How Does Andy Chino? Super Hotly.

Recently Lands’ End sent me a bunch of colored chinos to try and get me to embrace the whole LET’S WEAR COLOR ON OUR BOTTOMS thing. Ok fine, it worked.

But, they also sent along an extra pair for Mr. Gibbons, himself.

Let’s review how that went.

Hey Andy, they sent you pants!


They want to know how you “chino.”

I have no idea what that means.

You know, like how you wear yellow pants.

I don’t.

This was not going to be easy. To even get him into the pants, I had to make the following concessions:

1. No more trying to pop any of his zits.

2. Watch all the Jason Bourne movies with him and not roll my eyes once.

3. Play with his hair for 30 full minutes and without complaint. (Dude, he’s a weirdo.)

Alright fine, do you see what I do for you fashion!?

So, I disappeared into his closet for a good 20 minutes, and emerged for a two day long real life game of dress up.

Chino Day One: We had to meet up with friends at a fundraiser at a local boat club. I hate boats, but I distracted myself with how hot my husband looked. I love the layered shirt look this fall, so I did a navy polo under a lightweight pull over oatmeal sweater, which was perfect for an evening on the water. Did he initially scoff at me as I knelt down rolling his pants? Yes he did, but then I pushed him in front of a full length mirror, and was all, Andy you look so money and you don’t even know it, and he was like, yeah, ok, this looks kinda good actually. Chinos win.

Chino Day Two: Last night,  a couple of old friends come into town, and with babysitter secured, we were able to sneak out for dinner, drinks and catching up. This time, I layered a plaid button-up shirt under his favorite distressed navy hoodie, and ok fine, unrolled the pants. It was casual and colorful, and honestly, he would have totally forgot he was even wearing mustard pants, if not for the constant compliments he got all night from strangers. Chinos win.

So Andy, about those mustard pants…

Yeah, yeah. You were right. I was wrong. Now, play with my hair.

Andy is wearing the Men’s Plain Front Traditional Fit Chinos in Dijon.

Lands’ End provided the chinos for this post, I was not compensated for positive reviews and my opinions are my own… and Andy’s.

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