New York or Bust.

Today I am off to New York City for a few days, and the cherry on top of that sundae is bringing my Jude. I prepped him by watching You’ve Got Mail, Big, a 24 hour Law & Order marathon and making him give me $15 every time he got something out of the fridge. He’s crazy excited.


This is Jude practicing how to hail a taxi, or as he refers to them, a cash car. He’s been practicing this for over a week.

If you just give them money and ask them real nice, they’ll take you anywhere you wanna go, mama!

It’s adorable his only frame of reference is the old tv show Taxi. He’s gonna be so bummed when Alex Rieger doesn’t pick us up from the airport.

Also, if anything happens to me on this trip, someone empty my dildo drawer and return the Redbox movies on the counter. I can’t leave this world knowing people think I own One for the Money and Madea Goes to PROBABLY EVERYWHERE.

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