks, but has slowly, and thankfully, been going a bit more mainstream thanks to Gigi’s current obsession with Glee, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Jude and Gigi sing their hearts out, but Wyatt man, he’s stoic. He doesn’t sing, he barely even smiles. He assures me he’s okay and everything’s cool, but my inability to crack him is maddening.

When your kids are small, it’s easy to lump them together. You love them all. They are all cute. They all like cartoons and popcorn and Disney World.

But, as they grow into small human people, it becomes more and more apparent that they are not only entirely different from one another, but parenting becomes this balance of separate personal relationships within a family.

A day with Gigi means a day of changing our clothes 400 times, practicing dramatic monologues and choreography, shopping, watching The Princess Bride, hand holding and eating someplace fancy enough to have cloth napkins to place on our lap.

Jude time usually consists of video games, building drones with his dad, Star Wars movie marathons, talking about cute girls in his class, and sometimes, maybe, letting me hold his hand in Best Buy.

My days with Wyatt were always unclear. He went absolutely anywhere I suggested, and gladly held my hand and chatted with me when prompted, but there were no stand out pure Wyatt moments.

Even last Christmas, as Andy and I made our Christmas shopping lists, it became clear we weren’t entirely sure we knew who Wyatt was becoming.

Does he want Star Wars guys?

No, that’s more Jude’s thing.

Does he like Batman?

I’m not sure if he does, or he just plays with it because that’s what we bought him, ya know?

Jesus Christ.

I know.

Looking for a sure fire kick to the parenting nutsack? Realize you don’t know your kid. Here, I’ll give you the number to my therapist and favorite liquor store.

A few weeks ago as we were driving to school, I handed Wyatt my phone and asked him to pick out a song. Any song he wanted.

He plugged in his headphones and started scrolling and scrolling, for like, five minutes. Finally, he pulls out his cord and hands me my phone to plug back in the car, and we listened, full blast, to Wyatt’s song… Sabotage by The Beastie Boys.

He played the air drums for three minutes, and when it was over, I hit repeat. And I also cried, but whatever.

Mental note, Wyatt likes the Beastie Boys.

Figuring out Wyatt secrets became my new personal mission. When he came home that day, we sat down with the iPad and watched tons of music videos on Youtube, read about bands on Wikipedia, and put together the beginning of a Wyatt playlist, because you see, Wyatt loves music, not singing it, playing it. Specifically, he wants to play the drums, guitar and also take turn-table lessons.

Mental note, Wyatt is a bad ass.

We have family movie night once a week. It sounds legit, but really, it’s just an excuse for everyone to force me to make popcorn from scratch while we sit around in our underwear on the couch. Thankfully, we’ve all finally reached the ceiling of our Fellowship of the Ring tolerance level, so Jude has been suspended from movie picking, passing the reigns to Wyatt. We keep all our DVD’s in giant leather CD cases (saves space), and he sat on the floor and flipped through book after book until deciding on his movie… Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Babe, this is the third movie, don’t you want to start with the first one?

No, Sirius Black is my favorite guy.

wyatt potter glasses

Mental note, Wyatt is dope.

A few days ago, I was out running errands with Wyatt in tow. It’s funny, when I had my first kid, I was scared to death to go anywhere, and swore I’d never leave the house again because getting anything done with a kid was impossible. Now that I have three, I feel like I could climb Everest if it meant I could leave the house with only one of them.

We popped into Five Below, aka, my new favorite place to accidentally spend $100, to pick up some Valentine’s Day stuff, when Wyatt came across a pair of mustache print suspenders in the clearance bin. He already has a bit of a bow tie collection going ( I know dude, this kid, he kills me), so after explaining how they worked, he decided that he needed them, and for $1, ok yeah fine.

Wyatt suspenders Collage

He hasn’t taken them off since.

Mental note, I want to be Wyatt when I grow up.

Wyatt loves to play Euchre (thank God, because sorry Andy, but you blow), he likes eating sushi with me and sitting at the bar so he can talk to the chef, he’s an amazing artist, he thinks George Clooney was a sucky Batman, he prefers to do his own hair, he likes Legos and talking about how dinosaurs died, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of the person he is becoming.

meeting wyatt

I finally figured out who Wyatt is. He’s the coolest fucking guy I know.


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  1. says

    I have zero desire to be a mother; the closest I come to wanting a child is wanting to find a doorway to an alternate universe where the Rock Star and I had a kid(s) and peep in on how the procreation thing turned out for us. (And then I get to shut that door and go back to my super awesome selfish life of doing whatever the fuck I want.)
    That being said, Wyatt sounds like our kind of kid. And that’s about the best compliment I can give.

  2. says

    You seriously do have the coolest effin kid on the block! Well…you have awesome kids all around but dang! I just hope that my future kids can be at least half as cool as Wyatt!

  3. Lisa says

    Love this post!! The fact that you are trying to figure out who each of your children are without pushing things on them makes you an awesome mother. Thanks for sharing your amazing little guy. :) He’ already way too cool for me.

  4. says

    I love Love letters to your kids. I was so sad when the last HP hit the theaters. My baby boy is 13, soon to be 14 and I love that he comes to me and tells me everything. Just the other night we came home from drinks with friends and he said “I wanted to tell you about my day but it can wait, I know you’re tired.” So I sat down and said I had time. He informed me of his desire to runaway with the girl he likes (she’s having problems at home and he just wants to save her.) He realizes this is a dumb idea since he has no money. But the face that he feels save to tell me.

    That’s my kid. Sometimes I can’t get him to stop talking but that’s ok. I’ll start worrying when he stops talking.

  5. says

    This one reminds me of mine…

    The 13 year old that told me 2 nights ago that he wanted to run away with the girl he likes (she’s having problems at home and he wants to save her.) But he told me because he’s my talker and I hope he never stops talking…

  6. says

    I LOVE this post! I just wrote a post about my middle kid and how I don’t want her to be invisible. Sounds like we are going through the same thing. Also, I read your blog all the time and have never commented but I love your fashion stuff and your wit. Keep em’ coming!

  7. Holly says

    I LOVE this post. I have 3 kids that are only 2 1/2 years apart in age. My 2 girls seem to get lumped together as twins all the time (which sucks because my second girl WAS a twin but her sister died before she was born). My 5 year old girl is easy to describe, she’s an artist, loves to read, is in love with fairies, does word searches for fun, and thinks she’s the boss of the world. My youngest (a boy) is all things firetrucks and trains, rough and tumble, boy through and through. But my 4 year old girls is SO hard to describe, and when you mentioned buying Christmas presents, oh my word that resonated so hard with me. We have the hardest time buying her gifts because I just don’t know what SHE likes. She does all the things her sis does, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because they’re friends. She plays with her brother’s firetrucks and trains, but just because they’re friends.

    So now you have inspired me to go on a mission to find out who SHE is. Which just so happened to mean that this morning I was putting a few hot pink highlights in her hair. And you know what? It looks perfect on her, and she is thrilled. I can’t wait to see what else I learn about her in the days to come.

  8. Alex says

    Hi!! I love your blog, my college roommate and I started following you a few years ago and everything you write is hilarious. This post is really sweet, Wyatt sounds like an awesome kid :)

  9. Taylor says

    I love this on so many levels and oh, I totally cried. Thank you for posting this. I wish more parents paid attention like this. You are an inspiration as always.

  10. says

    It comes and goes, that knowing your kid thing. Puberty really screws with you. My oldest became even MORE quiet about who he is and what he likes. He’s a man of few words. And since I am the type that fills awkward silences with lots of awkward words, he spends most of his time looking at me like I’m an idiot.
    Recently, though, he took up soccer. My sport. My first love. I’m like the happiest girl in the world. I have something to say that doesn’t pain him to listen to!!!!!!

  11. says

    I don’t have kids of my ow yet, but I hope I’m this cool as a Mom when I do. I had a great conversation with my 6 year old cousin. He can sometimes be hard to engage, but you ask him about a movie he like or a TV show and he doesn’t stop talking. Its so cute! I also take care of a 6 year old boy who is currently obsessed with deep sea creatures and ancient animals. He asks me to draw them all the time. I currently have to practice a saber tooth tiger and woolly mammoth. He informed me my deep sea creatures are awesome! I hope I am blessed someday with an awesome little boy like yours and these 2 guys. :)

  12. RealMommyChron says

    Seriously, you should consider just sending him to Brooklyn now.
    Also, he sounds more awesome than most people I know. Sorry, people I know. :/

  13. says

    This post reminds me of a quote I once heard- I cant tell it to you verbatim because I am 2 glasses into a bottle of wine- joint birthday party for my kids today ohmagawd- but it was something along the lines of “Trying to change another person is a dishonest way to love, because you are only loving the relflection of yourself in them.”

    I know. Deep right?

    It is amazing you are actively trying to find out who your boy is, without trying to twist him to be what you want him to be. Very rare, and very awesome.

    As always, thanks for being you.


  14. DeltaJuliet says

    OK, well I thought he was pretty cool when you said he chose to listen to Sabotage because it’s a ROCKIN’ track. But the rest? Yeah, Wyatt is a cool little sh!t :)

    I love those suspenders! He rocks them!

  15. Maiken says

    Oddly enough, I think it is parenting children like Wyatt that is the easier job. There seems to be so much more nature, as opposed to nurture, when it comes to their personalities. All the parent has to do is just let them be their awesome selves and teach them some manners. But when one’s child is more of the follower-type then the parent also has to teach individuality and walking your own path and so on. My daughter is still a bit young (she just turned 2) to be able to tell which way things are heading, but I sure try and let her be herself and, most of all, to like herself being herself. She has a loving, kind and easy going nature and I want it to be her strength, not a weakness. I think you are doing a great job bringing out the best in your children!

  16. Teri says

    Loved this and I’m sure Wyatt and I would be buddies.
    I have two boys of my own, twins age 6.
    It’s tough to see your kids as blossoming adults without forcing your crap on them. (thanks for the religion, Mom and Dad.)
    I think you have worded the process of seeking the unseen perfectly. Thank you

  17. shelby says

    This is an amazing post!!! It got me to thinking how I originally wanted my daughter to be just like me and it finally sunk in that she is her own person; she has many of her dad’s qualities and many of mine. But, she also has parts of her grandparents, her aunts and uncles which combined have made her a wonderful human being. It took some therapy on my part to understand why she didn’t want her friends hanging at our house all the time or having girl sleepovers or even wanting to go to the friends’ homes because I did all that when I was her age. Her home is her santuary….she likes her quiet time. She has taught me to be a better person. I want to be my daughter when I grow up. She has her moments when she is totally badass and I love it! She has her moments when she is more mature than me and I am ok with that too! She is not your normal 16 year old girl and I am in awe of her daily.
    Wyatt is badass and it is so cool that you see it. It is also cool that you are not trying to make him fit a mold which is so wrong and so many young parents try to do. You and Andy are great parents and never doubt yourself because just when you are doubting your parenting skills Wyatt, Jude or Gigi will do something awesome and you will know it got this.

  18. Kayla says

    What a gift that Wyatt will someday read this post and see himself through your eyes. Just lovely. You’re doing it right.

  19. DM's Mommy says

    *sigh* He is so damn adorable! And I’d like to secretly set him up with my daughter:) Who I’m convinced is not mine. I mean, she is but if I didn’t know I’d given birth to her I wouldn’t know she was mine. She knows who she is, what she wants, and is so sure of herself at 4 that it’s scary. She also changes clothes a million times, is TOTALLY into fashion, dolls, boys, dramatics, and LOVES taking pictures. That’s about as opposite of me as you can get:) I love it and her something fierce but damn……it’s hard to believe I helped make that!

  20. Katie says

    I am new to your blog (as in read it for the first time today) and what fun that you have a post about meeting your Wyatt. We have a 9 month old named Wyatt. Let’s hope he also grows to be a cool dude that wears some kicking suspenders. Right now he just likes to shreak with glee and bang things against each other. And snuggle. Gotta love the snuggles.

  21. wendy says

    This post brought tears to my eyes! Wyatt sounds like a great kid! (All 3 of them do) And I have to say they are very lucky kids to have a wonderful mom like you! ; 0)

  22. Jill says

    I originally found your website through Pinterest. It was linked to The Brittany Emails, and after I devoured those, I read this post about Wyatt. I want my future children to be this bad ass. Next pair of mustache suspenders I see, they’re mine.

    But then I decided I should go back to the beginning of your blog. That was two weeks ago, I think and now I’ve finally caught up. It’s been two incredible weeks of no sleep, almost being late for work, and eating up my data plan on my lunch hour. I’ve decided that we’re pretty damn similar. Although I love flying, and my alprazolam intake may be less, but I work in a Pharmacy so I’m still around it all day. I feel like I know you so well, having read through the last 5 years of your life in record time. I feel like I’m reading the thoughts and stories of who I would be a few years from now with kids. Your struggles and ideas mirror my own. And after years of feeling like I wasn’t REALLY like my other friends… The knowledge that there’s someone else like me out there is comforting.

    So keep going! You’ve gained a reader for life. Thank you for making me feel a little more normal. Even though I know I’m totally fucking weird. And that’s ok.

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