Playing Dress Up: Wide Calf Boots

You know, it’s funny. The exact reason I got the idea for Curvy Girl Guide two years ago was because I wanted to try tall boots, but I’m plus size,  had no idea how they would actually look, I couldn’t find any real life pictures, and all the boots I tried on in stores didn’t zip past my ankle. I wanted to see a person who looked like me wearing them.

I found wide calf boots online, but they were really expensive and I’m really cheap, so spending money that could otherwise be delegated to Redbox fees and Indian Food, which happen to always fit, was not in the cards.

I was just a girl with 17.25 inch calves in jeans, standing in front of the internet, asking it to tell me if I was going to look like I had sausage legs or not. The dream was back burnered.

Then, my friend, Emily, introduced me to, which is essentially a Zappos outlet, you have to check back regularly, and sizing can be spotty, but I decided to take advantage of the affordability to dip my toes in the wide calf boot pool. Color me addicted.

I spent six months accumulating tall boots on sale, and thanks to Andy, his fetish with making-out outdoors, my camera, and the fields behind my parents house, I’m finally ready to report my findings.

Boots: The very first pair of tall boots I attempted were these Fitzwell Valencia wide calfs; I found them on the cheap at, and I am so glad I started with these, because not only did they fit perfectly, they totally boosted my fat leg self esteem. The only pants that work for me under tall boots are jeggings or leggings, and I have plenty of room in these Valencia boots. I wear them almost daily. They are entirely soft and gorgeous leather. Worth every penny.

Outfit: I came across this huge men’s sweater on clearance at Gap, and immediately decided it would be my new favorite thing, and it is. It’s warm, I can cuff the sleeves a mile, and it’s the perfect around the house/running errands sweater over a fitted cami and a pair of leggings. This outfit is my happy place.

Fitzwell Valencia Wide Calf Boot, Black size 10, Zappos $169
Men’s Wool Sweater, size XXL, Gap $20.99 In Store Clearance
Women’s Stretch Leggings, Black size L, Old Navy $10
Stretch Cami, White size XXL, Target $8

Boots: Alright, yes. I wish I was Princess Kate. I drool over Wellies. I over-use the phrase spotted dick. I have a secret Spice Girl identity. But don’t we all? So I ordered these rubber boots to get me through the wet Ohio fall and then into a slushy Ohio winter. In theory, these boots fit, but they were tight and cut into the fat part of my calf; not super attractive. If I was wearing these under jeans, it would be fine, but I wanted to Pippa Middleton these suckers over my jeggings, so after thinking about it, I decided to cut a slit down the middle between the laces. This ended up working perfectly.

Outfit: This is my run kids to school outfit. I bought this canvas coat last year from Target and toss it over whatever top I roll out of bed in, add in some Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny jeans (don’t let the name fool you, these are stretchy jeggings that I can pull up high enough to feel held in, like spanx, this is what thirty year olds do), and the rubber boots, and boom. I’m basically in Forks waiting to break headboards with vampires.

Tretorn Staika Wide Calf, Black size 10, Zappos $90
Green Hooded Army Coat, size XXL, Target
Grey Stretch Circle Scarf, click here for my tutorial
Stretch Cami, Navy size XXL, Target $8
Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans, Camp Fire size 14, Old Navy $29.50

Boots: I loved the black Valencia boots so much, I immediately ordered the brown version. They fit the exact same. I wanted to show you the side of the boot, you can see the soft leather, the full length zipper, and the buckles. I have learned, pull on boots don’t really work for me, I need the zipper.

Outfit: At first, I was disappointed this shirt was weirdly wide and not fitted, but then I realized it was a great casual shirt to wear over a fitted tank top and some jeans, and now I get to walk around feeling like Marin from Men in Trees (yep, I still miss that show).

Fitzwell Valencia Wide Calf Boot, Brown size 11, Zappos $169
Plaid Flannel Shirt, Yellow Check size XXL, Old Navy $13.99
Stretch Cami, White size XXL, Target $8
Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans, Camp Fire size 14, Old Navy $29.50

Ok, so these aren’t boots, but I wanted to show y’all a different option for skinny jeans in the fall. I love rolling the bottom cuff once and pairing them with some ballet flats and a cute layered sweater.

Leopard Ballet Flat,Target
Alpaca Wool Scoop Sweater, Oatmeal Heather size XL, Gap $59.99
Stretch Cami, Nude size XXL, Target $8
Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans, Camp Fire size 14, Old Navy $29.50

Boots: I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had been eying some wide calf Frye boots, but I just could not pull the $328 trigger on boots that I couldn’t guarantee I could pull over my legs. I loved the worn look though, so I spent 100,000 man hours reading reviews and decided to give these Enzo Angiolini’s a try. They look a little more aged than the Fitzwell Valencia boot, and the buckles are awesome. However, they are kinda tight, half an inch more and they’d be perfect. They don’t look cheap, it’s a thick leather, and they do zip, but only due to the elastic built into the shaft. I’m going to keep them in the hopes they stretch just a bit.

Outfit: I found this dress in the plus section of Target, but it was missing the belt that it came with, so the fitting room guy gave me 30% off. That is something I learned after working at the Gap, if you find a flaw, ask for the discount, or else you’ll either end up stupidly paying full price, or you’ll put it back and someone else will get the deal. I replaced said belt with a super cute leopard skinny belt from the Gap. I am also starting to get into short necklaces that aren’t chokers, because my double chin hates those.

Enzo Angiolini Wide Calf, Taupe size 10, $119
Junior’s Plus Shirt Dress, Navy size 1, Target $27.99
Calf Hair Belt, Gap $29.95
Green Necklace, Francesca’s

And there’s more (don’t tell Andy):

RSVP Isadora Wide Calf, Black size 11, $38.70
No way, no how, do these boots fit. I can’t even zip them halfway. They feel plasticy and cheap, plus the zipper on the boot that I didn’t even try on fell off for absolutely no reason.

Fitzwell Molasses Wide Calf, Brown size 10, Zappos $199
One thing is for sure, across the board, Fitzwell wide calf boots fit me like a dream. I found a brown pair of these on sale at and scooped them up. They are a little shorter than the Valencia’s and kinda plain, but if you are going for a more businessy, less casual look with a skirt or dress, these are perfect.

Ros Hommerson Simply Wide, Black size 10, $136.66
You know how Anne Hathaway wore those tall black thigh boots in The Devil Wears Prada? I was channeling that when I ordered these, but with very low expectations. To my surprise, they totally fit, and sit just above my knee. They don’t feel as high quality as the other leather boots I’ve ordered, but they’re cute and warm with leggings and an over-sized sweater.


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  1. says

    I never got the Fitzwell’s because Zappo’s says the circumference is only 16 inches. Is that not true? If so, awesome. I too have 17.25″ calves and have had a really hard time finding even “wide-calf” boots that fit. I did find these rsvp Rider extra-wide calf boots; they fit amazing and the price is great at only $99! But these are the only ones I’ve been will to risk so far…

    • Brittany says

      They definitely fit me, with a gap on the sides.

      I have also found, that depending on what size shoe you wear, that effects the shaft circumference. Like the bigger the foot, the bigger the shaft.

      Annnnndddddd….. I am barely mature enough not to make shaft jokes.

  2. Kathy says

    I dream of the day I can find a pair of knee high boots that will zip past my ankle. I had heard about Fitzwell but they are mucho dinero but now I’m going to stalk I did go into Avenue the other day (not even knowing it was a plus size store) and found a pair of high boots that zipped all the way up the problem is I’m only 4’11 and they went waaayyyy past the knee and I looked Ridonculous! so now I have to take the height of the boot into consideration as well as the shaft (hehe) luckily I live in Florida which has a reasonable boot season of oh about 3 weeks!

    • Brittany says

      Yes, I found all these boots for a steal on there, I didn’t pay retail, I am wayyyy too cheap for that.

      But height does totally matter, thanks for pointing that out!

  3. Tawny says

    Thank you for this post. I have been looking at 6pm and Zappos for wide calf options. I think I would look totally cute preggers in maternity rock star jeans with boots. Forwarding this post to the Hubs so Santa knows what to bring me for Christmas!

  4. Dana says

    One thing I found with the Old Navy Rockstar jeans was that I had to go up a size or 2 from regular Old Navy jeans. It was a little frustrating but the (super tiny) sales girl said most of the employees at the store found the same thing.

    • Brittany says

      Heaven forbid sizing be standardized!

      Depending on the wash (enter more frustration), I size up or down. The lighter wash was stretchier for me, so I sized down because it got saggy. The darker wash fit tighter.

    • Jessica V. says

      I found the same thing with the Rockstars, which made me pout and decide that I didn’t like them any more. I ended up buying the Sweetheart jeans from Old Navy, which aren’t jeggings and don’t come in quite as many fun colors as the Rockstars, but fit me in a smaller size (ego sizing FTW).

  5. Mary says

    FOR THE ENZO’S>>>>> When I have a shoe (I haven’t used this method on boots, but bolster your lady-balls and try it) that is about a 1/2 half size too “squeezy”, I take a couple of plastic sammich bags, (doubled so they don’t burst on my shoes) and fill them with water, put the water filled bags into the area of the shoe that I want expanded, sometime using tape to hold it in place, sometimes using plastic grocery bags to stuff UNDER the water-bag area to hold the water-bag in place; then I put them in the frezzer for a couple of days. Did ANy of that makes sense? I hope it does, and I hope you get crafty on your Enzo’s and stretch them out to where you want them.

  6. Elaine says

    Thank you, Thank you! This was exactly the info I’ve needed. I love leggings and big sweaters and so desperately wanted the tall boots to make the look a little more 2012 instead of 1992. :) Now I know where to start!

    • Brittany says

      It’s funny, I totally FELT 90s buying that crew neck sweater, but then I put it on, and my addiction to comfort clothes took over. Pass me the Pearl Jam.

  7. Heather says

    As someone who was born and raised a few miles from Forks, you are WAY too stylish in that outfit to fit in in actual, not movieland Forks. :)

  8. kathy says

    I wondering if you have researched / tried any with heels?
    I have 3 pairs of low or no heel, but I would like to try a pair with heels but I don’t want spikey
    “hookery”heels. I did see some that have a more chunky heel, is that a thing again …or is the internet stores just screwing with me. Making me be the only one stupid enough to go back to
    1998 wearing chunky heels?!!

    • Brittany says

      I have not, but only for the reason that I haven’t needed them yet, and am still going into winter blissfully ignorant in my wedge heels and dresses. I do LIKE heeled boots though, but not spikey, I would probably gravitate toward a wedge heel!

  9. Sarah says

    When I saw that dress/boots picture I honestly said to myself, “Whoa. Winner, winner, chicken dinner”. Flattering with a capitol F, sister. Great post!

  10. jenna says

    Thank you for this post!! I have luckily found 3-4 pairs of boots over the last couple of years that finally fit my legs. It is so awkward to try to zip up boots at the store and they barely make it half way up. I have also had good luck at DSW, they actually mark the boxes with wide calf stickers!

  11. says

    OK, 1. You are absolutely adorable. 2. How come you look wonderful in the huge sweater and leggings and if I wore that I’d feel like mooing? No fair.

    • Brittany says

      Don’t think those leggings aren’t jacked up to under my boobs like a pair of poor man’s spanx! Try the outfit, you’ll look amazing!

  12. Stefanie says

    Kathy, I found these at a local Burlington Coat Factory store, but they don’t have web ordering, so here’s the link from Amazon:

    I can fit my 17″ calf AND my jeans down in these, and they have a nice sturdy heel. Plus, they’re kind of bad-ass looking. They are not leather, but I had to feel/sniff multiple times – so they’re a great “fake.”

    • Brittany says

      Ok I love these boots, and I love that while describing them to a friend just now, I was like, “they have like, this awesome leather sheath on the top…like hot foreskin?”


      Anyways, I’m ordering!

      • Stefanie says

        Hot foreskin – Awesome! Can’t wait to see you in them. :)

        I’ll wear them for the first time this week. They were technically supposed to be my birthday present. I bought them, brought them home, handed them to the hubs and said “Heeeyyyy. You bought my birthday present today!” But he said I didn’t have to wait til my birthday next month. Smart man. From here on out, I’m sure I’ll refer to them as my “foreskin boots!’

  13. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been wanting a pair of boots like my sister’s but she is not constrained to needing wide-calf boots like me so I’ve not gotten or found any until now.

  14. Adria says

    I have completely given up all hope on tall boots. I had a whole saga about a year ago and I’m even bigger now than I was then so I’m sure it’s not any better now. The gist is, I’ve got 20+ inch calves, I live somewhere it snows a lot, and I would LOVE to be able to walk through foot-deep snow without soaking my tennis shoes and socks. Knee high rubber rain boots that I can tuck my jeans into would be glorious. At this point I’m not even looking for fashion, just function.

    Tried 20″ men’s boots from Zappos. They did squeeze around my calves EXACTLY, but no room for tucking jeans or anything into. Returned them and tried again for 21+ inch calves. There were ZERO of this size in women’s styles and only a couple in men’s. And I literally spent the most I’ve ever spent on shoes, but I was ok with it if it meant I could finally find something that works. It’s still extremely frustrating that a) there aren’t more choices and b) I can’t go try them on somewhere. That was the second pair I’d had to return. I still love Zappos though, as they’re the only site I’ve found that lets you search by calf circumference that high.

    The 21 inch ones didn’t work either so I ordered the largest calf size available on Zappos – 23.5 inches. My calves were 20, so I thought this would be ample room for me to tuck jeans into. Before I received them, I was already frustrated because they cost 189.99 – more than I’ve ever paid for shoes, and certainly more than I needed. All I really want is a 20 dollar pair of rubber rain boots.

    Received the boots, tried them on. With the removable insulated liner, they cut off circulation in my calves but fit perfectly on my feet. If I removed the liner, they worked for my calves (still not great but at this point, they’ll do), but were HUGE on my feet. To the point where I considered wearing my tennis shoe down inside the boot. I also considered cutting the calves off of the liner so that it only fit around my foot, but decided the idea of destroying the expensive boots was a stupid idea and I shouldn’t have to do that. I wore the boots around a while, because everything online said they would conform to your foot. I looked ridiculous doing the dishes in gigantic men’s snow boots.

    After much grief (and sweaty calves with poor circulation), I decided to return this pair also. I know I am overweight, but I am also a soccer player with large leg muscles. No matter – I should be able to keep my feet dry in the snow just like everyone else. At this point I have given up on looking cute – I’ll settle for fishing waders from Bass Pro if they fit properly. Do they make custom boots that aren’t for cowboys?

    • Brittany says

      First of all, God I miss ya girl.

      Second, wide calves are not exclusive to plus size women, I always played soccer as well, and no way my calves would ever, EVER, fit in boots, no matter what my weight!

      So I have been thinking about you all day, and did some snooping around. Have you ever tried You can shop by calf size, and they offer not only Super Wide Calf that goes to 22″, but Super Plus Wide Calf that goes to 24 3/4″.

      A good pair of tall leather boots can last years, and a must if you are freezing your ass off, like we do every winter:) They’d be worth the investment!

      I’m going to keep looking, and keep me updated as well!

      • Adria says

        I…just…I’m speechless! You are one incredible person! (I was gonna say lady but for some reason that sounded old and you are younger than me so you can’t possibly be old.) You’re so sweet to think about me and my plight all day! That site looks INCREDIBLE!! I’ve never heard of it before. Very promising stuff. I do think I’ll wait till they’ve added all of the sizes before I buy, but wow! Expensive but very worth it if they truly work. Here’s hoping they eventually do rubber boots too! Anyway, thank you again for being so amazing in every way that a person can be. I miss you too! I’ll get up to Ohio someday, but in the meantime you should come to Oklahoma and I’ll show you a good time. And yes, I meant that the dirty way.

  15. Jessica V. says

    Naturalizer has some cute wide calf boots right now too – Julietta is the style name, I think. I’ve found that most boots available online list the calf circumference as part of the shoe detail, and they all vary widely, whether they are considered “wide calf” or not. So it is a good idea to figure out what your calf circumference is (with jeans on helps) and then do some online sleuthing to determine what your best options are.

  16. says

    I have a pair of brown, heeled Fitzwell that are awesome. I also have a pair of black, flat Naturalizer wide shaft. Those are definitely tighter, but I can get them zipped. I would just never be able to wear them over anything except tights.

  17. Swerds says

    I see that you went back & forth between size 10 & 11, even on a different color of the same boots. How did you make the decision which to order? Also, what’s your regular shoe size? I’m finding that in boots, I have to go up a full size from my normal shoe size to get shoes not only wide-calf-enough but wide-foot enough. Stupid wide feet.

    • Brittany says

      Honestly, the size difference happened for two reasons. First, I ordered them on sale, and was confined by what sizes were available at the time, but two, since I am probably technically a 10.5, I figured an 11 would work with thick socks, and they totally do.

      But I HAVE learned, the shaft size DOES go up and down based on shoe size, regardless of how “wide calf” it’s supposed to be, so sizing up if you can, even if it means thicker socks, might get you the wider calf.

  18. Rachel G says

    OMG thank you!! This post is amazing; you are amazing. I’ve been watching like a hawk for some good deals but had no idea what the “wide calf” boots would actually look like on someone with a 17″ wide calf. Now I do and it’s realistic. Your outfits are also so cute!

    • Brittany says

      Sometimes you have to just SEE it, ya know? That is why I did this, I needed to just SEE what this stuff looked like on NOT a model sized person:)

  19. says

    Love my Fitzwells! Took a chance ordering them (you are wonderful for posting about this, btw) and absolutely love the way they fit. I can get some regular boots to zip, but only with tights and my legs don’t look at all cute. Have been a tall boot girl all my life and the Fitzwells are my favorites by far. Nice cushy sole too!

    • Brittany says

      I was so impressed with them, not only how comfortable they were, but how awesome the leather felt. I am a big huge fan, and am so tired of the slouchy plastic stuff they try to pass off on plus size girls all the time.

  20. ColeyJIA says

    I love dress up! Keep it up! Thanks for the tips and the research. Tell Andy you are doing a great service for all women.

  21. Rob says

    I’m usually just a lurker because I like your writing, but it seems more a girl thing to comment here. But I just had to say this, so I’m delurking for a bit.

    Boots or no, those are some seriously great pictures of you, Brit. (I would have said “hot” or “sexy” but thought those would sound too crass and detract what I’m trying to say.) On the one hand, as someone who is also very self conscious about his weight, I understand what you go through and the self-doubts. But I look at those pictures and wonder how on earth you can’t see what Andy obviously does; you’re fantastic!

    Anyway, this all sounded a lot more elegant and flattering in my head, but the cold meds are kicking in and I’m going to sleep.

    • Brittany says

      I know exactly what you are trying to say, and thank you. Thank you for de-lurker and saying this. I cannot tell you how much it means to me!

  22. says

    LOVE this post. Fab pics and cute, Cute, CUTE boots! I’ve got some wide calves myself and will definitely be checking out Thanks for the tip.

    Oh, and has anyone ever told you that you’re really funny? ;) (They have? Good!)

  23. April says

    You told me I had amazing BOOTS last Saturday……you’ve got me beat in the BOOTS department… look amazing, my friend…..the boots don’t do you justice… make the boots look awesome!

  24. Lana says

    Ooooh, Brittany! Please, please stop pointing your toes inwards. From a body language stand point it’s a childish pose. While you may be young at heart, you’re a grown woman who’s married and has three children and rules a large part of the internet. You are not childish.

  25. says

    Awesome post! My calves, my wallet, and my curvy self thanks you. You look so very pretty in every single one of these pictures. Gorgeous!

  26. Amberlee LeTourneau says

    Thank you for posting this and where you got everything it’s very helpful for someone like me . I just never know where to go or what I can put together for an outfit that works for my body shape now. I’ve stood in stores sweating in places I never knew I could, kids complaining cause I take to long, and on the verge of tears cause I’m clueless… let the anxiety attack BEGIN! That usually the point where I quickly check out and do the ugly cry as soon as I get home. ANYWHO, I’ve got curves, squishy places I need to hide, and at the same time I want to look pretty/put together somewhat.. unlike now… it’s more of a I rolled out of bed this should be clean kinda look. Most days I’m pretty confident about my body.. just not so much when it comes to what to cover it with.

    It’s just really good to see cute clothes out there and I’m starting to feel like I have options after seeing all your outfit pictures, etc. Thank you..

  27. says

    Okay- $160 does not sound cheap to me (I guess I am a REAL cheapskate!). But, you look fab in all the pictures, I LOVE the look in the blue dress! Some other observations- you are making me miss Target- God I miss that store! Also, wellies in England sounds all exotic at first, but we moved here and I am sick of wearing mine. It won’t bloody stop raining (look how I adopted the vernacular already?)

    • Brittany says

      Agreed. I definitely didn’t pay that, these are just the current prices for them online. I actually acquired all the boots on DEEP discount on I think the most I spent was $60? I just watch that site like a hawk for wide calf deals, because trust me, I’m a total cheapskate!

      Can I visit? And how long before I can adopt the accent without being all Madonna about it?

  28. Wregle says

    Thanks for posting this! Went today and got RockStar jeans at Old Navy and found several options on wide calf boots at DSW. Got a pair by Unisa – $69.95! Music to my ears when that zipper went up! Now if I can only get up enough nerve to wear them together!!

  29. says

    First off, you look amazing in all these pictures. Second, I think you have talked me into trying Old Navy jeans after years of boycotting them (they never fit me back in the day.) Lastly, I know the Frye boots cost the same as a small child, but the love I have for mine has been life-changing. Save up, rob a bank, beg Santa…they are worth every last penny.

  30. says

    I had to chime in here and say that the other day I found a pair of Rampage zip-up tall boots at DSW that fit my WIDE calves (like, I can’t even zip most boots in the boxes with the sticker marked “wide-calf”) and I can zip them up OVER my leggings and skinny jeans. This is a big win in my book. I bought the black ones and love them a lot. I wasn’t sure of the wedge heel at first but they are surprisingly comfortable. 001B2163195C&mr:referralID=NA&mr:adType=pla&mr:ad=27660852344&mr:keyword=&mr:match=&mr:filter=51922514984&adtype=pla

    I’m so happy to have something other than Uggs that fit over my leggings.


    • DeltaJuliet says

      Those boots are HOT! I might have to get some…I’ve been looking for a pair of tall black boots that don’t look quite as “hookery” as the pair I have now. Whenever I wear my current pair to work, I get a few too many winks and nods from the men **eye roll**

  31. says

    I googled, “Why can’t I find wide calf boots to fit me?” and was sent to this website. It leaves me wondering, where have you been all my life? I have spent the last hour going back through the blog to try to catch up, but some of your posts have left me in tears. Thank you for the giggle.
    But, back to the boots. I am so excited at the prospect of more new boots. I finally found tall boots this year at Lane Bryant. Every time I wear them, I get compliments, so I must have more. But when I went to our local Rack Room shoes to find some in brown, I almost cried when the wide calf didn’t fit! The really awesome sales manager there says, “Wow, the wide calf didn’t fit? Hmmm.” Thanks, asshat.
    Thanks so much for the laughs, and the new boot website!

  32. says

    I’ve been looking for brown wide calf boots for the last week and I should’ve just come here first. I usually do extensive research but this fall has been a little hectic. I ended up with a pair of areosoles (there are two zippers which means you can expand the calf width as needed). One in black the brown ones arrive this week while I’m in CA. It will be a fun thing to come home to.

  33. Cindy says

    Just found your blog while shopping for (more) boots. Hunting for the perfect wide calf boot is liking hunting for the elusive unicorn. I recently came across a UK site called DUO boots after reading another blog. You can order boots based on your exact calf and foot size. They are on the more expensive side, so look at it as an investment piece but they are great quality that look like they will last for several seasons. Shipping within days. So if you want something more classic, this is a good way to go. I got my first pair today and they fit perfectly!

  34. Melissa says

    Your post inspired me to go forth and find knee-high boots for my own wide calves! After much searching, I bought, ahem, a few, pairs of boots. OMG, you have got to try out the Nine West Shiza Wide Calf boot. I am in love. They weren’t crazy expensive, the ankle isn’t all saggy/baggy the way that so many others were, and they hug the widest part of my calf while leaving a little gap at the top that makes it look like I’ve got super lean legs. Best part – I have long legs and most knee-high boots are 2-3″ short of my knee. These come all the way up to my knee. I told my husband that he was the love of my life, but the day I got those boots, he was in a distant second!

  35. says

    I am so excited to see this post! Love the way you pull the outfits together with the boots. I also have a wide calf, and I’ve never felt like the tall boots look good on me because of it. I also never am not great at putting outfits together in general, and I can never find enough good “looks” around the internet. Thank you thank you!! Now I need to read back a ways in your posts to see if you have more “outfits” posts. :)

  36. meghan says

    I, too, ordered the Fitzwell Valencia wide calf boot and am deeply, madly in love. I ordered from and they were a great price. I do think it’s worth mentioning however, that they’re not quite as amazing as Zappos, since you have to pay the shipping on returns AND they do not credit you back the original shipping you paid. Zappos is free returns, all the time, which is part of the appeal of ordering shoes online – practically hassle-free!

    Not to take away from the deal that is, because the boots were totally a steal. BUT…keep in mind and read through the returns process before ordering!

    Happy boot hunting!

  37. JudyB says

    Brittany, loved your post and photos, and appreciate your advice on where to find the elusive wide-calf boot.

    I’ve always had problems finding boots to fit, and the problem was exacerbated a few years back when I was in a car accident and broke my ankle. Even boots that would go on the “good” leg wouldn’t close on the “bad” leg.

    However, I found these White Mountain Tinker boots last year. They’re not specifically wide-calf, but they lace all the way up and the tongue isn’t attached to the sides, so I can open them up really wide and then lace each leg up so it fits. They’re very comfortable and warm:

    Also, DSW in my area doesn’t carry wide-calf boots, but I tried looking there anyway. I could only find these Crown Vintage Reign boots in my store in a size 10 (and a not much bigger selection online), but again, the tongue opened all the way up and I was able to get into them, and then tighten the straps to fit my legs:

  38. Amanda says

    Thanks to your blog (I found it by searching for Fitzwell Valencia Boots), I bought the Extra Wide Valencia’s in 10(wide) from 6pm. I have 18″ calves. I think mine are too wide though. There is a gap a bit bigger than yours. I can fit my hand (up to the base of my thumb) into the top of the boot while wearing. Maybe the mediums?

  39. michelle says

    I stumbled onto your site when I was googling ways to wear the new midlength slouchy boots I got. you SERIOUSLY ROCK those outfits! I guess I’ll need to try those jeans for myself. They look great on you! I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll fit me nicely too!
    Thanks for such a thorough and inspiring article ^_^

  40. Dewords says

    Soooooooo I took the plunge and decided to order the boots. Not only were they on clearance for $101, I ended up getting the last pair in my size!! Whoooop whoooop! I pray they fit! Thanks playing dress up, and inspiring us!


  1. [...] It wasn’t until recently that I came to adore skinny jeans, or their questionable cousins by marriage, jeggings. I traded in fitted tops for longer cuts and looser shapes, and started hoarding skinny jeans to wear with ballet flats and tall boots and if I was feeling especially confident, a sexy pair of heels. [...]

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